Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia is calling for an official audit of “every single penny” in taxpayer money that the United States government has sent to Ukraine.

“I’m calling for an audit of every single penny that has been sent to Ukraine,” the Congresswoman tweeted on Wednesday.

“This must be done as soon as possible for the American people. Taxpayers deserve transparency and they deserve to see where their money is going,” she added, including a video of her speaking on the floors of Congress.

The Congresswoman from Georgia pointed out that America appears to be prioritizing the border security of Ukraine instead of it’s own, despite facing a massive fentanyl crisis and crime stemming from Mexican drug cartels.

“We’ve watched tens of billions of dollars be sent to defend another nation’s border that is not our own. Every single day our border is invaded by people from foreign lands and also by drugs. Over 300 people are dying every single day, Americans are dying every single day from fentanyl poisoning,” Greene said.

“Yet the Biden administration and this Congress has not done anything to protect our nation’s border and the American people. Just to remind everyone, the building that we’re standing in, the federal government, and everyone’s paychecks here is paid by the American taxpayers,” she added.

Marjorie Taylor Greene
Marjorie Taylor Greene attends AmericaFest in 2021 (Gage Skidmore / Flickr)

“And the American taxpayers and the American people deserve to have a secure border and deserve the protection of the federal government from the Mexican cartels that funnel drugs into America to kill Americans,” Greene said.

Greene called for an audit of all money sent to Ukraine in order for American taxpayers to have some transparency.

“I’m calling for an audit of every single penny that has been sent to Ukraine, including aid money, and any other monies that have been given to the Ukrainian government to defend their national security, while our national security has been ignored,” Greene said.

“This must be done. It has to be done as soon as possible for the American people. They deserve transparency and they deserve to see where their money is going,” said Greene.

Greene’s statements come as the Biden administration quietly approved another $37 billion emergency aid package for the Zelensky regime in Kiev.

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    • Ukraine keeps begging for more and Biden is absolutely willing to accommodate them. No questions asked. WTH is going on? We The People want to know. We Need to know.

  • I and many other citizens believe the Democrat communist party is using the Ukraine defense money as a laundry kickback to party officials for campaigns.

  • the bitcoin scam that the commie democrats set up to funnel money out of our taxpayer account to Ukraine and back into the commie democrat war chest by way of bad investment into fake bitcoin company needs to be brought out into the light!
    commie democrats using our tax dollars to destroy America to give us to china hang them all!



  • They will be happy to perform an “audit”. The IRS will jump right on it and we all know how trustworthy they are.

  • No. Not a single penny to foreign countries! No more aid, America is hemorrhaging (sp) under OBidumb’s miserably failed policies!

  • I agree with MTG. It is time for Biden to account for his massive spending. Is it aid or money laundering??? A way for Hunter and the Biden crime family to get even richer???

  • Biden, Though Catholic, Supports Abortion & will end up in hell (positively) So Why Is His Ukraine/Dementia Any Concern of Anyones’ here in the Usa. He has Proven his Communist intentions.

  • U.S. Gives Financial Aid to 96% of All Countries.
    The UN boasts 193 members, and the U.S. provided economic assistance to 184 of them, or 96% of the countries in the world. To be sure, the amount of assistance drops significantly after the top 10 countries or so, but still.… Of course, State Department officials might claim that some of that money is to help the poor. But China has the second largest economy in the world—and is a major buyer of U.S. debt. So we borrow money from China in order to give them financial assistance?

  • Let’s play the “Emphathy Game. “The U.S. is over THIRTY-ONE TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT! That figures to $247,882 dollars for every tax payer! (And both these numbers are growing so fast, by the time you read this, they’ll be hugely bigger). Our Spendthrift-In-Chief is planning on sending another 30-plus billion in aid to Ukraine (he sends billions to them like he devours ice cream cones). Okay, the U.S. is already circling the bowl of bankruptcy and where the hell are you (assuming you’re a taxpayer) gonna come up with your share? There’s no good fairy that’s gonna help you out. The way Joe’s spending, WE’RE TOAST! There ain’t any way to avoid the payment of this legal and due bill. Japan is going to demand their payment. China is going to demand their payment. The UK is going to demand their payment. We’ve even borrowed from Luxembourg and the Cayman Islands. We’ve borrowed from every country that is sucker enough to lend us. They are sure to demand their payment, and I said “demand.” That’s not like “request.” Do you think they’ll forgive their debts like Biden is trying to forgive our domestic debts? Would you forgive your neighbor if he owed you over $7 trillion dollars? Whoa, would you look at those pigs flying over the house?

  • I agree with this young lady on everything she has tried to do, what happened she got removed from her committee’s. We need some of them removed and sent to where they belong. How, they keep getting voted in. something don’t add up. Do people even pay attention to what things are costing, I think not. It will cost us all big time .

  • Now that she has won her election, and won big! Perhaps some of our Republicans legislators will listen to her. She is dead on about the need for not just an audit of all the funds going to Ukraine, but a FORENSIC audit!!

    That would find out how much of OUR of our money is being diverted to Democrats and even ” the big guy “.

    Sadly I am afraid that we have so many RINOS in Congress, and so many crooks in BOTH parties that they will probably bury this call for an audit.

  • She is fearless and 100% right. One huge mistake she is making now is supporting McCarthy for Speaker. Huge mistake.

  • Marjorie Taylor Greene is a strong woman and a great Patriot for standing her ground against the Communist Democrats and Rinos who are involved in kickbacks and money laundering.
    Audit every single one of them Communist Democrat bastards and Audit Mitch The Traitor Bitch.

  • trump was impeached for trying to unravel the Ukrainian laundering operation – FTX just put an end to that and who knows what else.

  • Ignore Trump at the nation’s peril! He’s the only person who can get us out of this mess. DESANTIS is still cleaning up Florida. Plus he’s got plenty of time. DESANTIS 2028!!!

  • I can not figure out why anyone would vote Democrat after seeing what has happened Since Biden stole the election. He is tearing this country up as fast as he can, knowing his time is short.

  • Yeah for MTG, somebody with a backbone to stand up to these politicians who spend tax money faster than water can go over Niagra Falls. Putting US citizens last and running America to the ground. Biden is giving billions of dollars to other countries
    for global warming. All the money is being spent on Ukraine. He is not the President of the world. There are problems here in the United States that need to be addressed and he will not mention them. These democrats, like Chuck Schumer, are putting illegal immigrants over US citizens and drug cartels getting away with murder. President Biden said he will do nothing. When will this nonsense stop?

  • AUDIT the devil out of the DNC. Start with Patrice Cullors and BLM/antifa , AOC, TLAB, Ilhan Omar , Joseph Biden , Hunter Biden , Bill/Hilary/Chelsea Clinton , Adam Schiff , Jerry aNgle Gavon Newsom , Gretchen Whitmyre , George Soros , The FBI ,CIA, and so many others. Plannaed Parenthood STOLE hundreds of MILLIONS of out TAXPAYERS monies . Stacy Abrams , Peter Buttlieg , and the list is long

    • Where is The Head of Transportation since no one has seen him in the last 2 months? Maybe he has morning sickness with a new pregnancy? We only have a nation- wide rail strike on the horizon and no Secy. of Transportation. Biden’s handlers will not let him negotiate with the railroads, so who is doing the negotiations. There is a Law about rail strikes, and the Unions could be forced to work and to negotiate. It is interesting and terrifying to me that we have a sitting President who must use his “TEAM” for these very important talks. His handlers are now in complete charge of the Presidency. Is Dr Jill part of the negotiating team?

  • This is needed! I’ve read of the elites in the Ukraine leaving with millions in cash, buying million dollar mansions elsewhere, and the Ukraine government investing in the failed electronic money scheme that was the second largest donor to the Democrats. If that latter one is true that could very well be money laundering. This is a joke! The person in charge of Ukraine is no hero as he’s set up to be. He’s a dictator to his people before this war! This government is lying to you about him! Tell me why would the Democrats be for war when they complain about everyother one? They are laundering millions if not billions to themselves!

  • While they are doing a forensic audit of the Billions sent to the Ukraine, that may also be a good time to audit the funds sent to Ukraine as a loan when Sen. Biden saved his son’s five million dollar position with Burisma and Joe threatened to not give them the USA fund if the prosecutor who was about to investigate Hunter’s do-nothing job on the Board of Directors at Burisma was not fired. The Prosecutor was fired and the Ukrainians got the funds. Later when this scandal broke. I understand the Ukrainians wanted the 5 million dollars returned as it was money the Ukrainian borrowed from the USA and had to be repaid. I just wonder how many loans to foreign Countries were handled in the same way during the Obama time in the oval office with Biden as his wing man.

  • Let’s see. Biden was in charge of China and Ukraine diplomacy under Obama. Hunter received millions from both. 10% for the Big Guy. Is this deal still in place? What’s 10% of $50 Billion? Joe, you are 80. You will die soon. What will you say when you stand before God? “Lord, I am a sinner, ah, ah, You know the thing!”

    20 years from now we will know whether the Biden Family was the largest crime family of the 21st century. But by then, we may be a satellite of the CCP. And half the country still refuse to believe the facts staring them right in the face.



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