I think it’s really sad that the Democrats have started to behave overtly in racist directions, no longer bothering to hide it. I thought they ended that kind of behavior.

Joe Biden has a long history, some say decades long, of making overtly racist comments, taking discriminatory positions, and siding up with known segregationists and racists. Now, he has resorted to making overt racist remarks and taking discriminatory positions, and siding with known racists but in a hundred and eighty degrees.

Biden has never been thought of as a very bright person. Throughout his political career he has always been a follower of the times, not a leader. He’s a cameleon who can fit in with any group by pretending to have the same beliefs. That’s how he thought he could get away with saying that he marched in the Civil Rights Era when he did not. He wanted the credibility of marching for civil rights when he did nothing to earn it. That’s allegedly because many elected members of Congress did march and support the civil rights movement and Biden didn’t want to feel left out, so he lied until he got caught.

His history of making racist remarks runs all the way through his 2020 campaign when he told black voters that if they didn’t understand why they should vote for him over Donald Trump, then they “ain’t black.” It was an incredibly insulting and racist thing to say. Later in the campaign, he insulted black people yet again by trying to build up his street creds when speaking to Latino voters by saying that, unlike people in the black community, the Latino community has very diverse ways of thinking. He also used racism against his 2020 opponent when he repeated the debunked Charlottesville lie that Trump said neo nazis and white nationalists were very fine people when Trump actually condemned both hate groups. Biden didn’t care because he had to pander to black voters and so he lied.

Last year, President Biden said that Latino Americans were resisting getting vaccinated because “they’re worried that they’ll be vaccinated and deported.” His words suggest that as President of the United States, Biden thinks most Latino Americans are here illegally. That’s a racist viewpoint.


President George W Bush in 2003 nominated Janice Rogers Brown, and associate justice on the California Supreme Court to serve as a federal judge on the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. Justice Brown was the first black woman to be nominated for the federal bench.

For the Democrats, it’s all about a “first.” The first this, and the first that is what they hang their political hats on. They make a big deal out of it, except when it’s a Republican. For example, Senator Ted Cruz(R-TX) was the first Hispanic to win a primary state during the 2016 Republican primary contest. You wouldn’t know it, because the mainstream media, racist against conservative minorities as they are, didn’t utter a peep about it. Republicans didn’t make a stink about it because they don’t pander to racial groups for votes. To them, we are all Americans.

And so, the Democrats in the US Senate simply could not allow the first black woman nominated for the federal bench to be confirmed if she was nominated by a Republican. Remember, firsts was their thing!

Brown had a problem that weighed in on the Democrat racism of firsts. She was a conservative libertarian and rejected having to play ball with civil rights organizations that had become polarized by that time.

Brown once stepped on the Democrat’s third rail, if you will, when she said things about the unconstitutionality of Social Security, the Holy Grail of Democrat voting legacy programs. The judge should have hired a food taster at that point.

And when it came to a vote for the first black woman ever nominated to sit on the US Court of Appeals, Joe Biden, that great civil rights leader from the slave state of Delaware, filibustered against Brown’s nomination and voted against her twice. Maybe he was worried about a “racial jungle” on the Appeals Court?

Joe Biden had the opportunity to vote for a black woman and he refused. Now as president, Biden has said that the person he picks to replace the strong armed, er, retiring Justice Stephen Breyer on the US Supreme Court must be black and must be female so that he can get that first black woman thing going on his legacy. Let’s just hope his pick is qualified for the seat. I don’t care what she looks like, so long as she loves the Constitution.


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  • The Democrats are truly the party of firsts: they were first to steal an election by way of voter fraud; they were the first to use the Constitution as toilet paper; they were the first to have thugs and cutthroats as an army to keep people who disagreed with them “in their place”; and they were the first to use voter fraud to elect a mentally ill numb skull to the presidency. Notice there is not any cases where they did something first which helped the American people.

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    • Well said and I’m sure your list could have been much longer, one being first to turn a blind eye to letting “wipe the hard drive “ Hillary off Scott free from serious charges

  • Lets face it Bomber Joey is a complete and utter buffoon and racist to the core.Its only his minders and the Fake news media that shelters him .

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    • I just wish someone would tell him how stupid he looks in those sunglasses and how out-of-date it makes him. He is and has always been an unlikeable moron.

  • Biden hasn’t done anything right so far, my guess he will do something wrong again, and it will be against America.

  • One Day the African Americans are going to come down and smell the roses and realize, Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe is nothing more than a serial plagiarizer and a pathological liar. If one listens to Corrupt Quid Pro’s snide remarks throughout the years, Corrupt Quid Pro is a racist. The NAACP, Rev. Al etc. all gave Corrupt Quid Pro a free pass on his racism just to get rid of Trump.

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  • So to keep these people from being deported lets ship them around the country while already infected with Covid and spread it around even more. This is why the pandemic is still going on, open borders and nobody being tested. Not only Covid but these people have other diseases that have not been caught.

  • He voted against it because a Republican nominated her. Dems. don’t want Republicans be the first on anything. Dems. say Republicans are racists.

  • ANY American person, weather black,white or in between MUST stand up to this ILLEGAL administration and vote them out, or NO ONE will have a decent life in this country…The communist, power hungry people in charge will defeat every good thing that comes along…make no mistake about that…right pelosi????


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  • BIDEN, Voted against the first black women to the supreme court for two reasons,
    First reason it was a Republican nomination, and second Biden is a racist S.O.B.

  • Genesis 9:25-27 KJV YOU want racism, here it is…Each race was addressed in each of these verses! That’s why there is a difference in each of these “Brothers” not races! The verse each is addressed to is “SPECIFIC” in its meanings, and still stands! IF anyone is RACIST as is said, IT IS GOD Almighty! He gave the decree and the word! Take it up w/HIM!

  • Just another affirmative action choice that will totally be unqualified. No black in the United States of America is qualified because they are black. No black in the United States of America today is smart enough to live by or understand what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said. They only have their hand out. #FJB

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  • Pedo Joe is being a TRUE Democrap by doing this RACIST SEXIST thing. Democraps are the party of HATE. They created the KKK, wrote Jim Crow Laws, enforced those laws by LYNCHING NEVER bothering to make sure they even had a guilty person, put the Confederate flag up over Southern Statehouses, fought Civil Rights till Republicans told LBJ UBER BOGIT sign the bill or eat a veto override, he then invented Welfare to keep Minorities down, they have now turned Minorities against their own people who do not support Democraps. Pedo Joe has shown his RACIST tendencies throughout his Career in politics.



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