During an interview with Mo Brooks, Fox host Sandra Smith outright lied, something not unexpected from Fox News that used to be a beacon of hope for conservatives but is now just another lapdog media site for the left. In her first lie, Smith said that the courts did not find systemic cheating in the 2020 election. She failed to mention that there was an excellent reason why.

The courts refused to even look at the evidence. In almost every case, they tossed the lawsuits claiming the plaintiffs had no standing. But those lies are for another article. Brooks brought up the fact that the movie 2000 Mules produced a lot of evidence of cheating. Smith then claimed that the movie was already debunked. The fact that her statement is a lie is the most easily disproved.

Smith  said:

 “That has been looked at and fact-checked by multiple outlets, including Reuters, who have debunked that as any sort of proof that there was widespread voter fraud.”

Brooks shot back:

“I’m sorry, Sandra, but other people have fact-checked it and find you’re absolutely wrong, Sandra! But keep going with that story.”

In a story I published a couple of days ago, I wrote about ballot harvesting in Yuma County, Arizona in which the ringleader will be pleading guilty after a Mountain of evidence appeared and one of her mules admitted to participating in the fraud at the direction of Guillermina Fuentes, the woman who will be pleading guilty on June 2nd:

The DNC was paying for three high-powered lawyers out of Phoenix and one local one, but they dropped out after Guillermina Fuentes, the Gadsden Elementary School District Board Member and Ex-Mayor of San Luis, Arizona, took a plea deal and will plead guilty on June 2nd. There are others implicated in the conspiracy, but there is no word yet on whether they will also plead guilty to the charges. The evidence is overwhelming. Fuentes was ready to plead not guilty next week, but the evidence became so airtight, that she decided to deal.

This is why I stopped watching Fox News and you should too.


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  • I quit Fox “News” long ago. I will read things by people like Greg Gutfeld and Jesse Waters but will not waste my time with most of the other people. Also, why would I give a dang if Reuters “debunked” anything. Another group of liars.

    • Tucker Carlson? This is your beacon of truth? He’s been hammering us for weeks about how wrong it is to help/support Ukraine because of “their corrupt government” and that they do not “deserve” independence because they’re part of Russia. He intentionally ignored the fact that the corruption was the previous gov’t – and this is why Zelenskyy was elected, and the fact that HE decides that they’ve always been part of Russia – well, this doesn’t mean anything, because he is NOT the arbiter of the will of the people. A reminder: American colonies were part of the British empire; does that mean we had no justification to want our own country?

      • You people are so gullible. If you think that Zelensky isn’t just another corrupt politician …. you probably also still believe that the Bushes were on our side. Tucker is correct about Ukraine. WHY DO YOU THINK THE BIDEN ADMIN SUPPORTS THEM????? WAKE UP!!!!! Our government is funding wuhan style research in 2 dozen facilities in Ukraine. Russia is the only nation that refuses to allow the international bankers to take over.

        • Agree, Ukraine has chemical weapons, along with Syria among others. The democrats are giving them millions of dollars. Why?

  • Not surprising. eventually Fox News will follow the same route as a propaganda and disinformation outlet as CNN and MSNBC. A couple of ex-Fox News Stars have already found homes at NewsMax.

  • Joe Biden is the president, of LA-LA LAND. A fictionalized world, that few understand. He is the HERO, that’s so hard to find, but he only exists, in his own sick mind. FAILURE is ALWAYS, the results by others, NEVER by him, or his sisters and brothers. His Democrat family, is ALWAYS there to protect, his LIES and FAILURES, and TOTAL NEGLECT.

  • Are there ANY trusted news sources, nowadays ? I viewed the 200 Mules film and direct video evidence doesn’t lie. Who was/were the judge(s) who ruled on this issue ? Most probably an Obama appointee.
    The thing that upsets me the most is the devolution of journalistic integrity that this reporter displayed . . . right out of the CNN instruction manual. I will still watch Tucker and Hannity, though . . . until I see evidence of their demise.

  • She is wrong. Democratic or RINO judges looked at the evidence and said ‘there is nothing here’ even though there is a tremendous amount of cheating there. Fair judges told the truth.

    • No, the judges did not want to open that can of worms. Bush vs Gore made fraidy cats out of these judges. Right now they are presiding over the great divide and who knows where or when that will happen — until the supreme court gets some

  • democrats incompetence of Joe Biden.
    ❌ The economy
    ❌ The southern border crisis
    ❌ The withdrawal from Afghanistan
    ❌ Putting America last
    ❌ The supply chain crisis
    ❌ Skyrocketing inflation
    ❌ Eliminated America’s energy independence
    ❌ Caving to the woke mob
    ❌ Kowtowing to communist China
    ❌ Letting Putin run wild

  • Just to correct an error: Sandra Smith is not a reporter. She may have the title “journalist”, as it seems to me that all hosts are holding, but she’s a talk show host, basically. She “reports” what other people say.

  • Are the managers and CEOs at FOX purposely trying to bury this once wonderful Conservative news station? Sandra Smith is the new Chris Wallace. She will be heading towards the dung heap of purveyors of propaganda and lies, just like him. I turned to other news outlets many years ago. In 2020, just four hours after polls opened in Arizona, FOX gleefully called the state for Biden.

  • Trauma and bad times as in a storm, has an uncanny way of exposing the sands which hide those of leftist ideologies, or those with nefarious agendas.

    Who would have thought that those ideological beach combers would find such an opposing view point in Ms Sandra Smith. Not Sandra…….but yet she (probably) unwittingly so……exposed her inner most thoughts about the … “2000 Miles” … movie. An immediate disaster actually for not only Sandra herself personally, but for Fox News as well. Discounting of course a disappointed Conservative base of voters.

    Damage control …….well, one should overlay the ambiance of Fox News having slipped further and further in to that abyss of leftist / Communist / Democratic ideology that permeates that news organization anyway. So…..in one sense she can enjoy some small sense of exoneration.

  • Reuters has been placed in question, Sandra. Mo Brooks fried you with facts & this investigation has been thwarted in a great part by the media, including Fox. A one time bastion for fair news, now no better than CNN or MSNBC



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