Before I start this story, I want to warn you that unless you can handle seeing something so alarming, do not watch the video as it is gruesome, to say the least. The motorcyclist was trying to avoid police and he clocked at speeds up to 130 MPH. Winding his way in and out of traffic. The motorcycle was stolen and police were not in pursuit at the time of the accident.

The rider of the motorcycle has not been identified while they piece him back together. The motorist was caught on camera speeding through the West Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, running through stoplights and stop signs as he made his way through town.

The suspect was traveling at speeds much higher than the limit. The video caught the moment the suspect ran into a car making a left turn onto the street and he is seen being thrown high up into the air before the camera broke away from the grisly scene.

According to KCAL-TV:

Undercover officers noticed something suspicious about the motorcycle and its rider just after 1 p.m. “There was something that alerted the undercover officers,” Neiman continued, “they ran motorcycle license and it came back as a confirmed stolen.”

When officers attempted to pull the motorcyclist over in a nearby parking lot, he bolted from the scene,”When he fled, a decision was made by the supervisors and the incident commanders that we would not pursue this motorcycle,” Neiman said.

It was then that the motorcycle proceeded to flee from the officers at speeds over 100 miles per hour, losing the police cruiser that was following. However, the police helicopter was still overhead to follow the driver. Neiman relayed that several factors played into the decision to not pursue the motorcycle including, “The time of day, the level of traffic and the potential danger to the public.”

The suspect was declared dead at the scene. Two others were injured in the crash, but both will be fine.


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