ICYMI … It has been reported by Fox News that “an associate of the late Arizona Republican Sen. John McCain shared with Buzzfeed News a copy of the unverified, salacious opposition research dossier alleging that Russians had compromising material on President Trump, according to a bombshell federal court filing.”

The late Arizona Republican vehemently denied that he was the source that Buzzfeed obtained the dossier from after the news outlet published it.

The credibility of the dossier has become the topic of conversation once again as the Yahoo News investigative reporter who initially broke the news of it has stated that many of the claims in the document were “likely false,” and according to Fox News, “an adviser to ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen said Cohen never went to Prague to pay off Russian hackers, as alleged in the dossier.”

The FBI still relied heavily on the unverified dossier to obtain FISA warrant applications which allowed them to spy on Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

The FBI wrongly suggested to the court that Michael Isikoff, the Yahoo reporter who broke the story, had penned a piece which allowed an independent basis in order to spy on Carter Page… despite the fact that London court records prove that Isikoff had been using leaks from the writer of the dossier.

Earlier in the year, it was reported by Fox News that a head McCain associate, David Kramer, was briefed on the unverified dossier that was penned by British ex-spy Christopher Steele toward the end of November of 2016 in Surrey, England.

Fox News reports that “Kramer invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination to avoid testifying before House Republicans about his handling of the dossier.”

The news outlet reports:

McCain has acknowledged giving the dossier to the FBI. But, until Wednesday, it remained a mystery what role, if any, his associates might have played in the dossier leaking to the media shortly afterwards.The new revelations were contained in an opinion authored by U.S. District Judge Ursula Ungaro. The opinion granted Buzzfeed’s motion for summary judgment in a defamation action brought by a global corporation based in Luxembourg, XBT Holdings, which alleged that Buzzfeed had recklessly spread misinformation in the dossier about XBT’s purported involvement in cyberwarfare against Democratic Party officials.

Ungaro cleared Buzzfeed of liability for defamation on the basis of the “fair report privilege,” which broadly protects media outlets from defamation actions when they publish official reports, as long as they clearly indicate that the reporting is not their own. The statements about Kramer and McCain’s activities were contained in Buzzfeed’s unsealed motion for summary judgment, which Ungaro cited extensively in his ruling.

In November 2016, according to the filing, McCain sent Kramer, a director at the McCain Institute for International Leadership, to London to meet with Steele.

McCain had learned from Sir Andrew Wood, the former British Ambassador to Russia, that Steele had collected damaging information about Trump, according to the filing. Wood was an informal adviser to Orbis, which was retained by Fusion GPS, the firm behind the dossier. Fox News previously reported on Wood’s involvement.

On Nov. 28, 2016, Kramer met with Steele and later obtained copies of the dossier from Glenn Simpson, the head of Fusion GPS, the filing states. Kramer then met with Buzzfeed reporter Ken Bensinger on Dec. 29, 2016 at the McCain Institute.

There, “Kramer reviewed with Bensinger what he knew about the dossier and explained that he took the allegations seriously.” Then, Kramer showed Bensinger the dossier and purportedly informed him that “some of the information was unverified.”



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  • Ti is “reveal” is proof positive of “Senator” McCain’s “key role” in “giving aid and comfort” to his captors in “The Hanoi Hilton” (North Vietnam). His moniker while held captive, was “Songbird.” Why? Because, he just couldn’t be trusted with anything or perform anything alone, or as a group… He was a “looser.” Keating Five,” 139 seamen killed in an on “deck” carnage, Pilot McCain caused by injecting fuel into his aircraft’s engine. Now, his “Crowning Jewel”- THE DOSSIER . John McCain was born a traitor, was a loser, supported by his Admiral Father and even “decorated” for killing HIS FELLO W PRISONERS. Navy corrupted, medal ceremony corrupted and “Admiralty” corrupted…folks, military corruption started way before President Trump was elected to “clean-up government mess.” Amen. God Bless America. Read A Bible. KJV. Psalm 128. Create “Kitchen Militias” to recall Liberal Mayors who control School Boards and their “screwy” CRT and LGBTQ agenda’s (Judicial Watch got a 3,597 page dump of “reveal”). Bible, Tutor pods to combat CRT. Pledge of Allegiance in all schools to decimate “CRT” and “LGBTQ” MARXIST IDEOLOGIES. Then. Contract with America to “fix Washington DC mess. Amen.

  • Another case of the FBI knew nothing of this ? And Hillary just acted stupidly ? But you let a republican break wind in a elevator and the FBI can smell it a mile away and charge him with. Attempting to over throw the government using a gas attack and having no concerns for his fellow man ..this has become a crime since Covid ..amazing isn’t it ..to bad our government can’t be charged with this instead of just acting stupidly

    • DEMS : they lie, they cheat , they steal and they vote to kill their babies.. most moral people in America.. just ask them

      • yeah killing your babies for the stem cells. that’s why they pushing it as a nice thing for you women. your their incubators to life. the shots cost 100,000 dollars. how much you get of that? lmao the democrats are not nice people at all. enslave us every which way they can.

        • One four letter word describes Democrats….EVIL.
          Hard to believe the Blacks still support them by a large margin. Over the years the Dem’s have done NOTHING to help them except kill their babies with Planned Parenthood.
          More than 7 of 10 babies aborted every year are black and they still push for abortion. However, Trump has made a dent into black voters joining the Republican ticket but that will be overthrown by all the illegals (2 million) crossing the border, many of which will be able to vote in the next election. New York already is allowing 800,000 illegals to vote in 2022. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about it. Every Democrat voted into office on the Federal level must bow at the alter of Pelosi or they will live in fear. Biden, Pelosi, Schumer etc are EVIL and you cannot vote against them if you are a Democrat congressman or senator.

      • You know who the Demoncrats father is, Satan.
        Jesus said, “That Satan came to kill, steal, and destroy” and that “Satan is a liar from the beginning and the father of ALL lies.”


  • McCain was a sleaze ball never did anything for Arizona and certainly didn’t stop the illegals from crossing over, yet the liberal commie Democrats put a halo over McCain’s head. McCain received his Karma.


    • You are just now noticing the media is corrupt, bought out by China? But the freemasons are responsible. They are trying to make the New Testament Revelations happen, they wrote it. Arrius Piso established freemasonry and it’s leaders, he co-wrote the New Testament, he established all churches and their leaders, and he established the papacy with himself being St Peter, Pliny the unger as St. Paul. Now that you know who has all the money. They are behind the all the bad, They start out as common men but are trained into being secretive killers. they have to have power and control, they’re in every corner of the world. they are the devil… the thing about Freemasons that should scare the shit out of you is what they do, when they think no-one is watching them! I know a freemason who joined cause he wanted to join the KKK. So, Freemasonry looks like that awesome tall blonde who has it all, when it really is the wicked witch freemason Pelosi…

  • That information certainly knocked the Commucrat “BIG GUY”, McCain off the pedestal where many people had wrongly placed him. He was supposedly such a hero. HERO-SMERO, MCCAIN WAS A BITTER, WEAK, VINDICTIVE, MAN FILLED WITH HATRED FOR SOMEONE WHO IS BETTER THAN HE COULD EVER HOPE TO BE.

    • I never respected McCain. From the beginning, the media made him out to be a “respected leader” of POWs, which he simply was not. He did not take an early release from North Vietnam, but he was willingly co-opted by them.
      When he got to Congress, he created a bureaucratic maze to discredit all reports of MIA sightings. It was disgusting to see him berate and curse at MIA family members at Congressional hearings.
      About six years ago, documents declassified by the CIA (and of course ignored by the media) showed McCain was aware the North Vietnamese planned on keeping as many as 1,100 POWs hostage, to use as leverage against the US. No wonder he was worried about squashing all reports of MIA sightings.

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  • John McCain is what modern day #NeverTrumpers think a Republican should look and act like. While Durham is indicting folks for the attempted coup against Trump, it’s just too bad he can’t give McCain a dishonorable mention. McCain got an undeserved hero’s medal early in his life and he spent the rest of his life attempting to tarnish it.

  • How can you talk about McCain’s sleazy history and not mention his war record. He bombed his own aircraft carrier, the Forrestal. Years later when questioned if he had really dropped a bomb on the Forrestal. He answered, “No, I dropped two bombs.” I don’t know how many planes were destroyed on the flight deck that day but the news said that 149 sailors were killed mostly fighting the fires The blazing carrier was all over the nightly news. If you look up the death toll on the internet now, it says 134 killed. I don’t know what happened to the other 15 dead. McCain was flown to Danang (for R&R) while the fires were still raging but they were afraid that his shipmates would kill him. From Danang he flew to Hawaii to cry to his daddy, CINCPAC. When he finally returned to the war zone, he was shot down on his second mission over Hanoi. He was out of formation and flying close to the ground. In the ‘Hanoi Hilton’ he was nicknamed ‘Songbird.’ It wasn’t affectionate. It referred to his habit of reporting everything his fellow prisoners said to the camp authorities. He made anti American propaganda films for the North Vietnamese. At least parts of one of these films has been shown on US-TV. As a naval aviator he was a traitor. Except for his father, CINCPAC, he would have been tried for treason when he returned to the states. So he became a senator and continued his treasonous activities.

    • Your are so right. Doesn’t it make you sick at the number of people that have bought into thinking he’s some kind of frickin’ war hero?

    • He was one of the most corrupt individuals in the Senate, but what was most disturbing was that the people of Arizona just voted this corrupt individual into Congress. People need to do their homework instead of just going along to get along. He was the only Senator who vote down the Obama medical Insurance that keep the insurance in place. He was also instrumental in going to Obama to have the IRS go after the Tea Party. He was everything corrupt and the people in the know in Arizona knew it.

    • and that’s how it works, unfortunately the insane run this country. Thanks for the great info, I’ve heard it all but not all together in a statement, great work giving no credit, where none is due. Not one American will miss traitor John McCain, or Obummers, Clintons, Bidens, Big Tech, Planned Parenthood, Pelosi, Schumer and most politicians and actors. All the bad are on their way OUT, they gonna get the McCain treatment 🙂

  • Not buying it. Steele IS “Secret Intelligence Service” heretofore Mi6. The dosier wasn’t come upon, it was created by them for Obama. Just like the Weapons of Mass destruction they created for George Bush.

    McCain wasn’t smart enough to mastermind it.

    • McCain didn’t need to ‘mastermind’. This began with Hillary’s contempt for Trump. After losing, she hired Steele to write the fake dossier. Fellow haters, McCain included, gladly sapped it up, like candy. Actually, dimwitted, not a mastermind.

  • And this is the best we could come up with to run against Hussein in 2008!! Shows how deep the corruption runs!!

    • Right on, thanks for pointing out the deep corruption. And it’s been there since before our country began. The freemasons ARE behind it all. Call me crazy, I call you uniformed. Call me an idiot, I tell you, you don’t know God. Anything else and we know that you would be a devil worshipper, knowingly or not! Have ya ever noticed that all freemasons are well to do? Could it have something to do with their ‘secret society’? YES They start you out as an every day Joe, but train you away from God who is good, to the devil. They see no bad in the devil cause they get what they want… until mr. two face sells em out, he has no need for hem other than to use for his own corrupt purposes.

  • I have always said John McCain was a no-good, owned by the devil. It’s great to know that he ‘paid the price’ for his unethical b.s… He was obviously a Rhino from day 1, yet no repube or other demonrat called him out so all are just as guilty as dumbass John.
    Ya know, the rich are just a bunch of greedy stupid bastards, money has a power over them… and they are who loses in the end… lmao

  • Democrats are scum, there is NOTHING they won’t say or do to get power.
    They have become the party of political assassins.

  • He was not only a RINO, but worthless piece of sh.t as a human being. Nasty, vindictive, short tempered just like his good pal Biden.

  • I always suspected McCain was behind this. He was a bold faced liar that hated Donald Trump so much. I hope Megan McCain reads this and now should realize her father was no hero but a traitor to the American voters and this country.

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  • This man was a dirty POS. He deserved everything he got in reference to his RINO ways. Him and graham are two peas in a pod. Both are worthless human beings. Just saying.

    • You are right about McCain but you need to lighten up a little on Lindsey Graham. He is a total Trump supported and fights the Dem’s most of the time. The real a**hole is Mitch “TheTurtle” McConnell. Mitch is as two faced as they come. I’d never trust him with my dog.

  • McCain was utterly corrupt and arrogant beyond belief. During the Keating Five sting, McCain refused to take the cash because he knew something was wrong. It always bothered me that he recognized the trap because it implied he understood how these things were supposed to go down. From experience? McCain for decades wrapped himself in the flag and flaunted his POW experience. Yet he is responsible for making the Clinton scam “Russia Colution” get traction (something the Clintons could not do on their own. I had dealings with Senator McCain and there was no honor on display.

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    • Maybe not always but a thousand percent more than the rotten, corrupt, evil, lying, cheating, stealing communists that you call Democrats!! I was a life-long Democrat for 30 plus years until we got our president from Kenya. That ended it for me. Never again will I vote for ANY Democrat.

  • This begs the question. Was the slimy little turd really the Manchurian Candidate and was Romney part of pushing this turd forward during the Presidential race Thank God Trump crushed the Communists chances of getting into our the White House before the Buffoon ?????

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