The Biden administration really has turned the left-wind media on their heads. They’re spinning wildly trying to find the right angle to defend the catastrophic Afghan withdrawal. Just take a look at this interview between MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and guest Max Boot. The two try to defend Biden’s epic failure by claiming it couldn’t have been done any better by Trump.

There’s just one problem… Trump had a detailed action plan in place to safely withdrawal from Afghanistan. Biden decided to nix that plan in June and hatched a shotty plan of his own.

Boots, a far-left columnist from Washington Post, tried to imply that Biden followed through with the Trump administration’s action plan but nothing could be farther from the truth.

Trump and Mike Pompeo have both scrutinized Biden for obvious reasons but Boot’s says they “just need to find a good opportunity right now to just shut up and stop criticizing”.

“We really redefine chutzpah for Donald Trump, and Mike Pompeo and Mike Pence to suddenly be claiming that they’re outraged by the horrors of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan because they’re the ones who set this in motion”, Boots said.

“They set this in motion, and they have no right, no standing whatsoever right now, to criticize what is happening,” he continued. Boots studdered his way through the next bit saying, “And, you know, badly as it’s been going, and it’s improving a little bit, but it’s been, obviously, a very badly bungled execution. But I don’t think anybody who watched the incompetence of the Trump administration over four years could possibly imagine that Donald Trump would have handled this any better.”

Trump’s exit strategy included executing a timely withdrawal of citizens and allies during a safe time— Not in the midst of a Taliban takeover. That was all Joe. Trump’s plan had troops being the last to leave. So yes, I can imagine his plan working better.

Boot concluded, “people like Trump and Pompeo just need to find a good opportunity right now to just shut up and stop criticizing something that they set in motion.”


The US spent the last 20 years liberating, training, and arming Afghans—The plan was always to leave but not the way Biden did. I think that’s what liberals are trying to ignore.

Biden failed.



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