Rich Welsh| An elderly patient who was dying from COVID-19 fully recovered after a court ordered a hospital administrator to authorize he be treated with ivermectin. The family’s attorney had to go to court because the hospital objected to using ivermectin.

There is a radical woke cult that trashes the use of ivermectin to treat COVID-19 patients because the globalists want to force vaccines instead. There is no money to be made from ivermectin as it’s off patent, is very inexpensive, and the Big Pharma companies want to make billions on vaccines and their own expensive COVID therapeutics.

A hospital in Illinois was hell bent on using remdesivir for the patient and the treatment failed. Remdesivir does not have a good reputation for treating COVID, but it’s the drug that Dr. Anthony Faucistein approves of. The patient was dying. His life was saved when a court ordered an outside medical doctor to treat him with the much less expensive ivermectin while the hospital strongly objected.

The FDA approved ivermectin for humans to treat intestinal strongyloidiasis and onchocerciasis. Both of those illnesses are caused by parasites. Medical doctors have been prescribing it off label, which is entirely legal and very common. The FDA says that clinical human trials of the drug for use against COVID are in progress. I’ll believe that when I see it.

The FDA approved Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for remdesivir to treat human patients in certain categories that were hospitalised with COVID. It has a reputation that it doesn’t work much of the time.

The FDA has a history of taking forever to approve drugs and it has an approach to regulating drugs that seems to show indifference to human suffering. That’s why former President Donald Trump signed the Right to Try Act in May 2018. The law stipulates that patients who are diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses and have already tried all the approved treatments and can’t participate in a clinical trial can get access to unapproved treatments. The idea was if they are going to die anyway, they should be able to try experimental drugs to save their lives if they so choose.

Doctors can prescribe ivermectin to treat COVID-19. The problem is many pharmacies went woke and will not fill prescriptions for ivermectin. A lot of that comes from the misinformation that our mainstream news media spreads about ivermectin. They do it for the cause. I believe when Trump was in office; they did it so that more people would die and Trump would be blamed. At any other time in history, I would think that was a conspiracy theory, but given the vitriolic hatred the media showed for Trump, it’s probably true. Now they continue to lie to help the Biden administration push for vaccines that do not work.

At a court hearing on November 5, Judge Paul M. Fullerton of the Circuit Court of Dodge County said that one doctor who testified described the patient, Sun Ng, as “basically on his deathbed,” with a 10 to 15 percent chance of surviving.

Ivermectin has minor side effects like dizziness, diarrhea and itchy skin when used at the dosage that was recommeded for Ng, but the judge said the “risks of these side effects are so minimal that Mr. Ng’s current situation outweighs that risk by one-hundredfold.”

The judge wrote a preliminary injunction that ordered the hospital to “immediately allow … temporary emergency privileges” to Ng’s physician, Dr. Alan Bain, “solely to administer Ivermectin to this patient.”

The hospital defied the judge’s order on November 6 and 7 by denying Dr. Bain access to his patient. The hospital said it wouldn’t let Bain in because he wasn’t vaccinated against COVID-19. The judge’s order didn’t say “unless the doctor is not vaccinated.”

After the patient’s daughter filed an emergency report with the court on November 8 and the judge heard from both sides, he reprimanded the hospital and ordered that the hospital must allow Bain inside for a period of 15 days so he could do his job. We’re talking about someone’s life here.

The hospital filed a motion to stay the order and Judge Fullerton denied it and ordered the hospital to comply.

In the end, as usual, the ivermectin worked and Mr. Ng has since recovered from COVID-19 after being on his deathbed. He was eventually discharged from the hospital on November 27.

“My father’s recovery is amazing,” his daughter, Man Kwan Ng, said in a statement.

“My father is a tough man. He was working so hard to survive, and of course, with God’s holding hands. He weaned off oxygen about three days after moving out of the ICU. He started oral feeding before hospital discharge. He returned home without carrying a bottle of oxygen and a feeding tube installed to his stomach. He can now stand with a walker at the bedside and practice stepping. After being sedated for a month on a ventilator in ICU, his performance is beyond our expectations. Praise the Lord.”


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    • Doesn’t matter what hospital, they have opened themselves to a malpractice lawsuit! As well as a Contempt of Court charge for refusing a court ordered treatment!

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      • Soon as they can get a Lawyer I want them to SUE and OWN that Hospital. And who ever denied anything I want them in PRISON for attempted MURDER.

  • Thank goodness the court’s ruling prevailed and the patient recovered from Covid 19. Hosptials are supposed to help people live.

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  • My latest day dream: I was doing pretty good dealing with my latent homicidal tendencies (yes, one of the primary reasons I left my career as a cop and withdrew to the deep woods only venturing out to Walmart and the Cowboy church down the road) until the ‘what ever you want to call it’ virus appeared on the American scene. I have been aware since joining the army in 1960 that the first priority of most politicians and bureaucrats charged with serving and protecting the American people is to use their positions to enhance their own personal power and wealth. Finally, after 26 years as a soldier/military cop and far too many as a civilian cop I knew I had to holster my gun when I came to the realization that I have far more respect for many of the folks I have killed and jailed than I do for far too many politicians and bureaucrats.

    Now after watching politicians and bureaucrats put the profit margins of the American Pharmaceutical Industry before the lives of thousands of Americans I find some relief by conjuring up imagines of greeting, restraining, detaining, and placing into a very special confinement facility every politician and bureaucrat guilty of any degree of offense and/or neglect, be it active or inactive. I will not provide details of my greeting, restraining, detaining, and confinement procedures/tactics except to say I did spend several years in the 70’s – 90’s teaching/leading military and civilian cops charged with dealing with criminal suspects/subjects and civil disobedience (i.e. riot/mob control). I realize that at 79 years young my delivery of discomfort to those subjects in my charge may be somewhat of a lesser degree than I might desire, but I can dream, can’t I?

    Soldier/Cop/Mercenary, Retired

    • What you are talking about is just a form of attitude adjustment that the political elite have been needing for a very long time

  • “Remdesivir does not have a good reputation for treating COVID, but it’s the drug that Dr. Anthony Faucistein approves of. ”

    And just maybe provided by one of his inside trading sessions? One wonders.

    • FUCK FAUCI this Bastard is nothing but an old ASS NAZI for the Democrat / Communist party who’s only goal is MONEY and POPULATION REDUCTION. They want as many DEATHS as possible.

  • And the bought and paid for politicans in congress will fight against this medication being used because it is cheap and available PLUS Big Pharma wont get rich off it

    • As Rahm Emmanuel said, “Never let a crisis go to waste”. The Democrats have used the crisis caused by this pandemic to gain more control over our lives and even to steal elections. They got good mileage out of this crisis. To let effective drugs kill the goose that is laying these golden eggs is the last thing they want to happen.

  • Rimdesivir will destroy your kidneys, resulting in fluid build up especially in your lungs, and they then blame that on covid, and shove a ventilator down your throat and kill you. Just look up the testing on Ebola and Rimdesivir and see why they stopped using it. If you don’t take it within about the first couple days of catching a virus, it doesn’t do any good. And most people don’t get to a hospital until about ten days, so getting that crap is a death sentence

  • It’s really alarming when 1 must go to court to force hospitals & docs to provide correct treatment for a medical condition of any sort; especially when the treatment could’ve prevented the hospitalization in the 1st place! It should NEVER require a court order to treat a patient according to proper medical protocol with effective medications. Yet that’s what our “health care” system is now refusing to do, because there’s more money in NOT doing so!

  • As I understand it, Merck has recently released a pill which is an effective treatment for COVID and they are planning to sell it for $750 per pill. An analysis by a research doctor says the NEW pill is basically Ivermectin (but Ivermectin is unsuitable because it is only $2 per pill). How in hell can a pharmaceutical company be expected to make a billion dollars profit if they are tied to using one lousy $2 pill? For the pharmaceutical company it has to be the $750 pill or the vaccine…because, you know life can’t buy you money.

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  • Big Pharma companies want to make billions on vaccines”’ uhhhh, the number is actually now trillions.. yes… they’ve well surpassed billions and are headed into the trillion dollar range. And their stocks have had trillions in trading and several companies new have put together billions and an entire economy of trillions was effected, a world of a gig-trillion was turned around= so 1/2 thousand trillion in commerce was effected..
    Governments have stolen rights from a significant number of the population of the entire planet.. freedoms heavily deprived… from elderly to children.

    And it is only a flu like virus..
    Imagine if this was done in 1898 when the common cold came. Imagine if this had been done when the 1968 common flu came….
    Imagine what governments will do… over a common virus….

    BTW… there are very few extra dead bodies outside of Actuarial expectations made in 2018 and 2019….

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  • This is all in line with our governments all over the world thinking we would have a perfect world if we were rid of the old and the infirm people, which, if they would get rid of 90% of the labs and people like Fauci, it would be a beautiful world again. Older people are needed to teach the younger generation and the so called infirm (retarded and crippled) are needed to teach compassion and care. Fauci thinks he is God and I would not put it past him to have brought covid to the USA so he could play God. He is evil Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing and his prayer candles show that he believes he is holy.

  • It’s not just the pharmaceutical companies it involves members of Congress who own stock in the companies that will go bankrupt. Does anyone remember several years ago when several Doctors from Florida stated they had found a cure for cancer? They started turning up dead and all the documents they had vanished. Just think how much money the big pharmaceutical companies and members of Congress would louse if these Doctors were correct!

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