Talk about a whitewash. U.S. Capitol Police Lt. Michael Byrd was cleared in the killing of unarmed Ashli Babbitt without ever being interviewed on the shooting. This is outrageous. That means they didn’t even pretend to investigate her murder. They just decided to clear him without even really looking at the facts of the case. No detective worth his salt would ever exonerate someone without even questioning them to see if their story changed.

Byrd appeared  with Lester Holt on the “NBC Nightly News” and he told him:

“There’s an investigative process [and] I was cleared by the DOJ [Department of Justice], and FBI and [the D.C.] Metropolitan Police.”

According to Paul Sperry of Real Clear Investigations Byrd had refused to talk to investigators about the shooting. In my opinion that was suspicious in itself. If you did things by the book wouldn’t you want to have your story told? And how do you clear someone without questioning them? I take the Fifth. Okay, you’re innocent. It just doesn’t smell right. They didn’t even threaten him with punishment if he refused to talk.

Babbitt family attorney Terry Roberts said in an RCI interview:

“He didn’t provide any statement to [criminal] investigators and they didn’t push him to make a statement. It’s astonishing how skimpy his investigative file is.”

Roberts’ statement is backed up by a January 2021 internal affairs report that noted that Byrd refused to give a statement to Internal Affairs and the FBI, who were jointly investigating the murder. I’m sure the Christopher Wray FBI was responsible for not forcing the issue. Wray is just one in a long line of corrupt FBI heads which included Rosenstein, Comey, and Mueller.

From RCI

After Byrd declined to cooperate with D.C MPD Internal Affairs Division’s investigation, which was led by Det. John Hendrick, his case eventually was turned over to the USCP for a final administrative review of whether or not his actions conformed with department policies and training.

Still, USCP concluded in August that “the officer’s conduct was lawful and within department policy.” The agency launched its administrative investigation after the criminal investigation was closed.

In April, within four months of the shooting, Byrd was cleared of criminal wrongdoing by the Justice Department, which declined to impanel a grand jury to hear evidence in a departure from other lethal police-shooting cases involving unarmed citizens.


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  • Based on the outcome of this sham investigation and subsequent coverup, it is lawful for a police officer to shoot or kill an unarmed individual who is presenting themselves as not being a threat to the officer but seemingly are involved in the commission of. a crime. Based on this investigative outcome, there are several Police Officers in prison for doing their jobs and they should appeal based on this outcome and have their sentences overturned.

  • 19th President of the Republic of the United States FOR AMERICA, Donald J Trump said , YOU CAN’T JUST TELL PEOPLE ,YOU HAVE TO SHOW THEM. Ya’ll seen enough yet? Ya’ll know what needs to be done, Git r Dun
    The Whole Global Cabal deserves dirt naps. NCSWIC,WWG1WGA. Let’s Go Brandon, FJB, Fjb, FHB, FKH, FNP, FCS, FJN, FHRC, FBC and all Satan’s demon spawn minions.

  • Byrd’s actions were not in compliance with the training or policies of any police dep’t with which I’m acquainted, in the US. From concealment, without giving any warning whatever, or attempting non-lethal restraint 1st, he simply shot in cold blood, & murdered Ashli, an unarmed & non- threatening woman, for a NARRATIVE LIE! There was no valid reason to shoot her, any more than to beat another woman near the tunnel entry to death; they just needed”MAGA bodies” to “prove” conservatives had been “violent” in the Capitol, trying to overthrow the gov’t, & to deflect from the leftist riots destroying so many cities.

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  • Officer Michael Byrd was so much in fear of his safety, from the crowd, pressing in on his men, that he shot a person in the back of the crowd. She had no possibility of getting close enough to become a threat. Live with that , Killer !

  • What bugs me about this is Byrd is/was a senior officer in the USCP. Obviously that would make him very aware of appropriate engagement criteria. I don’t know if the shooting was justified or not (wasn’t there) but if he followed all the appropriate procedures, why was he the only one to fire a shot? How many other USCP officers were held accountable for NOT following the appropriate procedures?

    • They give those Capital Police jobs to the most unqualified moronic Democrats they can find. De you hear that guy Byrd speak? He sounds like Uncle Remus.

      • He got that job because of his color. That’s what they are afraid of us finding out. That he was unqualified for the job. He is an Affirmative Action employee.

  • Our own government has turned “secret”, like the former Soviets or China under the Communists. We are no longer citizens but subjects to be treated just as the elite politicians want.

  • Hopefully the next Administration will be Republican. the Ashli Babbitt murder needs to be re-opened. Babbitt was an unarmed woman. Babbitt was no threat to anyone especially Lt., get away with murder Byrd. Byrd should be charged accordingly. Just because Byrd is a Capitol Police Officer, doesn’t give him any more special treatment than any other Law Enforcement Officer out in the street. Byrd can’t justify the shooting of Babbitt. One can’t shoot someone, unless their life is threatened, and Byrd’s life wasn’t on the line. Had this been an unarmed black woman, Marxist BLM would have been rioting and looting al over DC and America, and America certainly would have heard from the Squad and mental case Maxine Waters. There will be no one to take riot and take up the cause for Ashli Babbitt.

  • key word: Corrupt FBI! Corrupt DNC! Corrupt Demoncrat Congress!

    Corruption runs rampant in today’s Government!

    If we can’t have an honest Election?….Why even bother to vote? :O{{{

  • Key Word: Corrupt! Corrupt FBI, Corrupt Biden Admn., corrupt Demoncrat Congress!

    Why even vote…if there isn’t integrity in this process?

    No penalties for breaking the law, on “ANY”, demoncrat…Hunter Biden, & Hillary…should be in jail as we speak!

  • You can rest assured that if Byrd was white and Babbitt was Black, Byrd would have gone to prison for several years. That is where we have advanced to in this country in our judicial system. We are now discriminating against the white population, like the black population was discriminated against in the 1950’s. We won’t recognize this country in another three years.

    • WE can put an end to such corruption if we just stand together and stand against the government, like the Constitution says we have a right to do. Look at the history of dictators and see what they did in the build up to them taking power. They all did the same thing.

  • The dept of justice should be brought to court to justify it’s inaction of this case. Why is this not a civil rights case when the shooter is black and the unarmed victim White? If it was the reverse, the shooter would be found guilty by the press even before police investigation of the facts.

    In this case, Bryd is guilty of murder and should be brought to justice.

  • The gangster syndicate that the national government has become did pretty much the same thing with the cold-blooded FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi of Ruby Ridge infamy circa 1992.


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  • I think Nancy Pelousy should be held accountable for the death of Ashley. She Pelousy ordered it and hit all facts that she arranged for Antifa and BLM to invade the capital and blame Trump.
    Pelousy is a tea tor to this nation and should be prosecuted for it.

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  • The shooter should be in PRISON, for what he did was extreme, Police have been going to prison for doing their jobs, shooting criminals , whos mothers did not teach them to STOP when Police say HALT, Which is respect for LAW. Now this Clown HEAD_SHOOTS a Woman VET, that has done nothing (trying to get in Pelosei’s democratic Temple, as she calls it.( Temple my rear) they worship Satan. Soros is the Devil’s ADVACATE on this Earth, so Pelosi who do you kiss-up to my Skinny- Neck, Fake-Face, enemy SATAN.