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Transgender internet personality Christine Weston Chandler – better known online as “Chris Chan” – repeatedly corrected a judge about using misgendered pronouns, stamped his feet and demanded that he be given back his toys, and loudly declared “I’m famous on the internet” during court proceedings which ended with him being denied bail.

Charlottesville, Virginia-based newspaper The Daily Progress reported on Thursday that Chandler, 39, was denied bail by Judge David M. Barredo, who was asked by Greene Commonwealth’s Attorney Edwin Consolvo to hold Chandler without bond because he was “concerned about the community’s safety and Ms. Chandler’s safety.”

Chandler was charged with the class 5 felony of incest, which can result in a prison sentence of between one and 10 years and a $2,500 fine.

During the proceedings, Chandler repeatedly demanded to be addressed with a female pronoun, interrupting the judge’s reading from relevant criminal statutes to shout “she” when Barredo referenced “whether a defendant is likely to appear at trial and if the defendant constitutes an unreasonable danger to himself, his family or his community.”


Chandler also reportedly yelled, “I’m famous on the internet,” and demanded to be allowed “to get everything back home” because “I won’t feel safe proceeding until” the state transports all of his possessions – presumably including his prized Sonichu medallion – to his new temporary living quarters at the Central Virginia Regional Jail in Orange County.

Chandler’s demands to be allowed access to his toy collection were reportedly accompanied by him loudly stomping his feet on the floor.

The transgender activist and internet personality was arrested last week after leaked audio recordings reportedly showed Chandler admitting to sexually molesting his 80-year-old mother Barb Chandler, who is cognitively disabled and suffers from dementia, “every third night” for almost an entire month.

Chandler’s arrest was filmed exclusively by Killstream podcast host Ethan Ralph on Sunday.


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  • Takes a SICK individual like this FREAK to do what she did but she is a liberal and it’s been proven over & over liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • What a disgusting person but why would we expect anything else from the Left??? Time to open the insane asylums and stop using prisons for the mentally ill.

  • “But, Judge. I won’t stomp my feet like the immature excuse of humanity that I am.
    “I will bend over.
    Grab my ankles.
    Take my punishment.
    Like the maggot I am. ”
    ” Get this p.o.s. of childish male scum out of my courtroom.
    I will give him the max
    For sexually molesting AND
    The most precious,
    Prized possession
    That defines the male identity.
    Once you throw his ass back into his cell,
    Be certain to reassign him
    With a cellmate
    Whom has absolute disregard
    Towards the effeminate
    Inside the male gender.
    That first time experience,
    At the very least,
    Will properly burn the very memory
    Into his thick little skull…
    Exactly how his frail mother felt
    In the moments
    When her perverted son
    Assaulted and raped her.
    Time and again.
    I am so glad you ain’t my boy.
    He would not be standing
    In the pathetic state
    In which
    You have approached me.
    That’ll be all. “