The city of Salem, Oregon has ordered a business owner to remove a mural he had painted on the wall of his business by an artist, he commissioned to create a patriotic theme on private property that he owns.

The artwork is an American flag with the scene of the flag-raising on Iwo Jima set inside.

The city claims that all artwork must be approved by the city council.

Certainly, that would hold true for any artwork on public property, but private property is a separate matter.

So, what do you suppose the objection to this beautiful mural is? I think we all know what it is.

The leftists cannot stand anything that puts this country in a good light.

The American flag triggers the communists on the left and I’m sure they would say that the flag-raising is racist.

No one on the left ever complained about the Piss Christ and that was paid for with a grant from US taxpayers.

The artist, Mario De Leon, raised the alarm in a Facebook post:

They have started a petition in Salem to present to the Salem City Council, demanding that they allow Jon Taylor who owns Valley Roofing to keep the mural.
When the city council returns from break, they could have a lot of people to answer to.


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