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Biden regime Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has officially called for the United Nations to occupy American Soil in the name of investigating ‘racism’ in the United States today.

“Responsible nations must not shrink from scrutiny of their human rights record. Rather, they should be transparent with the intent to grow and do better. That is why I’m announcing a formal invitation for @UN Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism to visit the U.S.” Blinken tweeted out Tuesday night.

“I urge all U.N. member states to join the United States in this effort, and confront the scourge of racism, racial discrimination, and xenophobia,” the Secretary continued. The seemingly sudden move is in the wake of the UN Resolution to condemn racism and racist police brutality earlier in the day. Secretary Blinken expressed support for the measure.

The unprecedented announcement comes as the Biden Regime advocates ‘ anti-racist’ ideals as a way of stifling political opposition. National File has covered the Biden Regime’s anti-white practices in the military, economic subsidies, support for critical race theory, and more.

What is perhaps even more troubling is that Biden is inviting the Globalist United Nations to come occupy US soil, with the potential to even propose laws and policies to Biden and the government. As the Biden Regime tightens it’s grip on power, the invitation of foreign agents to U.S. soil may represent a major escalation.

Conservatives were quick to criticize the motion. Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) criticized the administration’s misplaced priorities. “Maybe the President should devote some energy to investigating the origins of #COVID19,” the Senator declared in a statement.

Congressional Candidate Joe Kent (R-WA) attacked the move directly: “Tony had so much fun getting lectured by the CCP a few months ago that he just signed us up for a UN struggle session. The UN & it’s globalist fanboys are an absolute joke, strong nations do not play these foolish games.”

Conservative activist twitter account The Columbia Bugle summarized the situation: “Blue helmets AND anti-white propaganda! What will Biden think of next?”


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  • Any blue helmeted UN soldier I suspect will be greeted the same way the Brits marching on Lexington and Concord were welcomed.

    • The only racism we see is the biden administration creating a racial division and anti white policies with their critical race theory push of indoctrinating everyone that the United States has been and is currently the most racist country in the world when actually the opposite is true…so maybe the biden administration should remove themselves from their Marxist takeover of this country and go to some other country where they are appreciated more…

      • Any investigation into racism must start with CRT, BLM, and the 1619 Project and expand to include Antifa and the Democratic Party that were behind the founding of the KKK and implementing Jim Crow laws.

    • Have any of you, taken a step back to think why are the illegal occupiers of the WH doing this?
      – purposely creating White-Black division
      – creating a false racism crisis
      – bringing in FOREIGN troops onto our soil

      What is their agenda?
      What is their goal?

      • This Is The Next Move In The Globalist Agenda For A One World Order, Or As They Used To call It Decades Ago, A “One World Government”! But Before They Can Do That, They Have To Disarm The American People, Then Dismantle The U.S. Constitution, And Our Sovereignty And Rights Along With It!!! And Oh, By The Way, Doing This Is A TREASONABLE Offense Under The U.S. Constitution And Biden MUST Be Charged With TREASON!!!

  • A Blue Helmet on US Soil is an “INVADING FORCE”!!!!! The UN can only deploy military personnel when requested and there is a UN Security Council resolution authorizing them to do so. The UN has no military troops, as such they are comprised from enemy Countries ,so this would be a direct invasion of the US. I’m sure this would be met accordingly….

    • Not necessarily “enemy countries.” 2011’s NDAA codified indefinite detention without charge or trial into law (for the first time in American history, just in case you wondered how the Democrats’-enemies of January 6th are being held) and 1995’s clinton-U.N.-Macedonia campaign that resulted in patriot sp4 court-martial.

      • Which squarely go against the Constitution. Biden is asking for outside help because he’s finding out he doesn’t have the numbers inside our military. This will be a bloodbath for any who support this treasonist regime.

  • Best place to recall (sp4) who stood for his United States, rather than be a U.N. sheep in clinton’s 1995 U.N.-Macedonia campaign, and was court-martialed for obeying the oath.

  • Gonna get a LOT of Blue Helmets Shot. The UN holds no Power over the American People, and The UN instituting ANY Military Action on American Soil is Considered “AN ACT of WAR” and will be Handled accordingly.

    • Has been since FDR appointed Alger Hiss, a communist, as our representative in San Francisco in the formation of the UN. The United States therefore never had a representative in the drawing up of the UN Charter.
      It was Eleanor Roosevelt, a close friend of Hiss, who nominated him to her husband as our representative. Sort of tells a lot about her does it not?

    • Just shoot the democrats first. I’m sure the UN troops will be gone by the time we finish the democrats.

  • Isn’t it time to begin impeachment proceedings against this evil, dictator wan-a-be? Part of his oath of office calls for protection of the country and it’s citizens. This action is downright treason.

    • Biden should have been impeached for allowing the invasion taking place on the Southern Border. What a disgrace. But it will never happen with Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. Worst of all, that idiot Kamala Harris in Office would be worse than Biden.

  • I did not read and invitation for UN troops to be places on American soil. But if Biden does invite the UN. I THANK YOU JOE BITEME. I thank you for uniting my black and white brothers in a cause we can both support!!!!!

  • Just another dog howling at the moon using “human rights” as the ruse to usurp American constitutional sovereignty. Please show us the “treaty” which is absolutely neccessary to meet the criteria set fourth in the Article VI, cl 2. supremacy clause of the U.S Constitution, quote: “2: This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding.” No bureaucrat or president can nullify the supreme law of the land by some kind of imagined fiat!

  • Blinken and Biden do not have the authority to do this. Biden and his crony Sec of State should be arrested and prevented from regaining their office. They are guilty of treason!


  • This and every other abomination from the Biden pretendership to the Presidency is the result of the most massive election fraud in the history of democracy. The solution is clear. Audit every state. Re-instate the true winners to their rightful positions. Throw the traitors and the crooks in gaol.

  • Have any of you, taken a step back to think why are the illegal occupiers of the WH doing this?
    – purposely creating White-Black division
    – creating a false racism crisis
    – bringing in FOREIGN troops onto our soil

    What is their agenda?
    What is their goal?

    • Its all about their new world order one world govt, one world monetary system and one world religion worshiping lucifer. Eliminate some of us like the Christians, Jews, resistance groups and anyone that doesn’t comply and enslave the those that are the boot lickers and butt kissers.

  • This is extremely unacceptable! This must be a stopped immediately and all those who conjured up and defended this plan must be removed either by their choice or by any other acceptable remedy. The UN MUST not gain a foothold in OUR Nation. This is an additional sign that the Biden Administration is unable to truly represent the citizens of this great Nation and be supporters of our Constitution!

  • If Biden brings UN Blue Helmets onto American Soil to police American citizens they will find out just how well armed the public is. We will not tolerate a foreign body sending their storm troopers after us without a fight.

  • So commie Joe wants the communist controlled UN to investigate racism in the US? Is that like the Dems destroying the Black families with welfare; opposing charter schools that benefit minorities; killing jobs for minorities; causing racing inflation that hurts everyone, particularly minorities; allowing our country to be overrun with illegals driving down wages for lower income; funding planned parenthood that was founded to abort black babies; funding universities (Pittsburgh) that harvest organs from babies, more black, that were born alive? Indeed, let the UN investigate (sarcasm). And while they’re at it investigate their WHO conspiring wit the communist party to cover up the virus that has killed millions.

    How about the sheriffs and governors run them out on a rail, though the Dems won’t have the spine to do that, nor some RINOs. What a disgusting, hypocritical move to continue the lies and deflection from pedophile Commie Joe’s total disastrous regime and phoney election.

    • NO, This Treasonous And ILLEGAL Move Goes Against The U.S. Constitution!!! This Is The Camel’s Nose Under The Tent, His Ultimate Goal Is To Use The UN To Disarm American Citizen’s!!!

  • The U.N. is already here…they have a huge compound in Utah or Montana. I don’t recall where I read about it…but a citizen went to the compound and he was ordered off the property. Google it.

  • The answer is NO we will not let this to happen throw the UN out of NY and rent those offices out and give the income to Tunnel to Towers so the can build more Hi Tec homes for our vets We need to take our Country Back From The Left Put are President in the White House before it is to late

  • This is absolutely an act of war against the people of this nation by a corrupt and criminal regime and we MUST NOT stand for it. Why is the republicant party not in a rage against this atrocity? I think they are part of the whole plan of the takeover. This shite needs to be put in the ground. Time to fertilize that tree!

  • Any UN personal here should be tarred and feathered ( at least) and sent back from whence they came on a slow goat ride in the hold of an old leaky fishing boat. Any wearing blue helmets should be eliminated asap.

  • Welcome to America, UN! What you will now observe is that Martin Luther King gave America a dream.

    “I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slaveowners will be able to sit together at the table of brotherhood; that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” (1963)

    Most Americans already embraced this dream. You can now observe that the Democrats, teachers and communist BLM/ANTIFA still prefer to judge people by the color of their skin. This is found in the Democrats popular cancel culture poisoned arrow called Critical Race Theory. Do report these racist snobs.

  • Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country. Kick out President Voldemort and his evil minions.

  • I swore to Protect and Defend the Constitution. If any Blue hat comes to my door, they better say, Sir, we are sorry, Biden made us do it.

  • Elections are bogus! How do I know? Biden really got more votes? Not in this life time. Powers to be place who they want into office. How do I Know? The Black community was 13% and Hispanics were around 13% yet the white population was over 68% in 2008. How did Obama get into office, if The United States were so racist? Not only once, but twice. Either we are not as racist as the woke claim’s or elections are a scam to shield those in power.

  • This will be the Democrat Nazis foreign Solders on American Soil, to force Americans to accept a Commie Dictator like Biden has been. Once we allow this, Americans will be forced into Death Camps or executed for resisting their occupation of our Country.

  • Such a move WILL result in civil war! And the first casualties will be those in charge of our government! This is not a hypothesis. Americans will fight and repel any such foreign invaders as we have done for over 200 years. And those in power for causing this will be dealt with according to rules of war for traitors! Can the BOOB really be so brainless as to invite open war by his actions? Who does he thinks this benefits?

  • EVERY State must reject such an assault on US standing. No UN officials or particularly any in a law enforcement, official advisory, or any militaristic standing can be allowed outside of designated federal properties delegated for military use.
    The Constitution is very clear on the separation of powers between federal and states.
    A civil war was fought over it. Even US Military movements, operations, training, and official travel is highly restricted within each State. To jump over constitutional law. States rights, federal authority limitations in order to allow ANY UN official in any capacity to be anywhere outside of designated areas of New York City, is an act of war upon the States. With adequate National Guard supervision, and the express written permission of Governors and Legislators, along with every County Sheriff and Administration impacted in any way by the presence of UN personnel – it is theoretically possible.
    Of course any neighborhood watch group would be within their citizens constitutional rights to defend themselves, families, and towns with any means necessary to expel the UN “invasion” personnel / forces.
    Hasn’t happened since Obama was heavily chastised, admonished, and censured by States, the DOD, and the Legislature when he organized federal incursions and disruptions in multiple states during his “Jade Helm” operations.

  • The UN already has a base in Norfolk, it recently opened up as a joint command. We better not see nay blue hats on our soil.

  • Neither the UN nor their troops belong on US soil! Inviting them here is tyranny against the US! This is why the defunding of Law Enforcement. Less people to fight back.

  • The entire Biden administration and all the Democrats that voted for him and all the corrupt deep state should be rounded up and deported to a variety countries such as Venezuela, Columbia, Mexico, Cuba, Russia, Iran, Iraq, the Sudan, etc. We need a 1776 Redux along with 1861 Redux.


  • Article 1 Section 10 oaf the US Constitution reads: “Clause 3
    No State shall … engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.”
    The USA has already been invaded by hundreds of thousands, who have crossed our southern border, illegally. The Biden Administration has aided, and abetted, the illegal invasion, and has transported the invaders to different States, within the USA.
    Certainly, Texas has a Constitutional Right to defend itself, as does every other State, to which illegal immigrants have been transported.

  • This action by the Biden administration (not him personally because he is barely conscious and is being directed by un-American activists in the shadows) is a direct assault against US sovereignty, shows a leaning toward a one world government and is probably unconstitutional. The SCOTUS should step in to stop it.

  • Well Fellow Americans, exactly how many more steps could he take before Stuffing Us In Ovens to be Eliminated. Time to assert control at your state level, with “COOPERATIVE-UNDERSTANDING GOVERNORS AND COUNTY SHERIFFS”. This is an EXECUTIVE PLOY to Destroy the last vestiges of the government of OUR CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. WAKE UP AMERICA or We Shall Slumber Into Slavery!!!!

  • TO GOVERNOR GREG ABBOTT of TEXAS: —ESTEEMED GOVERNOR ABBOTT: PRESIDENT BIDEN’S METHODS OF TERMINATING THE AFGHANISTAN DEBACLE WAS INTOLERABLE. He has Added Insult to Injury by Inviting UN TROOPS TO OUR AMERICA to “INVESTIGATE and Supposedly RECTIFY a, (fallacious), National Racism problem here on Our Soil. By Our Constitution this is NOT Permissable; by biden’s audacious presumption to exercise such an Incomprehensible act that borders on Traitorous demands swift contemplation of his removal from office and any conspiring allies who would undermine our country’s sovereign authority. Probably many, many Texans would be shocked, repulsed and thoroughly against entrance into Texas by such an alien force. I am hopeful that you are anticipating sufficiently strong civil and martial measures to prevent such an event. TO THE UAF READERS–SUMMON UP YOUR GUMPTION AND DO LIKEWISE

  • This ass wipe and entire jobola admin. should be tried for sedition and treason and then executed. I volunteer to “put down” all of these scumbags.

  • Biden and Harris should be impeached!!!! Pelosi should be thrown out of office!!! They all have blood on their hands!!!!

  • Sheeple had better get their heads out of their asses, find a backbone and unite to fight as was needed in 1776 because 1776 adds up to 20-(21) and anything less will result in them being sheared, literally! WTFU already!