Senator Ted Cruz just tried to pass one of the most aggressive school safety bills but was blocked by Democrats who blocked efforts to prevent another mass school shooting. Why? Because the bill did not include gun ban policies. The bill instead offered more security at schools and a mental health package to prevent another tragedy.

A Beto O’Rourke supporter on a flight with Texas Republican Ted Cruz took the opportunity to roast the senator for his politics and even his messy tie.

Cruz, who initially had earbuds in, was trying to exit the plane and removing his bags from the overhead bin when a fellow passenger began jeering him, filming all the way and later posting the footage to Twitter under the handle @Nathan_VBB and the name “Beto for Everyone.”

“We’re in Houston? I thought we were going to Cancun,” the man quips in the video.

He was referring to a family vacation Cruz took last year amid statewide power outages.

“Senator, thank you for everything you’ve done since Uvalde. All those podcast episodes must have raised a lot of money for you,” the man continued, slamming Cruz for voting against gun legislation that passed in June with bipartisan support.

The heckler then poked fun at Cruz, whose purple tie and collar were out of place as a result of reaching up for his luggage.

“You should fix your tie too, and your collar,” said the heckler.

Another man’s voice could be heard telling the heckler “let him fly in peace” as Cruz adjusted his tie and collar.

The Republican congressman had sought unanimous consent in the Senate for a bill that would have given billions for more school resource officers, mental health professionals and security improvements for schools.

Cruz dismissed the man as a “partisan.”

“You don’t care about the facts. You’re a partisan, that’s OK,” he said, before turning away.

“You don’t care about the facts. You’re a partisan, that’s OK,” said Cruz, who turned his back on the man as he replied, “You’re not a partisan?”


The bill that Democrats killed also offered additional support and training for law enforcement but Democrats aren’t interested in preventing violence— So the madness continues.

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  • The muffin is wearing a wife beater in his Twitter pic. Bet the only name “Nathan” knows from Uvalde is the chief cop who refused to accept responsibility for his force of fist bumping, hand washing cowards.

    I am surprised that Cruz flies without security. Dosn’t’AOC have body guards? And she is only a Congresswoman/person/thing.

  • Hey, @Nathan_VBB, all I can say to you is “THE TRUTH HAS NO DEFENSE AGAINST A FOOL DETERMINED TO BELIEVE A LIE”. So, run with your silliness and hope you fly alone next time.

  • It’s tough to understand how people can see ample proof of a candidate’s being a liar and an out-and-out crook and then still vote him into high office. I guess that “D” next to their name blinds them from common sense. Cruz erred in attempting to use logic on one of their members!

  • And that clown supports another clown calling himself Beto? Guess how many votes Beto gets. Winner gets an all expense paid flight sitting next to the goofball.

  • The Liberal party,
    IS the party of HATE,
    inciting the riots,
    and opening the gate.
    These CommunistcRATS,
    ARE nothing but LIARS,
    attacking OUR Patriots,
    for their Communist desires.

  • This liberal clown would only support liars like Horrible Hillary and Pathetic Pelosi. He tries to start an argument with Cruz who handled him quietly and said the truth. No need for a fist fight with this Dem loser.

  • No sense in arguing with a fool take the high road with a spineless partisan hack. Ted knows the names of the victims and this idiot isn’t smart enough to know that you done say their names in public. Typical baiting accuse someone of something and then hope to try entrapping them into something that they shouldn’t say publicly.

  • Hey leftist punk….I would be happy to rearrange that nose on your smug, ignorant, arrogant face. Beto is a fascist lunatic. It figures you’re a loyal follower of a fool.

  • How is it that Democrats have no class,no ethics and no common sense.Too much Kool-Aid?You will never see a Republican behave like this in public.Something is mentally wrong with these people.

  • Well the Democrats plan was for GUN FREE ZONE SIGNS! How did that work for them???? It was them responsible for the deaths they caused by not allowing armed protection! Really think the government will listen to them and give up their armed protection????? The gun hater is what got the kids killed! Period! I hope they are proud of the kids they allowed to be killed cause it is 100% their fault! And there is absolutely zero doubt about it!



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