J6 Political Prisoner to be transferred out of the DC Gulag after his lawyers convinced a judge that the conditions there were squalid and they withheld surgery on his wrist. The judge then set up a surprise inspection that the prison failed miserably. They were forced to transfer 400 prisoners out of the prison, but none of the political prisoners. Now, they will transfer Worrell because he won his lawsuit. But will others?

On Wednesday, a federal judge ordered that a January 6th political prisoner be immediately transferred out of the DC Gulag. This comes after a surprise inspection by US marshals, who found the conditions to be not fit for a dog. Chris Worrell suffers from non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. The Democrats and sadists at the prison withheld his cancer treatments for months. Unless I miss my guess, he has a lucrative lawsuit in his future.

Worrell will be transferred to a prison outside DC and he will be released to home confinement so that he can restart his chemotherapy treatments. It could save his life. But, it also shows the depraved thinking that went into locking up the political prisoners in the prison from hell.

In his decision, Judge Royce Lamberth said the conditions at the facility were so terrible that they were “beyond belief” and added that the “court has ZERO confidence” in Pelosi’s Gulag to provide proper treatment and NOT retaliate against Worrell if he was allowed to remain in their custody.

 From The Gateway Pundit

Lamberth even went as far as holding the pair in contempt because they had repeatedly delayed paperwork that was needed to approve surgery for Worrell on his pinky finger after they had deemed the procedure “elective.”

“I don’t know if it’s because he’s a January 6th defendant or not, but I find this matter should be referred to the attorney general of the United States for a civil rights investigation into whether the DC Department of Corrections is violating the civil rights of January 6th defendants, in this and maybe other cases.”

According to court filings, federal prosecutors argued that Worrell was denied medical treatments because he lies about his health, unbelievably claiming that they have been “unable to sort fact from fiction.” To support their bogus accusation that Worrell is lying, they cite “medical notes and records that the government later obtains” in order to “refute or at best unsubstantiate” him needing medical treatment.

In other words, Worrell asks for medical assistance for an issue, and the staff creates the records telling him why he is a liar and doesn’t need it.

Mark Sidney

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    • Pelosi is a sadist and should be in prison for the rest of her miserable life. Merritt Garland and others as well. I doubt Bozo Biden knows what day it is let alone the disgusting actions these lawbreakers are engaged in. Oh, and Liz Cheney as well as Kinzinger (the RINOS) should have been front and center on this as they saw fit to join Pelosi and the democrats in their lies about January 6, yet somehow COULDN’T BE BOTHERED BY THE INHUMANE TREATMENT OF INNOCENT AMERICANS! WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED TO OUR COUNTRY?

  • Wow……this is beyond what America is about. Why this squaller in our prisons in 2021..? I thought we were beyond anything 3rd world country actions like this. Where is congress on this issue..???? Should not they be doing some investigating…?

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  • What a fracking travesty! This is all a political posturing of the marxists. So lock up a few suckered in the capitol by false flag, and make issue of them as they are tagged as insurrectionists, when actually they were more on the curious side than intent on breaking any laws. They were invited in by the Capitol cops, first in was shills a busload or two of them, were followed by people taking selfies, sight seeing, mingling with each other, wandering the halls, then leaving. The shills entered circled back and out. It is evident in all video and mems of the incident.

  • Actually this crime against humanity is a biden created decision to dictate his own tranny whims & ways as a wannabe dictator & now a treasonous criminal defying Constitutional Freedom & Rights of accused suspects untill a trial proves guilty ! Along with afghanistan aiding & abetting U.S. enemies, isis, taliban, terrorists the treasonous crime of illegal foreigners as weapons of mass destruction biden has let into the U.S.A. also commands a U.S. Military trial for bo & all his support cronies ! Mandatory biden,crony trials for treason are past due being the priority #1, now !

      • The only reason for this horrifying mess, is they were Trump supporters. This is an act of trying to teach Trump supporters they can’t support Trump & anything they do, will land them in prison for the rest of their lives.

        Livid actions to simply stop anyone from promoting something good & honest, such as Trump.

        Stop all rallies for Trump, all supporters of Trump, stop Trump movements & this behavior will scare 99% of people & they will never show up at any Trump rallies, nor will they support him.

        These people are going to burn in hell for bias treatment of good citizens. Trump’s name is mentioned more than 15 times in the Kings James Version Bible in the book of Revelations. Beware, those of you who harm Trump, his family or his supporters. God put Trump in office to uncover the filth & corruption of most politicians.

        God will have the last say……

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  • All those involved including the prison warden, guards, the democrats, etc. should be hung for crimes against humanity, and for treason against the American people.

  • When is the DoJ going to admit that what happened on Jan 6 was NOT an insurrection and was actually a set up by Pelosi and the FBI to entrap Trump backers so they could be used later to “show” how terrible Trump is. The author of this article thinks this treatment of “Jan 6 prisoners” should be turned over to the Attorney General for investigation-as if the AG was somehow different than Pelosi or the FBI. All of the government players involved KNOW that a Trump insurrection is bovine excrement, but they all investigate and deny basic rights to the prisoners, anyway. I don’t trust this government as much as I do the Chinese government, and believe me that is a negative number.

  • There People that are still being held with out bail or access ro lawyers are the pawns in Pelosies bag of dirty tricks. They will trot until a time with they are broken and will sing her tunes.

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  • Find out who ordered the detentions without charges and take their head off. This is communism. Civil rights have been violated its plain to see. I see red everytime I read about this. Some of these people were not even in the building but blocks away. This should not be tolerated for a minute.

  • Let the Biden cartel destroy America even more. The entire world is looking at America as the land of Hypocrisy. What has and is being done to these fine Americans is deploring. And untill they are proven not to be fine Americans they are victims of a oppressive regime.

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