It appears that America is returning to its roots as a nation that respects one’s right to defend yourself from violent attackers.  First the Rittenhouse verdict and now this …

100 Percent Fed Up – In Lubbock, TX, a similar situation will likely be headed to the courts after a deadly November 5 confrontation between a boyfriend of a mom her ex-husband with whom she shares custody of their child turned deadly on the front porch of the boyfriend’s home.

Video footage taken from two different vantage points shows the boyfriend Kyle Carruth, and Chad Read, the ex-husband of Christina Read, in a heated argument over picking up their son from Kyle’s home.

The argument that took place on the front porch of Carruth’s home led to the shooting death of Chad Read after Read attempted to wrestle for the gun.

Daily Mail – The footage, captured by Jennifer Read from a car parked on the street outside Kyle Carruth’s South Lubbock home, shows Chad Read arguing with his ex-wife and Carruth.

Kyle Carruth – wearing a black top and jeans – is heard telling Chad Read to ‘get off of my property. Chad Read, who is wearing a teal top and jeans, gesticulates with his arms as Carruth turns around to go inside the house.

Chad Read turns around and continues talking to Christina Read, telling her that he wants his son, who he was supposed to have custody of from 3:15 p.m that day, according to Jennifer Read in an affidavit filed after the incident.

‘I’m supposed to have him at 3.15,’ Chad Read is heard saying to Christina Read. ‘But you’re playing games telling me that I have to pick him up at six?’

The pair continue arguing, with Chad Read suggesting that his son is probably at his ex-wife’s mother’s house. Christina Read is heard telling him that she wanted to see him, to which Chad Read says: ‘I don’t care if you wanted to see him or not.

‘I get him at 3:15. If you want to see him, you can see him up until 3.15. You keep trying to keep my son from me; I’m going to drag you, and Ann-Marie, and everybody else into court.’

Carruth walks back to the porch and turns around to face the camera. Still holding the gun, he wags his finger as Jennifer Read is heard saying, ‘I have it on video Kyle.’

‘I told all of y’all to leave,’ Carruth is heard saying, telling her that his son is not at the house. ‘None of y’all should be here; I asked you to leave. I did everything. I did not want to do any of this,’ he says.


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  • That was murder. Bad shoot. Dude wasn’t in risk of his life. He shot out of anger, not out of being threatened with deadly harm.

    • No JB, he was on his own property and told the ex-husband to leave more than once. /The father was wrong for not leaving and then taking his ex to court for not letting him have his son at the appointed time. The Ex-husband grabbed for the firearm and whether it went off accidentally or not he was assaulting the home owner on his own property. If any one should be prosecuted it should be the mother for using her boy friends home as a way to not answer the courts decree. The father was a hothead and apparently the mother is too. The home owner was and is completely right. No matter what your liberal anti Constitutional ideas are

    • You either did not watch the video or you ignored both the sizzle of the two men and how the dead man tried to take the gun from the other man. The dead man was told to leave more than once and grabbed at the rifle that gave the homeowner all he needed to justify the shooting. That is Law not Opinion.

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    • It wasn’t murder because the guy grabbed his gun and tried to wrestle it away from him. The moment he puts his hands on the gun it becomes self-defense. Read the law.

  • You cant compare this to Rittenhouse. Im not sure what the laws are in TX, but this guy would hang in another state. He could have called police. He could have stayed inside. The father was unarmed and not threatening the homeowner in anyway until the homeowner returned with what appeared to be a Pistol Caliber Carbine. All the father wanted was his kid and it was evident the kids mother was playing games with where the kid was. If I was that father I would have been angry also. I simply would have called the cops and my lawyer. I sincerely hope this guy does not get off without charges on this one. Sorry, but I am a huge firearms enthusiast and also an instructor, and its shit like this that makes gun owners look like blood thirsty nut jobs.

      • Definitely! Sadly this is the kind of schit that ex-wives play all the time; using the kids to get back at the father. There was NO EXCUSE for her to keep the kid past the allotted time – PERIOD! Too bad the wife can’t be prosecuted for his death for causing this whole incident.
        The boyfriend had no business going in and returning with a weapon, he could have simply called the cops. This is misuse of the castle doctrine!

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    • He attempted to take the gun and it is the shooters property which the other man was told more than once to leave. The man who was shot is the only one to blame for what happened to him. Do not blame the shot man’s IGNORANCE with who is responsible for what happened to him. The shooter like Rittenhouse were protecting themselves from being stripped of their weapons and killed by the same. The man who was shot is much larger than the shooter.

    • No imminent danger at the time of the double shooting the father was not approaching at that time and the boyfriend had put at least 10 feet between them. I’m NRA, I HAVE WEAPONS AND BELIEVE STRONGLY IN THE 2ND. FEEL THIS SHOULD BE AT MINIMUM, 2ND DEGREE MANSLAUTER. HAD HE SHOT HIM WHEN HE GRABBED HIS GUN… GOOD SELF DEFENSE. EX WIFE WAS THE ROOT OF THIS…

    • I agree, especially for a shoot to kill. Maybe ok for the law, but certainly not morally. Homeowner could have shot at the guy’s feet as a warning to show he was serious, he had already gotten away from the other guy and shot him from some distance away. Even Kyle shot the last guy in the shoulder so he didn’t kill him. Homeowner could have shot the guy in the leg or whatever so he couldn’t be attacked any more, I’d say he shot the guy dead because he was angry.

  • The father was asked to leave private property and would not do it and grabbed for the rifle the home owner was totally right. the mother is a trouble maker and the father now dead was a hothead. I anyone should have called the police it was the father with a copy of his court ordered child custody for that time. Far too often men die because of a female who won’t follow the law or justice or common decency and then the stupid men who chase after them.

    • And with the slow response of police in domestic disputes the home owner probably knew there would be trouble and fighting before they got there

    • Stupid men playing stupid games win stupid prizes….of course he was right to shoot him. No charges. Moron should have walked away when asked to do so…oh well…problem solved.

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  • I’m very pro 2nd amendment and have a concealed carry license and in mho the boyfriend should be charged in this incident. When he went into the house he could have called 911 because he was clearly not in any danger at that time. When he went in the house, brought out his firearm and fired a round into the porch near the fathers feet is when the boyfriend first screwed up. He then backed up several feet away and fired 2 rds killing the father who was not charging or approaching the boyfriend. I agree the father should have left when told to but was justifiably angry at his ex but handled it incorrectly. I don’t believe there was any clear danger of bodily harm or death concerning the boyfriend and that the shooting was not justified but of course I’m not a cop or a lawyer, just my opinion.

    • I don’t know about Texas laws, but here in FL, the shooter would be up on charges. He was not threatened with grievous bodily harm and, with malice aforethought, as you say, he went back into the house and retrieved the firearm. Sounds a lot like second-degree murder or something like that.

      • If his state protects his right to have his gun at any time on his own property, the fact that he fetched the weapon is irrelevant and can’t prove any fault. All he needs to show for discharging his weapon is that he felt threatened with the criminal infliction of bodily harm beyond the verbal confrontation, OR that he thought the woman was being threatened with harm. That doesn’t seem implausible here. The opposite then must be proven beyond doubt to convict him with crime. I think he has a fairly good case.

        And no, we don’t care that other states force their citizens to allow aggressors extra opportunities to murder them. That’s barbaric.

    • People who claim to be pro-2nd amendment yet obtain a PERMIT to carry (concealed or otherwise) are nothing but spineless hypocrites! If you wonder why government get away with infringing on our gun rights – YOU ARE A PRIME EXAMPLE OF WHY. When you pay for your rights they then become privileges!

      • When I got my permit you had to have one to conceal carry in Kansas which has since changed! I decided to keep it as it also gives me the ability to legally carry across state lines. I also learned in my class about all the laws in my state that I had no idea existed and also was was able to observe how horrible of a shot some people are and shouldn’t be allowed to carry without some sort of training. Also I’m a 71 year old former Marine who grew up with guns so don’t fricking lecture me about being pro-2nd Amendment !!! I did what was necessary at the time to be able to legally protect my family in public! People like you act on emotion just like the father and boyfriend in this article did and you judge people without knowing an F-ing thing your talking about! So take your opinion of me put where the sun don’t shine!

  • Where’s the graphic video? The graphic part was cut out? He could have been at a rifle range for all that was shown!

    • I saw the uncensored version of the video on twitter somewhere else but don’t remember where. It was the one from what looked like was taken from inside the house. In the video, after the altercation on the porch and the boyfriend ran into the yard turned and fired the father was standing on the porch with his hands at his side and was not approaching the shooter. The father immediately crumpled as if he maybe died instantly. In my opinion there was never enough of a threat to justify the shooting. Right or wrong I would be surprised if the shooter isn’t charged. Just my opinion.

  • Texas law… get off my property… dude was theartning the homeowner , get ur body off of mine , stand back , the dude clearly lost his witts.. & his life..!!

  • NO comparison to the kyle rittenhouse case, the guy that got the gun was IN THE WRONG here!!! There was absolutely NO THREAT to his life what so ever! He needs to go to Jail!

    • No he was well within his right to shoot that man. Did you not pay attention to the video?? The man who was shot grabbed at the shooters gun and is quite larger than the shooter. The dead man was told more than once to leave the property and he also attempted to take the shooter’s gun both made the shooting legal.

      • No gun, No grab. That WIMP, tried to be a BIG MAN. He ESCLATED the situation. Prison, for that COWARD, will make some inmates “happy”!

    • In order for there to be obviously “NO THREAT”, a person needs to be significantly smaller and weaker, unarmed, with very little possibility of inflicting harm — think of a child being killed for throwing a doughnut at a cop. This person was larger and perhaps stronger, and, when he saw the lawfully held weapon, imposed his size and presence on the homeowner in a sustained manner, even reaching for the weapon. That you, watching from your digital device, feel “NO THREAT” from the deceased is meaningless to this event. What matters is whether the homeowner did, and whether his perception of threat can be shown to be at all reasonable.

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  • This what I think the woman with the child set that ex husband up just listening to the exchange between the three of them the man was with in his rights to tell him to get off his property.. but why did he go and get a gun i never heard him threaten the boy friend that being said now to the ex wife she was supposed to have the son to him at 3:15 she calls him and tells him 6:00 … Now I smell a rat ! Did she intentionally set the ex husband up knowing full that he may have been worked up buy the now girl friend who would defend his property i saw not reason to shoot him he retain the weapon unless he was trying to enter said house i really think she set the ex husband up

    • It’s hard to speculate about their characters, but it does seem that she wronged him with the appointment and greatly contributed to the ugly altercation. May their son live to know the truth and respond accordingly. And whatever the situation was, I don’t imagine she will remain that man’s “girlfriend” for long.

  • The Ex should have had a Police officer accompany him. When told to leave he should have left. It is quite clear the Ex was a hothead. When people take matters into their own hands outside of what the court ordered well this is what happens. The Ex should have left the property and took them court. I am sure court records will show he was given limited visitation due to anger issues.

  • He tried to take the gun from him and got shot and no charges? Then why was Travis convicted in the shooting of Armaud? Armaud tried to take the gun from Travis and got shot. No different from this? Where is the justice for Travis? Oh, that’s right. When it concerns a black, it’s a different story, right?

    • Differential racial justice is the only possible outcome of importing different races to a country. And no, we have not learned that lesson yet, nor learned what to do when our government becomes unjust.

    • MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY!! This was just like if a woman gets slapped and goes to another room and gets a gun and then shoots the man who slapped her. MURDER! If not, Travis is Also Innocent, like I have said all along! The jury was intimidated with racial activists in the courtroom and bull horns outside the court room steps!

  • The Video shows that the man who was shot was larger and did attempt to take the other man’s gun. Then there is the shot into the ground. The man was told to leave and given a warning shot. The shooter did everything he was supposed to do before firing the warning shot and after so he should NEVER even be looking at charges. The shooter was well within his legal rights. The charges being tossed is another win for Justice and the 2nd Amendment.

    • You can’t murder someone for trespassing (even though I wish it were so). He should have called the cops. He was not being threatened. The man was not trying to break into the house. There was NO call for him to go and get a gun. It is like a woman after being slapped walking into another room and coming back and shooting the person who slapped her. MURDER.

    • NEVER , “shoot” a WARNING SHOT! You, are ignorant. No need for a gun at that time. That WIMP, who shot him is a LOSER, so you and he have a lot in common.

  • If the stupid Girl friend stays with the Mutt that murdered the father of her son shes an A-Hole, the POS with the gun needs to be CHARGED WITH @ND DEGREE MURDER! Period! Just what the kid needs to see is his dad shot by some POS A-Hole LOSER!

  • I see wrong by all parties.

    First was the woman wronging the father on custody, that incited a possible incident. She was definitely in the wrong.

    Second the father was legitimately angered, but handled it in a way that cost him his life. Any time an unarmed person grabs at the gun someone is wielding at them, that puts self defense into play and they’re probably not going to win the day or live to see the next one. He should have had a cop go with him if he suspected it OR upon arrival gone back to his car and called police to come sort out the custody issue. It sucks either way losing time with a child, but now he’ll have no more chances to do so at all.

    The guy with the gun…. he covered his bases regarding the law. But he’s right on the edge. The guy wasn’t swinging on him OR coming after him after he had tried to take the gun. The shooter stepped away a couple steps raised the rifle and decided to shoot him dead. It looks a lot, to a bystander, that he wasn’t in harms way as soon as he stepped away from him and killed him for spite.

    I’ve been on both sides of custody issues before. Meaning being in the father’s shoes of a child being withheld by a spiteful ex, as well as on the other side being unavoidably detained and late to swap custody of a gfs child to her ex by 15/20 min but her calling to explain and APOLOGIZE and arrange a way to make it up while also getting there as quickly as possible.

    So trust me, I understand the situation. I think regarding the law he is only a gnats ass from it being called murder. Had he waited another half second or more to shoot it would look like premeditated murder with an excuse to do so. But since he had the out of the father grabbing the gun, IMO he used it to kill him.

    Yes he was covered by the law, but like I say he was right on that line. And IMO he should not have shot at that moment like he did, as much as he probably wanted to for all of the frustrations of that relationship.

    It’s a sad one that shouldn’t have happened, with wrong on all sides. To me, the one I’d like to see punished is the ex wife for creating that scenario. Then the hothead bf that escalated the situation with the rifle. He didn’t have to get the rifle but did, then he didn’t have to walk up on the father getting in his face close enough for him to be able to grab the gun. It’s like he was tempting him to do so. But he’s covered by the law and that’s that. The dad was too hot to think straight. And he died because of it whether it was intentional goading or not.

    Sad, just sad.

    • If that was self defense, then so was the McMichaels in the Aubery case. He too grabbed for the gun, but they still called it murder.

      • Damn right. This man and Arbery BOTH tried to take the firearm away and got shot for it. Travis is guilty because his victim was black. People do not raise hell when a white man is killed. No matter who kills him.

  • The mother is at fault for not following her custody agreement. The dead guy is at fault for fighting with the home owner. The owner could have avoided shooting and stayed out of the reach of the assailant, but will probably be vindicated by law.

  • I live in Texas and I can say that I’m disgusted! Shooting an unarmed man deserves prison time at the very least. The father only wanted to see his child. What do we have now? A free killer, children without their father (maybe he was quite loving towards them), and a mother that will receive blame from the children for the father’s death. It’s pathetic that anyone would defend the shooter, I feel like I’m living with a bunch out inbred, hillside hillbillies!

  • Why isn’t the comment section monitored so all the fake ‘Get rich from home’ spam/scam comments get deleted immediately?

    This incident shows the importance of every pro-2A person knowing the law about self-defense, stand-your-ground, citizens’ arrests — the law governing the use of deadly force. Most people have a mistaken notion about it.

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  • Parents ought to be ashamed of themselves, wife- being inconsiderate & spiteful towards ex-husband regarding son’s visitation time with father & the father being a hot-head. The boyfriend also is another hot-headed idiot, what the hell getting the gun out & killing someone? The mom obviously has poor judgment of character to select men like this. This is why people need to seriously THINK when they get together with someone & have children. Not everyone is cut out for parenthood. Now this child has been robbed of one of the most important relationships he could have, with his father. I highly doubt this woman will continue a relationship with her boyfriend now who will spend his life in prison. The son will mourn the loss of his father & grow up to deeply resent his mother for her actions which led to this terrible outcome.

  • That was murder. He was not trying to break into the house. He was not arguing with the man. He was speaking to his wife. You don’t have the right to shoot someone just because they are standing and talking to someone. He escalated the situation and fully intended to murder the man. He should have called the cops instead.

  • This is the same thing that happened with Travis and Arbery, only Travis was arrested because the dead guy was black. This man tried to take the other guys gun away and Arbery tried to take Travis’s gun away and both got shot in the process. So why did Travis go to jail and this guy gets no charges? Because his victim is white and Arbery was black. This crap has to stop. Just because you are black does not make you an automatic victim no matter who is at fault.

  • The exchange of children between ex-spouses can often be a potentially dangerous situation. When I assisted an old girlfriend with this type of visitation I made sure that the exchange always was completed in a public place. Tempers run high especially when one of the parties doesn’t agree that his/her visitation is being minimized or violated — or if he/she has been drinking or partaking of some prohibited product. The parties do not have to each be present during this type of exchange and I always made sure that she did not go with me. The ex then has no one to fuel his/her fire and always was (I think) relieved to not see the ex-spouse.

  • The DAD, wanted HIS son, as agreed by the COURTS! That POS “X WIFE” caused his DEATH. The “little wimp”, did not need a gun. He over reacted, causing that deadly confrontation. Hope that POS X WIFE is happy now, and can tell her son, how she had his daddy MURDERED. I am PRO GUN, but that squirrel murdered him.

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