I have to be honest, I am surprised that this has not happened sooner.

Heads of state who are not in lockstep with the United States of America do not usually have long and healthy lives.

Take Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, Chavez of Venezuela or any other ‘leader’ of a rogue nation at odds with the US for instance.  Life is usually short for enemies of the New World Order.

Well, now it looks like Putin may finally be in the crosshairs as things come to a head in the East …

Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit reported:

The Sun is reporting Wednesday that Vladimir Putin’s car was hit in an attempted assassination plot.

Putin allegedly escaped to safety.

According to reports, there were several arrests made after the incident.

In late August a car bomb killed the daughter of a Putin ally in a car bombing outside of Moscow.

Darya Dugina, the daughter of Putin ally Alexander Dugina, was killed in an explosion outside of Moscow.

Russian media are saying Alexander Dugin was the target of an assassination attempt, but his daughter was killed instead.

Darya Dugina was reportedly on her way home from a festival when her Toyota Land Cruiser was blown up.

Alexander Dugin was supposed to be in the Land Cruiser with his daughter but changed vehicles at the last second, according to Russian media.

According to AP, the explosive was planted in the SUV.

The Ukrainian government denied any involvement in the car bombing.

The Sun reported:

The Russian tyrant’s car was hit by a “loud bang” on its left front wheel which was followed by “heavy smoke”, sources close to the leader allege.

Putin’s limo was driven to safety with the president unharmed – but there have been multiple arrests from his security service, it is claimed.

It is reported some of his bodyguards have vanished amid claims secret information about the 69-year-old’s movements were compromised, according to the General GVR Telegram channel.

The anti-Kremlin channel claims Putin was traveling back to his official residence in a decoy motorcade amid security fears.


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  • It seems as the new assassins are not as capable as the old timers who got their targets. It is a wonder any of the politician now days make it very long. They have all become crooks, all for them to hell with the ones who elected them. It is a strange world we live in.

  • Don’t know why this has taken so long. Putin is responsible for all the deaths and destruction on both sides. Surely, there must be a Russian who has the guts of Colonel Stauffenberg who made an attempt on Hitler.

  • In 2015 Jacob Rothschild accused Vladimir Putin of being a Traitor to the New World Order…

    Let that sink in for a long New York Minute

      • Me too. If I had my way there would be no one left alive that advocated the New World Order. America First.

        *Check my post below too. – Maybe it;s a reading comprehension problem here.

        PRESIDENT Trump 2024
        Take America back and keep it this time

        And throw all the NWO Marxists out of our country

    • Putin IS ANTI-NWO!! I have watched/listened to MANY of Putin’s speeches/live appearances…..this man NEVER LIES/ALWAYS speaks the TRUTH! Russian’s are ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS….it IS ‘WHO’ they ARE. Putin, an Orthodox Christian, fights, DAILY, to PROTECT that identity (Orthodox Christianity). The NEW WORLD ORDER……HATES religion and wants ALL religion ABOLISHED!! And people STILL want to say that Putin is a ‘Globalist Puppet’?? GROW UP…..and GROW SOME BRAIN CELLS!!

      • Russia is one of the only nations that is NOT under the control of the international banks. This is why there is such a huge focus from the media, and politicians, and other leftists. The international cabal has no control on Putin.

      • DawnieR: You are absolutely correct about Putin. They went into the Ukraine to destroy Biolabs that were manufacturing the “vaccine” which is being used to depopulate. Our so called president is implicated, I am sure, They don’t want to be found out, so they cover it up by supporting that corrupt regime in Ukraine.

    • Why would you believe Rothschild as he is THE New World Order. They lie to accomplish their agenda. There is NO climate crisis, for one example. It is a way for the NWO to gain control of the ignorant masses. So are the so called “vaccines” part of their agenda to depopulate.

  • If I had to comment on Putins actions and! why? it would be. “RUSSIA FOR RUSSIANS ” as I would say…New Zealand for New Zealanders “FIRST” I am sure that the Immigration Dept do their best to sort out any troublemakers but! sometimes their Best is just not good enough.

  • Your ABOVE Ad “At 57 Laura Ingraham has never been married and Now We Know Why” forwards to a WINDOWS Virus (ID Theft/Phishing type) Scam. I suggest you pay more attention

  • WOW!! Seriously?!?! Come on, UAF…….VET your stories!! This is FAKE NEWS!! There was NO ‘assassination attempt’ on Putin!!

  • Are you on drugs or was that the most massive misprint I have ever seen. “Lockstep with the United States of America” ????? WTF, Over.

    Start with the Soviet Union and East Germany. No Assignations there.

    How bout the iatola Kohmani,,,,and what’s his name in Saudi Arabia” .Nobody from the USA tried to assassinate them , to say nothing of the biggest enemies of the USA today, namely Red China and North Korea. No assignation attempts there.

    Fact is the only bastards that got killed are the ones that were DIRECTLY at war with us,,,,,and I’m including the failed attempts again Fidel Castro. … All the bad guys we killed off or de-throwned were acts of war, Not 3d world assignations.

    You better stop reading the wokies’ re-writen history before you start writing “news” articles, there BUbba.

  • There are things worse than death. One doesn’t need to take a life to make a difference. Ask Putin how much a good night’s sleep is worth… It sounds like I’m being iniquitous but just stating facts



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