The officer knew what was going to happen to him … I think everyone in the country was disgusted when they saw the no infamous image of officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on, what appeared to be, the neck of a handcuffed George Floyd.

Unfortunately, while we live in a county where due process used to be the hallmark of our judicial system, the officer might as well have been convicted the moment the MSM took at image and ran with it. Chauvin knew what was coming, just wait until you see what he wrote on his hand.

Regardless of what you think of what caused the death of George Floyd, it is hard to believe the man got a fair trial.

BLM, the media and even prominent Democrats like Mad Max Waters and the President of the United States, signaled that if Chauvin was not convicted on all counts, America would burn.

Again, I’m not saying whether I think Derek was innocent or guilty, I’m merely saying due process is dead and it’s been replaced by mob rule … just look at what Chauvin had written on his hand … and why:

Fox News reported:

‘Former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin reportedly had written his attorney’s phone number on his left hand before a jury found him guilty in the death of George Floyd.

Chauvin, 45, was led away from the courtroom in handcuffs Tuesday afternoon after the verdict. His defense attorney, Eric Nelson, followed Chauvin out of the courtroom without comment.

Chauvin wrote down Nelson’s phone number because he knew that, if found guilty, he would likely have his bail revoked and be immediately taken into custody, Nelson told TMZ. He said Chauvin feared a piece of paper would be confiscated.

As a former police officer who had already made several court appearances, Chauvin anticipated having limited access to a phone, but knew he would be allowed to call his lawyer, Nelson told the outlet.’

Please pray for this nation tonight.  It will take a miracle for America to survive the next 4 years.

Mark Sidney

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  • Chauvin’s conduct was not disgusting. He was doing his lawful duty subduing a 7 foot drug crazed black monster while facing down a dangerous and threatening crowd. He is the victim of organized thug justice. The only criminals in that courtroom were the prosecutors, the devious lying witnesses, the biased jury and the demon who we call a judge. I pray for his release and full vindication. I pray he soon returns to render justice to his accusers and torturers.

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    • Agreed. But that does not change the direction of political change being manipulated by pure evil forces playing with naive minds. People need to read and publish the terror laws of elected officials who are infiltrating law maker posts.

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    • His knee was never on his neck, it was on his back where it was supposed to be. This was proven in court by video evidence of not 1 but 4 cop cams.

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    • The medical examiner was coerced by his boss to change the autopsy findings. I am sure that the jury knew that their houses would be burned down with them in it if they did not convict.

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  • Ya’ll seen enough yet? The Whole Global Cabal deserves dirt naps. Ya’ll know what needs to be done, Git r Dun! NCSWIC,WWG1WGA

  • There is no more due process. there should have been a mistrial declared in Chauvin’s case. Now mental case Maxine Waters and the mob Marxist BLM dictate the outcomes of trials, with the threat of rioting, looting, and burning sown the cities if they don’t get their way.

    • Obama effect success story it is that you describe. He is so happy now. Still has no clue that his people only get out of economic inequality by copying what the Jews did to get out of Egyptian slavery. By training and up-skilling all your people with useful skills the other people need. But that means working for a living and setting a loving, responsible example to your children. Not a tribal and Muslim quality at all.

        • I agree the Jews as a race are smart but not when it comes to voting. They vote continually for Democrats and knowingly vote in favor of socialists.

        • That’s why they complied with the Nazi’s, never fought back and are now doing the same thing with the false c-19 jabs? For such a supposedly smart group of people, they sure do make stupid decisions.

    • The records are as clear as they get. Floyd was a person who would OD, rob, steal, drug dealer and broke the law each day. What bothers me is the family saying they would rather have Floyd back then the millions they received. I can’t believe that.


    • Criminals have the notion they shouldn’t have to pay for their crimes in this nation, particularly those of certain “classes” of citizens; as if the law should not apply to them as it does to other citizens. (Before you slap a racist label on that; have a look at the criminals in CONGRESS who also fit that perfectly!)

  • Chauvin did NOT “kill” Floyd in any sense of that term. True he did not intervene to stop Floyd’s death; given that many criminals claim they can’t breathe to get loose from restraints, & then try to break free, so that claim, while Floyd was fighting him & the others, was not likely recognized as a symptom of the death throes from Floyd’s overdose, before the officers were ever involved. He did not mention his drug taking at all; & they are NOT mind readers. Because he was still fighting them, they almost certainly believed he was still trying to break free. According to the subsequent autopsy it was the OD of fentanyl & meth that killed him, when coupled with his pre-existing cardiovascular disease, including hypertension.
    Because the media had “tried” & “convicted” him, based on MOB THREATS, not evidence of any sort, but what they THOUGHT they saw (that also was NOT what actually happened), because MSM told them it was, no, there was no fair trial; just a kangaroo court. The claim that Chauvin’s knee was on Floyd’s neck was a blatant lie; the knee was on Floyd’s SCAPULA, with the bony structures of his shoulder girdle & jaw protecting his airway & vital vessels from any such dangerous pressure; in other words, Chauvin’s restraint was precisely as trained & properly applied, not a threat to Floyd’s breathing or circulation. That can be clearly seen in the videos that were played & replayed ad nauseum by the media. Sadly, even the “alternative media” never stopped to actually LOOK at the videos either.
    That said, granted Chauvin’s affect was not entirely professional or appropriate, & he should’ve called in EMS personnel sooner, but he did NOT commit homicide, with or without intent. The Judge was just as wrong in holding the trial there instead of moving the venue, although it’s highly unlikely Chauvin could’ve gotten a fair trial anywhere in the US due to the media coverage & mob threats. Justice is nearly dead in this nation.

    • Leftist don’t care about the constitution, otherwise they would be conservatives who love our freedom instead of giving it away.

    • I have the photo, but I can’t post it here. There is a photo showing the original officer who had his knee on Floyd’s neck, and the person on the mug shot are not even the same man. They don’t even look similar. They have totally different facial features. The original officer with his knee on Floyd’s neck looked to me like Ben Bailey, from the Cash Cab show on the Game Show Network. I’m not really sure of their motive, but the whole thing to me was some rigged up plot to further divide the country. And why would ANY police officer do that to a person when there were clearly dozens of vermin standing around recording it on their free Obama phones?

  • Criminals are made hero’s and the police are made out to be the bad people. The cities are burned, property looted and the left wing do nothing even the VP helps bail them out IF arrested, Some people try to kill a boy and he defended himself came out a man and was prospected BY the LEFT wing news & against the 2nd amendment. So things never change. Those who are anti God will Isaiah 5:20 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!
    NOTE the DNC took GOD out of their platform and it shows as cities burn and the USA crumbles.

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  • The cuffing position Chauvin used is academy taught, and a useful technique when used correctly. It is not taught to keep someone in that way for a prolonged period of time as Chauvin did. It is used to safely cuff someone, search them, and get them up, or in a unit. The biggest issue with Chauvin is his inappropriate use of this cuffing position. What he did was dangerous to Floyd, and cast a very bad shadow on the officers that perform their duties correctly. I believe he got the verdict he deserved. Individuals like Chauvin also make it difficult for other officers throughout the entire country. It affects the training, and for officers on the street. When I went through a tough academy, it was 16 weeks long. After the Rodney King mess, the same academy jumped to 21 weeks long. In the Rodney King incident, those officers were out of control. A good part of getting rid of the bad officers is difficult due to unions. Then on top of the bad conduct Chauvin was convicted for, are you aware that he’s also been charged with 9 felony counts of tax evasion? The guy is a bad egg that had his dirt catch up with him.

  • Gee, seriously, proof-read your articles.
    they saw the no infamous image
    the moment the MSM took at image
    Just search the internet. The guy from the arrest picture is NOT the same guy that had his knee on Floyd’s neck. You can see pictures of 2 different men, whose facial features are clearly different. And the original guy looked like Ben Bailey from the Cash Cab show. I personally think that the whole thing was a set up fraud. I don’t know what their motive was, but it was definitely contrived. Why would anyone do what the arresting cop did when he knew that there were dozens of vermin standing around recording it on their free Obama phones?

    After 6 burglaries, 3 car thefts,multiple illegal trespasses,
    An ongoing cocaine & alcohol addiction,
    Committing 2 violent homes invasions,including beating a pregnant woman,
    3 armed robberies,Dealing Fentanyl & meth,passing counterfeit money,
    Beating four victims senseless,and being arrested 23 times since 1998,
    George Floyd has not committed a crime in over a year now.
    Having said that, This was yet another evil JEW globalist ORCHESTRATED event to create hatred & division in order to divide & conquer!

  • Wrote his lawyer’s phone # on his hand. That’s a smart move.
    They won’t let him have anything in prison to write with or on.

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