Opinion| The ACLU has filed a lawsuit in Dallas County, Texas that would free many criminals including one man who stands accused of killing 22 elderly Americans in nursing homes.

Billy Chemirmir, 47-years-old, is facing the death penalty for the murder of two elderly women and stands criminally accused of killing 14 of the elderly and another 8 in wrongful death suits.

Of course the ACLU will claim that he would be forced to wear an ankle bracelet but considering the fact he is facing the death penalty, do you really believe he would not cut off the bracelet and make a run for it?

Chemirmir is an illegal alien from Kenya, meaning he was not even eligible to hold a job in the United States.

The crime rate in cities and states freeing prisoners over the DTMNBN (Disease That Must Not Be Named) is exploding, and already New York has rearrested over 100 prisoners freed over the virus.

Chermirmir’s alleged victims include:

83-year-old Leah Corken

82-year-old Juanita Purdy

88-year-old Mary Brooks

84-year-old Minnie Campbell

82-year-old Ann Conklin

75-year-old Rosemary Curtis

85-year-old Norma French

92-year-old Doris Gleason

81-year-old Lu Thi Harris

81-year-old Carolyn MacPhee

81-year-old Miriam Nelson

91-year-old Phyllis Payne

94-year-old Phoebe Perry

80-year-old Martha Williams

82-year-old Joyce Abramowitz

87-year-old Glenna Day

89-year-old Solomon Spring

90-year-old Doris Wasserman

86-year-old Margaret White

79-year-old Diana Delahunty

93-year-old Mamie Dell Miya

“Jane Doe”

From Breitbart News

Breitbart News exclusively reported that Chemirmir first arrived in the U.S. on a B-2 tourist visa in July 2003. Though Chemirmir was supposed to only temporarily be in the U.S., he overstayed his visa and became an illegal alien who was eligible for deportation.

Rather than being deported, Chemirmir was able to use a loophole in the nation’s legal immigration system, allowing him to obtain a green card after marrying an American citizen. In November 2007, Chemirmir was approved for a green card.

Chemirmir had a criminal record, Breitbart News exclusively learned, including convictions for drunk driving, trespassing, assault, and obstructing a police officer. Chemirmir is currently being held on an $11.6 million bail in the Dallas County Jail and his trial date is set for April 2021. By Steven Ahle

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