ICYMI| There is no question that the Swiss diplomat died, by ‘falling’ from a high-rise … the details are still coming out, but what we are hearing is that the dead diplomat has ties to Biden, bribes and illicit dealing with Iran.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘Swiss diplomat Sylvie Brunner was found dead this week after falling from her 17th-floor apartment balcony in Tehran. She was the first secretary of the Swiss delegation and worked in the US Interests Section.

Neighbors heard a loud explosion late at night before her death.

Her body was found in the garden the next morning.

According to reports, Sylvie Brunner was called to Iran to testify about her knowledge of the details of the American accounts who pocketed billions of dollars due to the bribes to lift sanctions against Iran.

We cannot verify that report at this time.’

Iran International reported:

‘With Iranian authorities yet to announce their conclusions on the death of Sylvie Brunner, a 51-year-old Swiss diplomat in Tehran, Hamshahri newspaper has offered an account of her death that may feed speculation. Brunner, first secretary of the Swiss embassy and deputy of the United States interest section, fell from her residence in a high-rise building Tuesday.

Switzerland has for decades represented US and Iranian interests in the two countries, which have had no diplomatic relations since 1980 when the revolutionary government in Iran failed to act to free American diplomats taken hostage by militant students.

Iran International Newsroom Hamshahri offered a relatively full, if inconclusive, account of Brunner’s death. In very broad terms, it concurs with a brief report from Mizan, news agency of Iran’s judiciary, which reported Tuesday evening that the diplomat “fell from the 17th floor where she lived and her body was found in the gardens outside the building under her balcony.”

Brunner’s body, Mizan said, had been taken to the coroner’s office following an investigation at the scene in the presence of a judge and crime-scene experts.

But Hamshahri also reported residents at the tower hearing a loud noise, like an explosion, 24 minutes after midnight on Tuesday, nearly eight hours before Brunner’s body was discovered.

Hamshahri said a cleaner discovered the body and immediately informed the building’s management. It quoted an expert from the coroner’s office confirming death occurred eight hours before the body was discovered.’

Mark Sidney

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  • Seems anyone who has damning information on a government official in our government winds up this way. DEAD. What does that tell you, people? Most likely we will not hear the real results of her autopsy. And will anything be done about it? NO. And it always seems to be democrats who someone is going to testify against and the witness winds up dead. Hope she had the forethought to mail her evidence, be it paper work or a usb device, to someone she could trust and they release it.

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    • I totally agree with you. The Swamp Creatures also known as DemoncRATS are expert at stopping witnesses from testifying against them for their crimes. Started way back with Bill Clinton or maybe before then.

  • Are there cameras at that hotel? Do they have someone entering the hotel that does not live there entering at about the same time she “fell” and then leaving right after, on video?

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    • I would imagine that the Clinton’s had something to do with it since Hillary was Secretary of State under Obama. Just saying death is always close to witnesses with Hillary. Evil Swamp Witch.

  • This is turning out worse than Hillary the Hun. Where is our law in the United States? Certainly not the woke CIA or FBI. Are these people above the law?

    • YES they are ruling democrats and potentially dangerous to who ever is disposing of their problems. As for the Clintongs they have been covered for ever since the CIA’s cocaine was being flown in by Bobby Seals. Into the Mini ARK airport when Billy the rapist was governor there and Hillary was making her deals with a shady land deal, or was it hogs????

      • Actually, I think that Hillary was busy representing a pedo-rapist and laughing about the fact that she got him off with a wrist slap.

    • CIA and FBI are involved with the DemocRATS and don’t care what they do to stop anyone testifying against them. Didn’t they hold Hunters laptop until after the election? Didn’t the FBI instigate the false Russia Trump allegations? They are as corrupt as the Democrat politicians.vd

  • How convenient for the Buffoon will we be starting a new list of mysterious deaths connected to scum bak democrats like Obamy. Hillary and now the Buffoon.

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  • Women “historically” have committed suicide by overdose on pills, NOT jumping 17 stories to their death. But I guess high-ranking political operatives don’t study history.

    • Speaking as a women, we like to leave a good looking corpse so therefore I do not believe she jumped but I do believe she was murdered.