Just when you thought that this decade could not get any more heartbreaking … just that happens.

I would venture to guess that everyone reading this has had their own (un)fair share of heartache to deal with over the last few years.

Here is another tragic story that goes to show you that you are not alone.  If you can find it in your heart, please take a moment to pray for the Graham family and help Rachel get through this …

The Gateway Pundit reports:

‘Rachel-Ruth Lotz Wright, an evangelist and motivational speaker and the granddaughter of the late evangelist Billy Graham, was rushed to the hospital on Saturday after suffering a heart attack with “no known cause.

Wright’s mother, evangelist Anne Graham Lotz, shared on her Facebook account on Tuesday saying that her daughter was rushed to the hospital and will be staying for several days to run more tests regarding her sudden heart attack.

Mrs. Lotz shared that her daughter’s condition is very rare and was described as “broken heart syndrome” by one doctor. She added that there is no known cause.’

“Multiple times I have prayed Psalm 73:26 for people who were struggling with heart issues: My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

I am now driving the stake of my faith down deep into this promise for my daughter, Rachel-Ruth. She was rushed to the hospital on Saturday night with a heart attack, followed by a catheterization. Sunday afternoon, she had a second heart attack, followed by another catheterization. The mystery is that her heart has no blockages which can cause traditional style heart attacks. Hers is a very rare condition one doctor described as a “broken heart syndrome.” There is no known cause. 

As I write this she is still in the hospital and will be for several more days as they continue to run tests.”

I am urgently asking you to join my family in praying for Rachel-Ruth. Please pray for her heart to stabilize; for accurate diagnosis and treatment; for the doctor’s supernatural wisdom; for peace and comfort for all of us.

The lead verse in today’s Daily Light from Psalm 103 was very encouraging…Bless the Lord, O my soul…Who redeems your life from destruction, Who crowns you with lovingkindness and tender mercies.’

Mark Sidney

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  • The Grahams are fools! They have accepted the poisons of Satan and deceived many other “Christians” to do the same; to get vaxxed. They are reaping what they have sown! They are ecumenicals who accept the false religions of judaism, catholicism, masonry, and denominational Christianity which violates YHWH’s 1st commandment. They have also ignored scripture which warns of pharmakeia/sorcery of satan. Franklin had complications recently also, after taking the jab. It is a known side effect of this poison to cause heart damage, and the results can be seen by the huge number of healthy children and athletes that are dying of heart attacks.

    • You have no shame making a comment like that one. I had the very same type of heart attack 10 years ago. Are you going to blame mine for the vaccine too? YOU HAVE NO SHAME.

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    • EXACTLY Rattlerjake! You are spot on with that. The FRAUD preacher touted the deadly Mark of the Beast Gates/Fauchi clot shot that was DESIGNED to KILL. The sheeple will be lead to their own proverbial slaughter!

      NEXT THING YOUR going to say is PEDIPHILE JOES is our saviour ???
      SO your saying that because someone get a shot they’re against GOD ???

  • Tragic and consequential. Will they repent do you think? For that I have prayed for years, since it brings full healing with physical temporal & eternal benefit. God’s word warned against & foretold these things, but there is mercy for the repentant. Plausibly deniable & subtle culling which can be non-selective as with co-morbidities, or selective by directive is wicked, playing God which identifies the spirit of these things. That old father of lies & usurper, seducer, false angel of light, the dragon.

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  • I’m pretty sure this poor woman had this vicious heart attack because of me, and my lot.
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    I feel badly that God decided to hand this poor woman a heart attack, but I see now how He did it – likely, just for MY benefit!

    Farking Democrat rats that infect these comments will surely burn in Hell, yes?

  • Has she had any of the supposed “vaccine” jabs? If so, one might want to seriously investigate that as a possibility.

  • Lemme guess….a healthy young woman with blood clots and heart disease. The Jew Jab? The Gates/Fauchi clot shot was DESIGNED to kill. But then didn’t the FRAUD preacher Graham tout the death jab?

    • What is the jew jab? I wasn’t aware biden and pelosi were related to Jesus of Nazareth, a Jew. Why is Graham a fraud? Point at yourself before you accuse others of your sins.

  • Those of you whom are assuming the worst of this woman & her family and saying awful things about a family that has truly served the Lord in my lifetime, shame on you! Its comments like many of these that have turned people away from the Christian faith & that is not a reflection of Jesus Christ my Lord who died for our sins. I believe that there are a lot of people who have believed in the vaccines, that doesn’t make them evil people.
    They may be uninformed & maybe they have wrongly trusted in our institutions or the wrong people but I submit you should take the log out of your own eye before spewing such hateful talk. If you truly are believers than perhaps you should remember you shall reap what you sow.

    • My spouse and I argued about this. He took the jab and I didn’t. We are supposed to be able to “trust” the science but the science LIES. We KNOW this now. I wish them all the best and would NEVER have any ill toward them.

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  • Those of you making such snarky comments regarding the Graham family are not true Christians. You are nothing but frauds and are not real believers. You seek to raise yourself up by putting others down. You should each look inside of yourself and recognize the evil that you have succumbed to. You are the worst of the worst and there will be no saving you from your own ignorance.

    • look in the mirror… Billy Graham was a freemason. Yes, he belonged to the still secret society. Why? It has everything to do with the devil and $$$… go ahead, think well of him and see what your seed produces… your garden is barren!