A Democrat activist, representing Democrat Joe Biden, infiltrated an Arizona rally in support of President Donald J. Trump on Sunday, agitating a group of attendees, making threats, and acting as if she was about to attack people.

It appears that the activist, who is a California resident, had changed her Twitter account for the AZ rally, perhaps hoping to make the news:

“Mara Pineda – looking for counsel. Arrested at the Trump AZ rally and detained for 23 hours,” read her Twitter account


Claiming that she was exercising her First Amendment rights, the woman was caught trying to start a fight.

Video emerged of the activist being arrested.

At one point in the video, the activist reels her arm back, making a fist as if she was getting ready to punch a security officer who would later lead her out of the crowd and out of the event.

The woman  was recognized by reporter Andy Ngo, who posted the footage of the woman and identified her as someone who he was aware of:

Leftist agitator Mara Pineda (in the Biden t-shirt) threatened violence at the Trump rally in Florence, Arizona, over the weekend. She was put in handcuffs by deputies after security called for backup.

Heard in the video is a male saying:

A woman is seen being aggressive toward a group of Trump supporters when a police officer approaches, which makes the activist back away a bit.

“That’s a threat! That’s a threat!  Stop making threats- lady!” The woman, wearing a “Biden” shirt, is seen trying to evade police officers. Seconds later, as the crowd of people she had been fighting was cheering, two men in Sherriff vests come and handcuff her and take her away from the location.  The woman, as trained by leftist community organizers, attempts to throw herself to the ground, making herself “dead weight” to harass the sheriffs- however, due to her petite frame, she was unable to shake them off. She was easily subdued, as the Sherriffs allowed her to fall to the ground while they continued handcuffing her.

A man who was videotaping the episode is heard saying “Lets Go Brandon”, and “get out of her Communist!”.

“We say no the radical left,” the man said, walking behind law enforcement who had handcuffed the woman and walked her out of the event. “We thank our law enforcement,” he said while the woman was flanked by four men.

Pineda posted after she was released, still trying to agitate people  and was interested in defending Democrat Joe Biden.

Pineda also claimed that Trump’s rallies- which she knows are free and open to the public, was a “money grab” for President Trump. Pineda made numerous allegations that she is getting ready to declare there was some sort of abuse in her, in a number of her responses.

“23 hours in the pokey for…. trespassing (I had a ticket).” Pineda posted.

Kari Donovan

Kari is an ex-Community Organizer who writes about Voter Engagement, Cultural Marxism and Campaigns. She has been a grassroots volunteer with the GOP, on and off for 18 years. She is a Homeschool Mom in North Carolina and loves Photojournalism and Citizen Journalism.

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  • Most Democrats have never fired a gun. Most Trump supporters have. It will quickly become a mop up of the streets.

    • You’re delusional! 99% of murders, especially where firearms are used, are by LETISTS! A huge portion of our military is leftist and so are the majority of law enforcement, cia, fbi, etc. There are also plenty of hunters, especially trophy hunters, who are also leftists. This doesn’t mean they are crack shots, but a gun is a gun and bullets are bullets. You need to wake up.

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  • Typical feminazi….accosts a MAN much larger than herself. Sad that she has more testosterone than her limp wristed manbuns.

    • Women are far more likely to get physically violent because they know that they are unlikely to be prosecuted. Men rarely file charges against women for assault.

  • Anyone who self-identifies in public as a Brandon Biden supporter in this day and age has to be dumber than a pinata, a Pineda, or Nauseous Nancy Piglosi

  • She’s not a communist as in Marxist, but just another Kali nazi. Dang, man, I wish I had gone. Folks are telling me half of some local reservations showed up for our President Trump. A lot neighbors went, too (I live in a Chicano ‘hood) to cheer our president. niio, walk in beauty

  • Something has destroyed the younger generation of women .They are violent,mentally dysfunctional behaving like idiots .Are they really this brainwashed by our Communist formerly Democrat party?

    • Yes, they really are that brainwashed. They took the Bible out of schools 6 decades ago and then proceeded to teach the children to practice everything the Bible tells you NOT to do. Now our country is an insane asylum of youth. They lied to them about WWII and proceeded to teach them that Hitler and Stalin were good people and that communism (which was designed solely to commit mass murder) is a good thing.

    • YES THEY ARE! Their job is done with so many that just absolutely lose their minds if they here the Name Trump. I fully believe they have given these people some kind of brainwashing that just changes to evil at the word TRUMP! because so many are just Loony Tunes. At these rally’s.

    • There parents left them get away with things when young. They don’t know right from wrong anymore. If they don’t like the USA they have the freedom to leave please do.

  • She made sure her Twitter account was up to date so Kamala could provide the funds to bail her out of jail when it was all over.

    If you love communism move to Cuba Kamala.

  • So she was arrested. SO WHAT! She has already been released just so she can get ready for the next Rally. Everyone should be very afraid. The Communist have taken over the Federal Gov. and 1/3rd of the state and local governments. And all this government will go after are the 1/6 protesters who will NEVER be released from Pelosi’s Concentration Prison Camps. When there is video of them being let in by the Guards who opened the doors for them. The whole thing was a set up just so they could blame Trump again, for what ever lie they could come up with. There are plenty of Democrats who sat there on camera telling people to protest, Get in Trump supporters faces, Cause a disruption where ever you can towards Trump Supporters. But yet that is all free speech. F U Pelosi

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