Kaleigh McEnany, Press Secretary for President Donald J. Trump appeared to be in hand to hand combat, Wednesday with the US Media who were acting as Democrat activists when they showed the world their agenda to use their platforms to attack the US President by pushing fake news and fake outrage in an attempt to influence voters, considering that these events are unfolding days before the 2020 Presidental election.

Their major jab, hoping it would be a knock out blow, was that Trump did not take the virus seriously. McEnany took the opportunity to remind the forgetful White House Press Corps that Trump was acting on protecting the country when the Democrats were concentrating on impeachment. Impeachment had nothing to do with protecting the country or protecting Americans.

At the Press Conference, it was excepted that the White House Press Crops would be ready for a fight based on a Washington Post article covering tapes by far-left author and anti-Republican activist, Bob Woodward who claimed that Trump had lied to the American people about the severity of the illness that would cause a shutdown.

The media activists were delirious over charging Trump with the responsibility of Americans wearing face masks, proving that masks are just political. They were breathless and excited in promoting the numbers of deaths assigned to the illness that caused the shutdown, blaming deaths on Trump personally, so the media showed that statistics for deaths are just political for them.

The media activists were boldly attempting to attack and discredit President Donald J. Trump without asking any questions that would benefit the American people in getting any information from their government leadership.

One journalist, an outlier, asked why Trump would accept 18 hours of interviews with Woodward, knowing that Woodward had posted such negative commentary about Trump.

McEnany answered, “Because he is the most transparent President in history.” There were no follow up questions.

McEnancy stayed to her talking points, the Trump had attempted to keep people calm and that proves his leadership. In the tapes, in his own words, to Bob Woodward said, “I am trying to keep people calm”.

But the media could not stay calm in the press room, they turned to attack Trump supporters by talking about a wildly popular campaign rally held Tuesday night in North Carolina, where some people chose not to wear face masks.

When asked, McEnany said President Trump’s rally a “peaceful protest” where “Americans were exercising their First Amendment rights,” showing again that asking about masks is a political opportunity, because the media never comments about people wearing masks at riots.

“This President, at a time with informing people of threats, and expressed calm he did not want people to panic,” McEnancy said. “He was resolute for the American people.”

The first question McEnany got was simply, “Based on the tapes for the Bob Woodward book, President Trump downplayed the virus. Did the President lie to the American people?,” the irst reporter asked.

“He did not lie, he was expressing calm, he said he did not want people to panic, and he said he was listening to Dr. Fauchi about the flu, people are worried about eating at Chinese restaurants, and he said I want to keep the people calm in this season flu, in fact the President took it more seriously than the flu in that interview, ” McEnany said.

Showing how the left works, within 4 seconds of McEnany finishing the press conference, social media posters had already picked up a far left publication’s article meant to discredit McEnany:

Within two minutes of the press conference ending the Huffpost article had been retweeted hundreds of times, showing the amount of hope the media and democrat alliance had on ending Trump with the Woodward Book and tapes.

Social Media activist posters were furious with McEnancy for defending President Trump, and they turn to attacking her.

Aided by Twitter the hashtag #Trumpknew was already trending in the United States before the press conference started, showing the tactics of the left who are well funded and very well organized in their tactics to make their gossip and media allies look like a loud majority of Americans are against Trump over the Woodward book.

Democrat hopeful Joe Biden had a press conference and weighed in on the kabuki theater, proving that the entire hoax was political theater for the Democrats and their allied media.

“He knew and purposefully played down the threats, and he lied, he had the information and knew how deadly it was if he had worked one week sooner, he would have saved 3600 lives,” Biden said, moments after McEnany’s press conference.

Does that explain why the Democrats had Trump tied up with their Impeachment Kabuki?

Kari Donovan

Kari is an ex-Community Organizer who writes about Voter Engagement, Cultural Marxism and Campaigns. She has been a grassroots volunteer with the GOP, on and off for 18 years. She is a Homeschool Mom in North Carolina and loves Photojournalism and Citizen Journalism.

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