Americans are calling out a TV talk show host because of his hostile verbal attacks on Americans who are concerned about the lack of transparency coming from America’s last national election.

The Morning Joe host spent much of Friday’s broadcast railing against the people who once insisted, “America — love it or leave it.. and he said that questioning President Joe Biden’s legitimacy based on the flimsiest possible evidence was an insult to the Constitution and democracy itself,” Raw Story reported on Friday.

Watch Joe Scarborough blow a gasket:


“I see the conspiracy theories, I have people sending them to me all the time,” Scarborough said. “I walk through it. Every single conspiracy theory is easily disproven in about two, three minutes — every single one, every single one — and yet they don’t want to go on Google. They don’t want to know the truth. They want to know what’s true to them. They want to know their truth and their truth is this election was rigged,” Scarborough, who is still haunted by the mysterious death of his intern, said to audiences in an unhinged and violent rampage.

“It’s just such nonsense that they think Republicans running Arizona in Maricopa County and Republicans running the Georgia election are going to rig those elections,” he said, “and you look at the vote counts, county by county, and it’s just lazy and it’s stupid. It’s a lazy stupid conspiracy theory, and I say it’s lazy, because all people would have to do is just do about five minutes of investigating when they see these lies spewed at them and they would do the truth. But they don’t want to know the truth,” The host of Morning Joe said to audiences.

“You know the Bible verse when it says, people could walk in darkness in light and know the difference between darkness and light and still choose darkness,” Scarborough added. “That’s what’s happening here. People could know the difference between truth and lies. They don’t want you to tell them the truth. They don’t want to investigate for five minutes.”


“I think Joe is a piece of trash. He is a little man with a complex, and it is offense to people like me who put our hands on the Bible and swore an oath to protect thic county and I think if anyone should leave, it is him,” Josh Mandel told Bannon while explaining his support of the hand audits of the Presidential election.

“I am the only candidate in Ohip who has the guts to say this election sas stolen from Donald J. Trump.  I am always talking about the fact that this election was stolen from Trump,” Mandel said. 

Mandel is a Republican Candidate from Ohio and he appeared in Bannon’s War Room on Friday to talk about his candidacy and to give his reaction to the massive, epic, crass and nutty meltdown by far-left media activist Scarborough.


Kari Donovan

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