John Brennan, a former CIA Director who has well-established ties to the Communist Party, took to Twitter in an explosive tirade again against the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, and against the American people.

Brennan is clearly attempting to intimidate the American people; those in government, Intel communities, and the voters to turn away from Trump, and not vote for him.

Brennan told yahoo News that he hopes Trump gets “soundly spanked by the American electorate” on Nov. 3 so he has no room to cry foul. He predicted that Trump will mount some kind of legal challenge to the results if he loses, but he hopes those will crumble if enough Republican allies in Congress refuse to defend him.

The bigger concern, he said, is if Trump encourages his supporters to protest the outcome, perhaps violently.

“Words matter, especially when they’re coming from someone who occupies the Oval Office,” Brennan said.

Yahoo News reported on the attempts to subvert the will of the American people and wrote:

“Former CIA Director John Brennan isn’t worried about the Trump administration trying to prosecute him. Nor is he all that concerned about a peaceful transfer of power if President Donald Trump loses the election – particularly if it’s a resounding defeat, as Brennan hopes.

What really has the ex-CIA chief on edge? The social and political havoc Trump may unleash between Election Day and the possible inauguration of his Democratic rival, Joe Biden.

Trump could provoke civil unrest. He could try to declare martial law. He could pardon himself and a rogue’s gallery of his supporters, Brennan said.

He’s so nervous about some of the possibilities – given the president’s powers – that he didn’t even want to say them out loud.

“When I think about my time in the White House (and) what a president can do, quite frankly, I don’t want to give Donald Trump any more ideas than he might already have,” he told USA TODAY in wide-ranging interview to promote his book, “Undaunted: My Fight Against America’s Enemies, At Home and Abroad.”

Of course, Brennan – who has clashed with the president bitterly and frequently for years and made him a major target of his book – is also worried about a Trump victory on Nov. 3. “

What could this possibly be about trigger Brennan today? Perpahs DNI director Ratcliff’s next report? According to Maria Bartiromo, that might be the case.

“Ratcliff Just told me there will likely be more indictments based on the Intellegence he has seen Re: #RussiaHoax,” Bartiromo posted on Monday.

Brennan a Muslim, according to people with ties to the Middle East, who once supported Communist candidates for US Government fancies himself a songbird and peacenik, yet his timeline is full of bombastic claims against US Representatives and media who support Trump and his administration, in a brazen conflict of interest as a now paid talking head against the movement to cover the corruption he allegedly directed while at the CIA.

Brennan likes people who admire intel professionals. That is interesting. He seems to mean that he likes people who admire HIM, personally.

Brennan is a top source for spreading the disinformation and conspiracy theory that the Trump team was involved with the Russians to overthrow a popular candidate on her way to winning the US Presidency.

I personally imagine a world without Communist influence upon my children and grandchildren, Brennan. Go ahead and call me a name. You can call me Kari Donovan and this is who I admire.

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