Democrat Presidential hopeful, Joe Biden has hired some questionable technical experts for his campaign that is alarming voters over the disregard in which these staff additions have led their career with little concern for American’s online privacy, that show an obvious conflict of interest and other issues that should be concerning to Democrats who want to appear to be empathetic this campaign cycle.

Two new additions to Biden’s team are Jackie Singh who is being accused of posting at trolling farms and Carlos Monje works for Twitter.

Spafford, of Purdue University, said Singh’s racially charged posts should have made her untouchable for a presidential campaign.

The Washington Examiner reported:

“A senior cybersecurity adviser to Joe Biden’s presidential campaign spent years affiliating with a hacking organization and boasted on a personal blog about breaking into her neighbor’s computers.

Jackie Singh, who joined the Biden campaign in July as a senior cyber incident responder and threat analyst, was an affiliate of the hacking organization the Gay N—– Association of America, once headed by white nationalist Andrew Auernheimer.

Logs obtained by the Washington Examiner from various Internet Relay Chat rooms, a messaging platform dating back to the 1980s that is popular with hackers, show Singh as a contributor to a toxic culture of overt racism. In August, Singh wrote on Twitter that her role with the Biden campaign focused on “working tirelessly to ensure the digital safety of this campaign.”

She is also considered a Cybersecurity expert by mainstream media.

The Washington Exmanider headed up the investigation and reported that evidence providing a picture of Singh’s background raises questions about the vetting process of the Biden campaign in its hiring process, seven weeks before the Democratic nominee faces President Trump for the keys to the White House.

“People who are well respected, don’t come from trolling or hacking groups. There’s been a culture shift there. Companies don’t want to hire people with sketchy backgrounds,” said Gene Spafford, a leading cybersecurity expert and Purdue University computer science professor. “They want people who are trustworthy. There are insider threat problems.”

As the CEO of Spyglass Security, Singh was often quoted in articles about cybersecurity by outlets, including the Wall Street Journal or NBC. On the firm’s website, Singh bills herself as having “15 years of global technical experience” and offers guidance on “an organization’s ability to more quickly and effectively detect, respond, and contain targeted attacks.”

Politico reported on Thursday about a similarly concerning situation where Twitter’s public policy director had joined the Biden staff, showing an obvious conflict of interest.

“Twitter’s public policy director, Carlos Monje, has left the social media company’s Washington office to join the transition team for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, a person familiar with the move said Thursday.

Monje’s exact position on the transition team was not immediately clear and Biden’s transition team declined to comment. Requests for comment sent to Monje were not immediately returned. But he serves as co-chair of Biden’s infrastructure policy committee and helped host a fundraiser for the former vice president this week, according to an invitation obtained by POLITICO.

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