The US House Judiciary Committee broke a massive story on Tuesday, that the US Department of Justice, led by Merrik Garland, has been spying on parents and preparing to “target parents”.

The Washington Times reported:

“Republican lawmakers say a whistleblower sent them an internal FBI email that shows the counterterrorism unit is monitoring threats against school-board members, despite Attorney General Merrick Garland denying such surveillance.

According to the email, the assistant directors of the FBI counterterrorism and criminal divisions told agents to track the threats in response to Mr. Garland’s Oct. 4 memo directing the bureau and other federal agencies to address a “disturbing spike” in threats against school board members and other school officials.

The email, obtained by Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee, states that agents should apply the threat tag “EDUOFFICIALS” to investigations and assessments of the threats.”

Key Point: The proof is unequivocal that Democrat Merrick Garland not only has a conflict of interest by attacking parents at the school boards, who are voicing their opinions about Panorama EdTech management of classrooms,) something his son-in-law produced), but he abuses his power by attacking parents at school boards while ignoring thugs at courthouses.

“Whistleblower Discloses Explosive Documents Showing FBI Using Counterterrorism Tools to Investigate Parents,” was posted on the House Judiciary GOP account with a letter from  US Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH).

“The FBI spied on President Trump’s campaign. They abused the FISA process. And now they’re targeting parents,” Jordan posted.

The Wall Street Journal reported on the issue:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has set up a process to track threats against school-board members and teachers, moving to implement a Justice Department directive that some law-enforcement officials and Republican lawmakers say could improperly target parents protesting local education policies.

The heads of the FBI’s criminal and counterterrorism divisions instructed agents in an Oct. 20 memo to flag all assessments and investigations into potentially criminal threats, harassment, and intimidation of educators with a “threat tag,” which the officials said would allow them to evaluate the scope of the problem.


The letter from Jordan outlines how Garland lied at his House hearing, about how he viewed the role of parenting in the United States.


In the aftermath of years of violent rioting, it is widely accepted that the Democrats often use domestic violence, threats and riots, when they have an agenda. That fact makes Garland’s demands to spy on Parents even more disgusting.

Joel Pollak posted about Biden’s previous stand on violence in Kenosha, the scene of unfolding violence.

The news from the Whistleblower comes on the same day that the city of Kenosha Wisconsin is being targeted by violence in response to an anticipated trial verdict for Kyle Rittenhouse, which is deemed acceptable to the Democrats, the President, and Intelligence agencies.

Seen in the video footage below is a man who is calling for attacks, from the steps of a courthouse.  But that is not considered “Domestic terrorism”.

Even though previous threats of violence resulted in deaths and massive destruction:

The double standards are clear, the abuse of power is clear.

Kari Donovan

Kari is an ex-Community Organizer who writes about Voter Engagement, Cultural Marxism and Campaigns. She has been a grassroots volunteer with the GOP, on and off for 18 years. She is a Homeschool Mom in North Carolina and loves Photojournalism and Citizen Journalism.

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  • I would hope the Republicans when they take the House next year they do the same to Garland they did to Obama’s Holder. Rip him apart. He is and has lied to Congress and since they won’t punish their own,the Republicans need to standup and have a backbone.

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  • #ChuckJoeBiden🚩

  • What, you expect the FBI’s elite troops to break off and go chase those gentle souls with Antifa and BLM? How dare you, don’t you know how dangerous soccer mom’s and school kids can be?

    Soldier/Cop/Mercenary, Retired

  • So while the fbi and the delusional democrats let blm and antifa run wild in democrat ran states burning , looting and killing . The delusional democrats have the fbi attacking parents for not wanting their kids turned into racist and be molested by them trying to teach them about gay sex . They now want to call parents terrorists for saving their kids but will not call blm and antifa terrorists . Yet that sounds about right when talking about the delusional democrats . Right here is the real corruption , when the government back real terrorists over the citizens of the country said it all . Guess them running the country don’t give a rats ass about your kids and guessing the fbi don’t either . Don’t you just love the smell of corruption in the morning . You can’t make this crap up , this is how the delusional democrats and their pet fbi work . Corrupt through and through . Sad how some still back this corruption not knowing the truth of it or they just don’t care

  • All the dem corruption is created in 2008 by bo’s treason to be dictator ! Now the “0” biden commie , marxist, islamic, terrorism is dictated by bo’s treasonous 3rd term with the illegal fraud voted biden E.O.’s that are totally controlled by the dem’s bo ! The #1 priority to eliminate dem’s treasonous tyranny commie dictator whims is mandatory for all U.S. Citizens preservation of Freedom , Rights, Liberty & National Security !