Using unsubstantiated “whistleblower” report to ignite domestic uprisings is something we have seen numerous times as tactics to bring about changes in policies by going around voters and getting lawmakers to submit to media pressure and angry mobs.

That is the case here, the left appears to be reacting to their own stories, and some of these stories are not true. A report was made on Monday and by Wednesday mobs of people around the country were mobilized and ready to be arrested on federal charges over it.

This is a story about how the left organizes so quickly.

The BBC reported,” Advocacy groups have filed a complaint against a migrant detention center in the US, alleging medical neglect and a lack of virus safety measures. The complaint condemns the practices and conditions at the private Irwin County Detention Center in Georgia.

It is based on the allegations of a whistleblower, a nurse identified as Dawn Wooten. She worked at the center, which houses immigrants detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

As part of her complaint, filed on Monday, Ms Wooten expressed concerns about the high number of hysterectomies performed on Spanish-speaking women at the center.”

The report is vague and provides no proof of Wooten’s claims, yet the left Democrat/Media alliance incited already angry people to turn to the streets again, to resolve their feelings.

By Wednesday there were protesters, over the claims, storming Federal Offices and demanding changes in policy and threatening violence.

Here is a story about the gossip, linking to a “report” with claims that are unverified:

In this video a group is seen forcing their way into an office building that has been identified as 26 Federal Plaza and the mob was there to protest as a reaction of the “Forced Hysterectomies” stories.

Hours before the riot, Hillary Clinton and MSNBC used their platform to push the whistle blower’s story and incite people, offering no proof at all that what she said was true:

Wooton had been to the facility she was complaining about on and off, as a medication nurse, and her complaint was based on the stories of detained women she was giving medicine to, who claimed they had had a hysterectomy and one woman in particular who told her that “Everyone she knew had a hysterectomy” by a uterus collector.

Feminist Community Organizer and far-left radical, Erie Brockovich, used her social media to spread investigated gossip, as part of the tactic to legitimize the gossip and get people agitated.

The ACLU jumped in to play their part, as legal counsel to further push the storyline that women in detainment were being forced by a male doctor to have unneeded hysterectomies in terrible and unsanitary conditions where people don’t care about them.

A sitting US Representative used her position and authority to further promote the unverified story from another media partner, Vice News, and she added a dash of racist attack to her story:

A Civil Rights Lawyer jumped in to add some cries of victimization of Blacks:

And Wooton the Whistle blower has a new career as a speaker and activist, supported by, “Now This” a grassroots marketing platform:

Activist and MSNBC broadcast adds some indignation and virtue signaling:

Director of a Tax Payer funded Non-Profit adds to the well organized and well funded hashtag, all repeating the same story in support of their political movement.

Immigration legal services get some free promotion:

And the irony is lost on a Planned Parenthood Director:

An Aging child sit com celebrity, turned communist activist:

And it goes on and on and on, and that is how well the left is organized and how well they use social media to push their lawless agenda and how they use political theater to agitate groups of people to break laws, leaving the legal and financial consequences to the regular people.

That is how the left creates Fake News that drives Americans to fight in the streets for things that aren’t even real.

Kari Donovan

Kari is an ex-Community Organizer who writes about Voter Engagement, Cultural Marxism and Campaigns. She has been a grassroots volunteer with the GOP, on and off for 18 years. She is a Homeschool Mom in North Carolina and loves Photojournalism and Citizen Journalism.

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