Nursing home-based citizens are demanding to see their families again.

Senior residents of a Colorado nursing home protested COVID restrictions outside of the facility, holding up posters while sitting in their wheelchairs.

One sign held by Shirley Flohr read, “rather die of COVID than loneliness.”

76-year-old Josie Sanchez helped organize the protest. Sanches and 19 of her fellow residents sat in their wheelchairs outside of the medical-center for two hours gaining the attention of vehicular traffic, some of which honked in support.

One of the signs read: “We want families back.”

While guests are allowed, they must remain 6 feet apart with masks and eye protection and no physical contact is allowed between nursing home residence and their guests, per guidelines from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

“We miss the hugs. We don’t like the distancing anymore,” said 75-year-old Sharon Peterson.

Residence and staff sent letters to Colorado Governor Jared Polis last August asking to relax the restrictions but no response has been given.

“Enough is enough. Set us free,” another resident said.

While there have been cases of COVID at the facility before, there are no active cases now. There are also measures taken to ensure visitors are in good health before entering the nursing home.

That said, why continue the oppressive restrictions?

If you’ve ensured safety already, why keep the distancing and other measures that only decrease the residence health by causing unnecessary grief?

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