Once again, there were issues with election integrity in the 2022 midterms. Just like during the 2020 presidential election, too many problems happened in key states. While many states carried out their election duties without a hitch, Arizona once again had serious concerns.

Many believe that at least two key elections were manipulated. One involved a critical U.S. Senate seat. The other was the Arizona gubernatorial election. Most of the concern centers on Maricopa County, Arizona.

This is the same Arizona county that had widespread fraud during the 2020 presidential cycle. Many still believe it wrongfully awarded the state to Joe Biden. Now, it appears the same types of issues have catapulted Katie Hobbs into the lead.

Republican challenger Kari Lake does not believe Hobbs will win. Lake feels strongly that when the dust settles and the obvious need for a hand recount is finished, she will be the new Arizona governor. The Republican National Committee apparently agrees.

Roving attorneys from the RNC are closely monitoring the ongoing process in Maricopa County. One attorney has already released a report. Attorney Mark Sonnenklar shared his initial report with The Western Journal.

Sonnenklar’s report addresses 10 roving attorneys out of 16 who responded to a survey he sent them. The survey covered 115 voting locations. There are 223 voting locations in Maricopa County.

Sonnenklar wrote, “72 of the 115 vote centers visited had material problems with the tabulators not being able to tabulate ballots. This caused voters to either deposit their ballots into box 3, spoil their ballots, and re-vote, or get frustrated and leave the voting center without voting.”

He said that in certain voting centers, the tabulators rejected the ballot 100 percent of the time on the first attempt. Other tabulators failed five times or more for individual voters. Some were unable to be counted at all.

Sonnenklar and others rightfully insist that this is unacceptable. There are some who believe the machines were set to malfunction on purpose. The vast majority of same-day voters are invariably Republicans.

If voting machines create enough chaos on Election Day, it will dramatically affect the final vote count for the Republican candidate. Sonnenklar said, “The printer/tabulator issues persisted from the beginning of election day until the end of election day.”

This means that there are serious questions concerning literally thousands of ballots. No one knows which ones were actually counted and which ones were not. The RNC watchdog attorneys think this was done on purpose.

What happened in Maricopa County on Election Day equates to voter suppression. The problems were exponentially worse in parts of Maricopa County that lean heavily Republican. This was a purposeful scheme to suppress and dilute the conservative vote.

Even Arizona residents like Matt Baker know something is very wrong. Baker told KUTP-TV, “You look into your own soul, and you look back at yourself in the mirror, and you realize that you are the cancer that is tearing this nation apart.”

In a state gubernatorial election that is separated by less than 20,000 votes, knowing the truth is critical. But the liberal leftist Katie Hobbs doesn’t want to know the truth. That’s why she refused to recuse herself from having authority over an election in which she was a candidate.

That, in and of itself, is unconscionable. Again, as in 2020, there were far too many problems with the elections. Things must change. Voters must feel that their vote counts. In places such as Maricopa County, Arizona, they do not. Those in charge need to be fired!

Art Vandalay

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  • When a critical county has this many issues in the voting process, fraud is pretty self-evident. As of the 2020 census, the population of Maricopa County, AZ was 4,420,568, making it the state’s most populous county, and the fourth-most populous in the United States. It contains about 62% of Arizona’s population. Steal Maricopa and you steal Arizona…

  • Arizona is not the only state. Ballot boxes stuffing and harvesting were blatant in Nevada. Though the denials are immediate. Maricopa can’t should be done over with one day voting, paper ballots and county with supervision and no breaks until complete. No machines and we should get rid of all machine voting and mass mail-outs. Too much fraud.

  • We all already know that lying, cheating & stealing IS the Democrat way but it is still a shame that the Republicans have to watch these thieves like a hawk to keep them from cheating in order to win the governor’s seat.

    • Haven’t won it yet! They will just run the clock out and then say “Oh well, too late to do anything else… have to leave Hobbs in”. You watch. They know EXACTLY what they are doing.

    • They are following their father’s orders, Satan of which Jesus said, “That came to steal, kill, and destroy and that Satan is a liar from the beginning and the father of all lies”.

      • Their ‘father’ is biden. Mr. pedophile himself. He had sex with Jill when she was a minor. His first wife was drunk and had a car accident in which case they tried to blame the the other driver. Sleaze balls for decades.

        • Don’t forget the rape that he committed while a senator and covered up with the “special fund”, against one of his female interns. He not only grabbed her tutu he shoved his hands into her panties while he held her and inserted his fingers into her. When she wouldn’t cooperate he fired her. If that had been my daughter I would still be in prison and he would have been 6 feet under.

  • communist fascist racist Democrats are the real “satanic evil” in America for the last 300 years! Slavery, blantant hypocracy, record killing of innocent babies, record fuel prices, food shortages, men in women’s restrooms and sports, secret sex change operations on our children, militarizing and using the IRS and FBI to arrest conservatives in the middle of the night, trampling all over our 1st, 2nd, and 4th Amendments whenever they feel like it, taxes, more taxes, higher taxes, free speech censorship, spying on U.S. Presidents, conservative government officials and U.S. citizens, CRT and faggot transgenders indoctrinating in our corrupt school system, record inflation, business killing regulations, open borderes, highest crime rates/shootings in democrat run cities, Quid Pro Quo, BLM, antifa, racism, fascism, white supremacy, KKK, segregation, Jim Crow laws, dishonesty, lying, cheating, communism, and sociopathology, and don’t forget voter fraud. Did I leave anything out?

    • You nailed it Everett. The Democratic Party ‘is’ the Satanic tool being used to destroy Constitutional America…

    • “communist fascist racist Democrats are the real “satanic evil” in America”
      That is the culprit and a good rundown here!

      • PA did the same thing. It sent out 750,000 nail in votes after saying they would only send out MI votes to those who asked for them. The votes would not be opened until after the Dr Oz debate. That way the Dims will get Mr. SLOP. Second lady of PA. They will award this Brazilian Woman her husband’s chair and a guaranteed salary of over a million dollars for six years of service PLUS all benefits for the entire family. He has never held a job until elected as Mayor of a rust belt town of 1500. Recovering from a stroke because he ignored for 5 years his DR. advice to take care of his erratic heart beat. Sure sounds like something the corruptocrats would engineer. Just after the debate and vote Dr OZ was awarded the NOBEL PRIZE for his medical work.

  • Now if only sheriffs & the police in every state would actually follow the Constitution and refuse to arrest law abiding Americans and charge them with illegal firearms laws we would be a little closer to seeing freedom in what’s supposed to be the freest country in the world.

  • Looks like a well-coordinated effort to affect the election outcome. Time to stop the cheating. The Dems have perfected it into an art form. These elections need to be done over.

  • Treasonous Demo☭rats must …NEVER be allowed to run for, or hold elected office …EVER AGAIN!

    The party must be banned …FOREVER.

  • This so frustrating!! The democRATs do MULTIPLE things to corrupt the vote. Then we focus on one of them, and they say, “Well, it’s not enough to affect the outcome.” Here’s the deal. There are 223 poling places. That means at least 223 laser printers, capable of printing ballots… ON DEMAND! How hard do you think it is to get a printer to print ballots with the circles already filled in? Print a few thousand at each poling place and, what do you know? THEY WIN! Wake up Arizona! Wake up America! We are being overthrown from within.

  • None of this cheating will stop until we go back to the original voting process…you can vote only on election day, you must show a photo ID, you sign on the voter roll next to your original signature, your name is checked off the voter roll, you are given a ballot to mark and deposit into a common receptacle at the polling location. If for whatever reason you cannot make it to your polling location then you must obtain an absentee ballot by phone or mail request in advance with the specific reason listed on the polling rolls. Your absentee ballot cannot be counted if received or postmarked after election day. Do this and the cheating is cut to a minimum. Democrats will never agree to this as it will make it too difficult for them to stuff the ballot box. Put this proposal forward and see which party screams to high heaven.

    • You will hear them screaming this is racist! Your suppressing the votes of the poor color’s people, they can’t get a free state id, they can’t get to the polls, they don’t know how to drive, bla bla bla just a major hissy fit covering up what they really mean “ your making it impossible for us to cheat”

  • The CONSERVATIVES first move should be to introduce a Bill into both Houses in the AZ Government and declare VOTER/ELECTION FRAUD A FELONY with a MINIMUM SENTENCE of 10 Years WITH NO PAROLE OR COURT LENIENCY.


    The DEATH PENALTY for more than 5 counts.

    The left will go NUTS and the NORMAL will push for it’s immediate passage.

    As long as the CONSERVATIVES FIGHT TO KEEP IT ALIVE the push from the People will grow.

    Next election should show a VETO-PROOF majority in both houses.

  • If AZ Governor Douchey had any balls, he’d have Hobbs arrested and charged with Election Interference and Gross Incompetence.
    But Douchey doesn’t have the cajones.

  • The entire world knew demonCrats would commit voter fraud AGAIN!! The criminals have to be arrested and charged to the full extent of the law!! Sick of this BS!!


  • Time for the “Rooter Man” to visit the Ballot Process. How stupid and mealy mouthed do these corrupt Dems think we are?? The Ak 47s and M-15s are walking their way back across the Southern Border all the way into ANTIFA Headquarters and the inner city thugs, YOU REMEMBER ALL THOSE AUTOMATIC WEAPONS THE IRISH PRESIENT O’BAMA SENT TO THE DRUG CARTELS WHICH BIDEN (as Howdy Doody) is playing footsie with the drug dealers, white slave traders, weapons dealers and all of those great “FUTURE DEMOCRAT VOTERS”??
    Biden checks in with Wray to make sure the flow of weapons coming back across the border into the USA is not interrupted by the Border Patrol less those agents be arrested by the FBI…..
    Yup, ole Christopher Wray, “DA EEL”………

    • Put Wray & Gnarland into the same cell so they can discuss in detail their new ideas about the new “Conshittushon” Gnarland has created based upon the People’s Republic of North Korea “constitution”

  • no surprise here, this is now the standard operating procedures for the democratic party, cheat, cheat and cheat. They are not even embarrassed by this anymore, they know the republican swampers don’t care so long as it has no direct impact on them. Here in lies the problem, the old bloods don’t want change, that would impact their pocket books and that can’t happen.
    It is now time fron a new group of younger republicans that are willing to go head to head with the socialist democratic party, punch for punch. This is the way America can return to greatness, the only way.

  • Spied? Spied on the election count? Now exactly how free are the elections, When you have to spy on the election count to verify its accuracy and honesty ?

    “Trust But Verify”

    If you have to spy to verify, Trust is not an option.



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