Most people can sit down and calmly debate their opinions and beliefs. The questions surrounding abortion in America should be one of those situations.

However, when it comes to those holding a more radical, pro-abortion stance, there seems to be a sincere lack of calmness.

In fact, many far-left pro-abortion fanatics are violent. The methods they use to express their opinions about abortion are as disgusting as their beliefs themselves. The aborting of an unborn human being is violent. There is no way to express the act otherwise.

No level of pain and anguish can be assumed for an unborn infant. To ardent pro-life supporters, abortion is inhumane. But to someone from the far-left, rabidly radical sides of the abortion equation, the feelings of the unborn are inconsequential. Abortion is violent.

Likewise, pro-abortionists are violent. Pro-life believers carry their appreciation for the value of human life into how they voice their beliefs. Invariably, the majority of pro-life advocates protest peacefully. That’s not the method used by a growing number of radical pro-abortionists.

They’re resorting to threats, name-calling, and yes, even violence. One 18-year-old decided to volunteer her time to support the pro-life movement. Grace Hartsock volunteered to hand out information ahead of the Kansas ballot initiative on abortion.

Hartsock was proper and polite. She didn’t try to shout down anyone or push her viewpoints on them. All she did was walk around canvassing neighborhoods as a volunteer for something she believed strongly in.

As Hartsock and other members of Students for Life Action canvassed a neighborhood, one resident came roaring out of her home. She chased Hartsock down and punched the teenager in the head. These same pro-choice fanatics claim to be “pro-woman”.

However, when a woman disagrees with them, they become violent. The accused assailant also cussed and screamed at Hartsock. At one point, she hoped that Hartsock would experience a horrible rape. What a freak!

After the incident, Hartsock gave a statement. She reiterated the belief that pro-choice violence goes far beyond the womb. She said, “It’s not surprising to me that a person who advocates for violence in the womb wouldn’t hesitate to attack a pro-life woman like myself.”

Hartsock went to a local emergency room. While she’s physically fine, Hartsock was understandably very emotionally rattled. Students for Life Action (SFLAction) said Hartsock was back canvassing the very next day. A police report was filed.

SFLAction may consider helping Hartsock file a civil action. They are waiting to see if the police investigation warrants criminal charges. The group insists, “We will vigorously protect and defend any students who volunteer with us and will simply not tolerate these kinds of actions.”

Pro-life supporters speak openly about their stance on abortion. Virtually all of them are peaceful and polite. However, during the “Summer of Rage,” radical pro-abortionists are using violence and intimidation to silence free speech.

These people hate life. They have no regard for a human life inside or outside the womb. They know the radical pro-abortion stance is unpopular. In an effort to strong-arm people into their belief, they use violence and intimidation.

However, the proud young people who support SFLAction will not be deterred. Maybe more Americans should take notice of this patriotic level of courage. There are a bunch of ideas and beliefs that might benefit.

Art Vandalay

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