Next week we will finally get to see what’s going to happen for these next two years as the midterm elections take place. There are a number of races which are almost certain to go one way or the other depending on where they are.

For example, Kay Ivey in Alabama is definitely going to win her race as she’s favored by approximately 35 points over her opponent. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is most certainly going to win his race as he is favored by 13 points.

But there are some races that are a lot closer now and some that have even flipped the other way. Kari Lake is now favored above Katie Hobbs in the gubernatorial race in Arizona. Then there are races such as the one in Georgia where Herschel Walker is either in the lead or even with Raphael Warnock in the polls there.

So that race could go either way too to be honest. The race in Pennsylvania between Dr. Mehmet Oz and John Fetterman is a lot closer than they had anticipated as well. Even Chuck Schumer said that things aren’t looking the best there.

But believe it or not there’s one race that’s honestly caught me by surprise as well and that’s the race for governor of New York. It appears as though the Republican candidate, Lee Zeldin has taken the lead in the polls above Kathy Hochul.

Breitbart reported,

The poll found that of the 1,198 likely general election voters, 48.4 percent would vote for the Zeldin, while 47.6 percent would vote for Hochul. With four percent undecided, Zeldin leads the Democrat incumbent by less than a point and within the margin of error.

The Trafalgar Group poll sampled the 1,198 likely general election voters from October 27 to 31, with a 2.9 percent margin of error and a 95 percent confidence level. The poll’s respondents were 53.6 percent Democrats, 27.5 percent Republican, and 18.9 percent had no party or other affiliation.

The poll comes just one day after the New York Times published a story explaining how Zeldin surging in the poll had caused the national Democrats to worry about the race and, therefore, the effect a major upset would have on the down-ballot races — similar to what happened in Virginia last year when then-candidate Glenn Youngkin won his gubernatorial race.

Let’s just hope that Zeldin can hold onto that lead through the election and actually do something to fix the many problems of New York.

Art Vandalay

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    • She also obviously looks like a Witch and acts like one too; so the conclusion can only be that she is, a WITCH! She the apostate of the Dark Side that said God told her she needs apostles to go after the unvaccinated and convince them to get the jab!!!

      Send her off on her broomstick to the outer reaches of the solar system; Pluto will do!

  • These Democrat retards think the people haven’t been watching them and what they do. If it was all as rosy as she claims she certainly would not need her armed protection! They didn’t earn the name of {ARTY OF PERVERTS for nothing!

  • I just hope and pray that The Will of God be shown clearly in this election. I pray that the Party He backs will win….and I am sure it is not the Demon Brats!

  • WOW, just WOW!

    53.6 percent Democrats, 27.5 percent Republican, and 18.9 percent had no party or other affiliation.

    Couldn’t bias the pole any further towards the DemonRats?

  • With the state of the country it’s almost bad news for a bunch of states turning red right now. Think about it, republicans still won’t have much power because dementia Joe & that’s not vodka it’s water Pelosi will still be there destroying the country and fighting republicans on every positive changes they want to make. This will slow any progress and piss off a lot of people that want change NOW. I think I’m the long run it will end up hurting republicans in 2024.
    Democrats will cheat more than they did in 2020 and many people may lose faith in republicans because they couldn’t make the changes people wanted fast enough. I hope I’m wrong and republicans impress the hell out of the country but you gotta see where I’m coming from.

    • Juan:
      I agree with you and I do not have a lot of confidence in a lot of the Republicans who make noise but do nothing. I hope they finally grow some and do what needs to be done.

    • You’re dead WRONG! What do you think that leaving these demonic despots in total control is a positive in some way??? You must be on something!
      CHANGE begins NOW and MUST continue or the whole house of cards will fall bub! Totalitarian CONTROL will be your life!
      VOTE RED!!!
      Then the ass kicking BEGINS!

  • Time for the democrats to do some last minute cheating to save these races. Oh, wait, they’ve already done that.

  • Zeldin will win if the dcrap cheating and fraud is stopped! Dcraps can’t win if they don’t lie, cheat, and steal. The Democrat party is America’s worst enemy! Wake up America!

  • The Communist Democrat Chuck Schumer is leading and a possible win.?
    They are truly as stupid as the voters in Commifornia are. Schumer is nothing more than a bobble head and a treasonous bastard, but New York idiots must love him.
    What a bunch of Morons.

  • That’s right, she couldn’t even figure out why crime was such an important factor in the race. She is just being pulled around by other leftist and cannot think for herself. she just does what they tell her to do. They need Zeldin to change and lead them back to normality if they can remember what that is……

  • i hope ny is smart enough to save thereselves.lee zeldin will restore law and order,lock up criminals,and will see nypd as a disciplined,citizen oriented department world restoring law and order.and making the streets safe.again all nyers will be able to prosper.and live again.

  • does you polling data include the 100-200 year old age bracket we know the democrats do well there. that’s the one thing that scares me about dieing I might vote Democrat.

  • Half as many Repubs polled as Dems in the Trafalgar Group poll & still, the Repub is ahead! VOTE CONSERVATIVE ON NOVEMBER 8TH & BEGIN TO SAVE AMERICA!

  • FFFFFFFFk the idiots in Alabama for sending traitor Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to the Senate time after time.



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