Whistlebl0wers have accused Pfizer and two of their contractors of fraud for manipulating test results in their clinical trials. You would expect Pfizer to plead not guilty, but they didn’t.

They actually admitted that there was some fraud, but the charges must be dropped because the federal government knew all about it and continued to pay them.

Doesn’t this sound a bit ridiculous? But, the truth is that they will probably get the case dismissed.

In 2016, just before Obama left office, the Supreme Court weakened the protections against fraud committed by government contractors under the False Claims Act. Children’s Health Defense detailed this troubling change:

“Under the False Claims Act, whistleblowers can be rewarded for confidentially disclosing fraud that results in a financial loss to the federal government.

However, a 2016 U.S. Supreme Court decision that expanded the scope of a legal principle known as “materiality” resulted in a series of federal court decisions in which fraud cases brought under the False Claims Act were dismissed.

As interpreted by the Supreme Court, if the government continued paying a contractor despite the contractor’s fraudulent activity, the fraud was not considered “material” to the contract.

Pfizer is a federal contractor because it signed multiple contracts with the U.S. government to provide COVID-19 vaccines and Paxlovid, a pill used to treat the virus.”

Attorney Robert Barnes said:

“Pfizer claims they can get away with fraud as long as the government would write them a check despite knowing about the fraud. Pfizer, one of the most criminally fined drug companies in the world, wants to weaken the laws that hold them accountable.”

Barnes is correct in that Pfizer is the most fined drug maker in the world. They also hold the record for the biggest fine of $2.3 billion dollars.

The company is the owner of the largest healthcare fraud payout in US history after it was found to be in violation of the False Claims Act in 2009. That was prior tp the Supreme Court ruling that fraud is okay as long as the government knows about it.

They were illegally selling off-label products that were not approved by the US Food and Drug Administration,

From The Gateway Pundit

Clearly, no need to worry about that pesky FDA approval anymore though. Especially when such a gaping loophole was created by the Supreme Court as Obama was exiting office.

Now, apparently, all it takes is a little fraud, some political theater, and an ‘expert’ like Fauci to deliver the ‘safe and effective’ message to the masses – oh, and a couple hundred thousand wheel barrels for the cash – Grift perfected.

All a company has to do is pay off government officials to say they knew and a promise of a job in case they get fired and you are off the hook.

Art Vandalay

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  • The government, congress, and Judges have become so corrupt that even if at some point we get people to go after this corruption it could not be stopped because it is too big and would consume the honest people up !!!

    • The truth is that, just like with Sodom and Gomorrah, this nation is condemned by Yahweh GOD. There are not enough TRUE Christians for GOD to save it. Those that survive the covid fraud will soon see the NWO in control.


      • It does no good. There are far more illiterate fools in this country than literate, and half of the literate ones will stick up for the illiterate ones. I can remember a time when you almost never saw grammatical errors in writing, but now it is uncommon to see anything written correctly, especially from supposedly college educated people. It shows a true dumbing down of the people as well as the deterioration of any standards or quality in this society. It’s so pathetic.

        • All this corruption and all y’all can see is a misspelled word, probably from auto correct… we are in a lot of trouble.. all the sex,drugs, lies,murders , manipulation and you see misspelled words… may God have mercy on us. We are too far gone!!!

      • And you have nothing better to do but pretend you are a teacher? Stop complaining about BS and say something productive and stop trying to be so clever when you have nothing to say!

  • Has everyone had enough of this crap ? Now Communist Piglosi and Communist Schumer are planning to pass an even bigger tax rate upon the American people at $6-billion dollars while the rich in Commifornia and New Jerk get tax credits so they can buy the most luxurious expensive EV’s and we pay for it! And another Communist Senator said (according to Mark Levin) said “The Constitution no longer applies to us” Isn’t it time for another Civil War? I say lock and load, and why is the Military not going in to remove those Communist Democrats and Rinos from office? Or are the American Military becoming compromised to transition to communism? George Sorros and Bill Gates should be executed immediately? The American people apparently hasn’t had enough yet !

    • I agree with your view Michael but I would be REALLY carful on how you phrase things. The Jan 6th prisoners of war are sitting with no due process and being treated worse than Gitmo and for what? Gong to a protest?
      You really are spot on, but I would not call for such activity if I were you. May God give you wisdom and discernment in your words ^5 and cover you from the parasites and vultures who wish to destroy those who know the truth

    • I agree with your view Michael, but I would be REALLY careful on how you phrase things.

      The Jan 6th supposed prisoners of war are sitting with no due process and being treated worse than Gitmo and for what? Going to a protest?

      You really are spot on, but I would not call for such activity if I were you.
      I know you are ticked & us too, but we dont want to become “THEM” the parasites of Liberalism.

      May God give you wisdom and discernment in your words and cover you with protection from the parasites and vultures who wish to destroy those who know the truth

      • I understand what you’re asking me but, it has gotten me to the point that we’re losing America as we knew it at a fast pace. I joined the United States Army in 1978 and I still stand to the Oath to defend the United States Constitution against all foreign and domestic enemies, after being Honorably discharged I went to college and after leaving I became a Texas Peace officer in 1986 and I still stand to the same Oath. Now we have domestic enemies right now in our Congress, Senate and White House. I’m now 65 years old and retired. Never have I thought I’d see so much corruption and hatred towards the United States and the constitution. I have two beautiful grandchildren at 2 years old and 1 year old and I hate to envision what their going to have to experience, this also includes every child who are growing up in this Country. Evil has become the norm and the innocent has become the enemies. All the Communist Democrats and Rinos in Washington plus their personel gang terrorists Antifa and BLM backed by Anti-America George Sorros must be eliminated once and for all.

          • I’m not on Facebook I deleted my account several years ago after Mark Suckerberge said, ” IF America went to war against Iraq He would side with Iraq” That Anti-American comment brought me to call his Communist Muslim sympathizer out.. I hate Suckerberge..

    • Obviously you’ve not served in the military, otherwise you would know that the military is no more conservative than law enforcement is. The officer corps is easily 95% leftist, and in ’97 when I retired, the enlisted ranks were about 50/50%. Since then, the military has been flooded with h0m0s, women, muslimes, and minorities, all predominantly leftist. Add to that, the slowjoe administration is now purging all of the ones who refused the vax, around 60,000. If the military was so pro-Constitution, then why have we not heard of any soldiers refusing orders from SlowJoe? When the final showdown comes we will see a military that will do as they are told against the American people, we will also see most of them destroyed because the majority of them are inept at their jobs.

      • Well I’m not going to post my Honorable Dischavoters. my military I.D on here, so believe what you want but calling me a liar without knowing shit, tells me you never served. It sounds more like your Communist Democrats accusing without evidence. And calling me a liar about being a retired Texas Peace Officer tells me your even more of a Communist Democrat voter.

  • The Clusterfers of our government need to rot in hell as soon as possible.
    Pray for them and then Pray if they do not repent, find Christ as Saviour, they will do meet and greet with their god and delight in their new homes

  • The government knew the Wuhan Virus tests were being manipulated. Big Pharma, the corrupt politicians and bureaucrats like Dr. Fauci made a lot of money off of Big Pharma. It was just another way for Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe, the dictator in charge and the liberal commie Democrats, to lock down America, force the Wuhan Virus Vaccine upon everyone, force everyone to wear a mask, it was all about government control. Even though people were getting vaccinated, people were still coming down with the virus. This vaccine turned out to be a sham. It takes years of testing to develop a vaccine, and Big Pharma did it like, overnight, ($). Big Pharma never guaranteed if one received the shot, they wouldn’t comedown with the Wuhan Virus.

  • Arrest Fauci and all CDC, NIH, WHO, FDA and big pharma executives involved.

    Fraud and homicide are not included in the total immunity from legal liability agreement under the PREP Act for the big Pharma criminals!

    RICO laws apply now! The DOJ better wake the Fk Up and get busy!

  • Did President Obama’s Roast of Trump in 2011 Make Him to Run for President? ……………….Ya.

    youtube. com/watch?v=Ya1Mi9yIJbY

  • What is being said is that OUR Government is now and has been for years complicit in perpetrating a FRAUD upon the American people, and implementing totally illegal mandates upon the masses !!! THIS MUST BE EXPOSED AND ADJUDICATED, and whomever is/was involved must be punished to the maximum extent of OUR laws !!!! No matter who was involved, PERIOD !!!! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE !!!!

  • I think Dr. Fauci needs to be tried for TREASON against the world. He is one EVIL very greedy man, add Bill Gates and George Soros also. They were all involved in this since 2014, and I have the paperwork that proves it.

  • This is why I don’t give a rip if something is “FDA APPROVED”. The fda is SUPPOSED to protect us against food and drugs that are dangerous, but they “approve” many, MANY things that are dangerous to our health! Roundup is a GREAT example of that! So is the c0v1d [email protected] that the fda and cdc KNOW [email protected] well are causing thousands if not millions of deaths and permanent life long injuries yet STILL push them as “safe and effective”! Lies, lies, lies, lies, LIES!!



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