Let me start this out by reminding you that I am the furthest thing from a doctor … even though I did go to college for 6 years, so whatever I say here, know it’s just my opinion.

Call me crazy (and many do, so don’t feel bad if you are in that group I won’t take it personally) but there is no chance in hell you are going to jab me with a Covid needle any time soon.

Oh, and by soon, I meanwhile I am still breathing and can fight back.

One of my favorite line about mandatory vaccines goes like this … how about you bring you needle, and I’ll bring my .45, and well see you leaves with the bigger hole in them.

That is a joke internet thought police, I have no interest in shooting anyone, never have, never will.  The family of this poor woman, on the other hand, I can’t speak for them.

Fox News is reporting:

‘A former Detroit news anchor died just one day after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, according to reports.

Karen Hudson-Samuels, 68, worked for over four decades in Detroit as an anchor, producer and news director before she died Tuesday.

Hudson-Samuels’ husband found her dead in her home. She had received the COVID-19 vaccine only one day earlier, but no official cause of death has been given.

“We suspect it may have just been a stroke but because of the normal side effects of the vaccine it may have masked that,” said Cliff Samuels, her husband. “Hopefully we’ll know soon from the autopsy report.”‘

Hudson-Samuels Via Fox News

No, we do not know the cause of death, but the timing sure is … suspicious … to say the least, no?

Again, don’t take advice from me, I’m just some guy on the internet, do your own research and do what is right for you.  That’s what America used to be all about, people making their own decisions.  It used to be called freedom, remember?

Art Vandalay

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  • It may have been the flu? Possibly part of the Bidenreich population control and the War On Women. Thank you Dominion.

  • The thing about the shot that this administration is trying to force upon us – once it’s done, it can’t be undone. For people who have auto immune disorders, blood disorders, and other health issues, the threat of being excluded from restaurants, entertainment, and every normal activity of life without that vaccine passport is soul destroying. But taking the vaccine feels like dicing with death. The dictatorship this faux administration is forcing upon us signals an end to the freedom of choice we have enjoyed for so many years. We should all go to Boston Harbor and throw the vaccine in there.

    • We can’t do that. Think of the environmental impact that this poison would have on the poor fish.

        • EXACTLY BTW I just read a report that the C.E.O. of Pfizer was just denied entry into Israel because he had not been vaccinated. CEO of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies making Covid vaccines, and not vaccinated as of August 2021 when the vaccines have been out since July 2020

          • Makes for a titillating headline, but it happened back in March, when he had one dose, but not the second, because there was still a prioritization of who was getting the vaccines, and he was waiting until it was his turn.

          • Bill Gates, His family and the Biden Jewish administration along with Zuckerberg and the rest all declined the depop letahl injection that they’re forcing the Goyim to take. Wrap your heads around that one folks. It’s called the Jew World Order!

          • Gates and his family are not vaccinated nor is the Biden administration. The death jab is reserved for the goyim.

          • that was last March, I don’t know if he ever really took it, Pfizer’s employees are not required to take it, ahem.

          • Plenty goyim out there killing Jews as well as others. Plenty goyim nutbags out there like yourselves. Oh, “The Jews are in control of everything bad!” Rriiight, go stick your head back up your butt.

        • When is our Secret Service going to step up like the Roman Pretorian Guards did and end this disgraceful excuse for a president like they did to the evil Caligula.

    • We are now under the thumb of the most abysmally Stupid President in American History playing the marrionette for suicidal Marxists.
      Our enemies need only for us to do the Stupidest President thing once,…just once for America to lose everything it has ever achieved…along with it’s existence

      • It’s not just Biden, it’s the whole administration. They all drank the Cool Aid. I have never heard dumber things said as I hear lately. Climate change the new excuse for everything. I believe the only thing responsible for it is: Cutting down the rain forests at record speed, but no one talks about that. The rain forest, as we all learned in school, is the lung of this world and it is unable to breath anymore. It lost it’s balance and now we have unheard of disasters, floods, fires, earth quakes, and warming of the oceans. The world is turning on it’s axes as it has done many times in millions of years, only this time it is doing it faster.

        • I can’t find a better description…

          But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. -2Tim 3:1

          And it is just beginning.

        • Totally agree with you and MacKay. What I don’t understand is that no one in Congress is doing anything about it. Everyone is on vacation, including the absent minded president. The man has lost it and others are telling him what to say and do. Heck he lost his way from the Rose Garden to the house, and then was looking for his mother! What kind of a wife puts her husband through this?! She is horrible! It’s all so sickening. But if we don’t see an uprising among the Americans soon it will all be lost.

        • Very possible you are right. It might also have something to do with all the atomic nodular bomb testing that has been going on for decades, The heat generated by those weapons is so high it cannot even be measured by Celsius.

          But cow farts and automobiles are blamed. Ha!

      • Really. It was Trump who started this pandemic . They knew about a very longtime ago. Obama administration tried to alert him earlier before it hit, so get your facts correct. The Trump administration was the worst ever. He’s a rapist, racist, pedophile and stupid. However, I never trusted the government. Not enough older citizens, poor, African Americans, or minorities dying so they created this.

        People read your Bible….it speaks of this.

        • Surely you must be out of your birdbrain! Obama & Biden enabled and emboldened China and North Korea to push their respective agenda. Trump quickly de-fanged North Korea and began beating China to the punch, all across the globe, so much so that the Lab “mistake” mysteriously occurred, with the simultaneous exclusion of our scientific fact-finding team while China restricted all travel from Hubei province to the rest of the mainland. You can’t blame that on the President. Then China had the Chutzpah to complain, along with your addled President Biden, after President Trump issued the travel ban from China. The only blame you might legitimately ascribe would be to Fauci, Birx and the other Medical advisors, but not to the President.

          • Thank you for setting the record straight Pedrito. These democrats all have their heads up their iceholes.

          • Whenever you see a response as stupid as the one you answered you should know, without any doubt, that person has no interest in truth. It is a waste of time educating them. We just need to get rid of them.

        • Obama? You mean the fraud who was married to Big Mike and lied to us about it. Fraud. The one who turned Black against White. The biggest racist ever in the WH besides Pervert Biden and son. The one who got blow jobs from men in his limousine and then had them disposed of. That Obama who is half White!!!! Lol. The one who was raised by communist. Thank you for reminding me of how the Nazi regime are the Democrats.

          • Your 100% Right, OBAMA’S Wife is a MAN, and his name is Michael, I would like his Wife ? have a complete Phisical, buy a Outside Source. Quit the kidding, it’s a MAN! Michael Robinson, from the South Side of Chicago.

        • Boy, you are soooo off base. Trump tried to stop this virus early on but no, he was a racist for not wanting foreigners to come into our Country bringing the “Chinese Virus”. He was even berated for labeling it so!
          Remember Pelosi pushing tourism in Chinatown? Trump is the farthest thing from a racist as evidence by his hiring practices. He is outspoken, says what WE think and then liberals run screaming! He is no pedo or rapist. Bill Clinton has the claim on that! And liberals still LOVE the guy! Hypocrites! Obama didn’t try to tell Trump anything. Too busy building his shadow government and staying in D.C. and catering to “certain nationalities”. If Trump had declared a victory vaccine on Covid within days, liberals would have still blamed him. Plus they were too busy trying to impeach him on made up charges. Now look what we have! Biden and Company couldn’t run a McDonalds!

      • It is not Biden, but only OBAMA utilizing Biden as his puppet to take the Heat. Obama is MARXISM, BIDENS X BOSS, LEADING BIDEN IN ALL DELUSIONAL
        1. Jan 6th was THEIR INSURECTION
        To be called an INSURRECTION only 1 shot needs to be fired. BABBI with actually 2 Capitol policemen standing behind her, unarmed, never had to be shot. TYRANNY


        2. TRILLIONS= spending trillions we don’t have, crashes the Market

        3. Afghanistan = super world Power SURRENDERING TO OUR ENEMIES, GIVING ALL OUR MILITARY EQUIPMENT TO THE ENEMY, our military was told to stand down, don’t destroy it, now enemy have our classified information
        ALL VERY INTENTIONAL THRU OBAMA(planner, Organizer, Orchrastrator)

    • Here’s the way I look at this vaccine passport business. Excluding people from living their lives for not taking the “vaccines” will eventually go away for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the disease, like all diseases, will eventually go away. In addition, restaurants and airlines will soon go bust without custom, businesses will be suffering for not having enough employees and people will just get tired of putting up with the nonsense of government running their lives. So you won’t see me taking the vaccine just to live my life. I’ll wait them out. I’ve also had COVID and taking a vaccine for something you’ve had usually (with the emphasis on usually) even the CDC says is a bad idea. Sadly Mike Huckabee said he was willing to get the vaccine to be able to go places and do things and we all should too. Big disappointment to me but he was probably forced to say such a thing by Fox News or lose his show. They’re getting pretty ruthless about this.

      But one thing is for sure. We’ve got to put paid to anything like this early on if it’s tried again. Such a thing as lockdowns, forced masking and prohibiting people from going to church has never been done before in this country so we just assumed COVID was a dangerous pathogen. But now we know better and we know not to entrust government and unelected bureaucrats with anything having to do with our health. However, we still need to convince people this time around so I am a little leery of what they’ll do should it be tried again.

  • Thousands of people are dying shortly after receiving the shot of the experimental drug, falsely being called a vaccine. Strangely enough, these deaths could be attributed to other causes, which is not much different than the lies put forth about heart attacks and motorcycle accidents being attributed to COVID-19, falsely inflating the numbers to invoke fear, inducing you to take the experimental drug. Watch what happens if you try bringing suit and call the “jab” a vaccine…it’ll be thrown out of court because you called it a vaccine. Wake up folks, you’re being conned!

    • Teh VARS has already documented over 10,000 deaths in America alone and nearly 100,000 world wide. directly related to the drug.

    • More likely than not, somewhere on the paper you signed authorizing this so-called vaccine, in small letters as when having surgery, you can’t sue but can negotiate. In years to come as has happened with our veterans who served in countries drenched in chemicals our government swore would not hurt them, most of them died before acknowledging their diseases, disabilities, or deaths were attributed to the chemicals in the shot. This is why this history is not taught in school. You have to read and research yourself or know a friend or family member who has suffered or died as a result of government-produced and funded, chemicals.

  • Biden doesn’t give 2 shts about the U.S. China has him bought and paid for. He is turning the U.S. into a third world country. If he asks the U.N. to police our streets, he needs to be dragged out of the WH.

  • Does anyone know what is REALLY in a CCV Vaccine ? In layman’s terms please ! Many don’t know this but hydroxycloriquine, for example , has a reverse effect on middle eastern, African nationalities, while for the white populations.

    • One of the conspiracy theories about the mRNA vaccine is that it’s been modified since the current administration took over so it causes the production of variants so they can extend controls indefinitely. It’s strange that they are pushing the vaccine on those that have already had covid, since studies have shown that having survived covid when unvaccinated produces longer lasting immunity from a wider range of strains

  • There have been a lot of people dying within a day or two of having received the shots (they are not vaccines). The reports quickly add that the “death wasn’t COVID related.” Nonsense! CDC reports between 6000 and 12,000 deaths due to the “vaccine.” The actual number is probably many times that number. We are being lied to.

    • Hello Mr. Marx & All,

      Dr. Peter McCollough – CDC Whistle-blower ~~ “Injections have already KILLED 50,000 Americans (up to early June 2021) From LeolHollmann.com posted 6/27/2021 by Algora Blog.
      ▪︎17,503 DEAD, 1.7 MILLION injured (50% Seriously injured) Reported in European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots – Global Research (The E.V.A. is their F. D. A).
      ▪︎French Virologist and Nobel Laureate Dr. Luc Montagnier said, “Once the injections run their course throughout a person’s body, death is pretty much certain. This could take weeks, months, or years depending on the person.” He also said, “There’s NO hope and NO possible treatment for those who have already been vaccinated.”
      “Indeed the spike protein DESTROYS your immune system.” “When poisonous chemicals break down to their half life in the body, they turn into OTHER POISONS.” Side effects include fluid in the lungs (pneumonia) blamed on COVID.” ▪︎Populist Press: Dr.Robert Malone mRNA vaccine Inventor Sounds The Alarm…Something Is Serious Wrong from globalsearch.ca- GRAPHENE OXIDE (a toxin) found inthe COVID vaccines. “Lipid Nanoparticles response for producing Spike Protein are accumulating in organs at alarming rates.” The Spike Protein is Dangerous, It’s CYTOTOXIC!! Don’t take the poison vaccine [Shots]!!
      Pfizer linked with bioNTec- Nanotechnology – Nanoparticles in all COVID Shots! ▪︎Congressional Hearing – Jim Jordan interviews 4 Drs: Dr. Richard Muller, Dr. Quay, Dr. Asher, and Dr. Giroir. Dr. ▪︎Richard Muller (PHD Physics Professor University of California Berkeley) Science will show origin. 5 Pieces of evidence showing LAB ORIGIN, NOT NATURAL ORIGIN.
      •1. Absence of pre-pandemic infections with over 9000 tests on Wuhan PRIOR to Appearance of COVID, Unprecedented- No Pre-pandemic infection! •2. Absence of a HOST ANIMAL. •3. UNPRECEDENTED Generic Purity >would expect to see a microbe using “GAIN OF FUNCTION.” •4. The SPIKE mutation comes from genetic research in a LAB, INSERTION OF A GENE MUTATION INTO THE FORMULA. 80,000 Animals tested W/O Finding ANY INFECTED BY COVID, Labs in US are linked to CHINA since they do a lot of research for CCP. Dual use nature of synthetic biology- easily converted to a weapon using GAIN OF FUNCTION. THERE’S NO EVIDENCE, of an ANIMAL SOURCE! •5. Viruses have been OPTIMIZED using GAIN OF FUNCTION to attack humans 99.5%!! ¤NO VIROLOGY LAB HEADS WOULD DISCUSS LAB LEAK HYPOTHESIS w/ D. Muller because they are all in business FOR CHINA!! ▪︎Dr. Kary Mullis created the PCR test to test for RNA Antibodies. He uploaded YT videos exposing Fauci as a quack!! Not long after he was dead! There’s NO coincidences people!!
      Research information on COVID truths: Dr. Reiner Fullmich, Dr. David Martin, Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche (PHD), DR. Byran Bridle Malone, Dr. Ryan Cole – Cole Diagnostics, Dr. Jane Ruby: DrJaneRuby.com Dr Jane Ruby @protonmail.com, Dr. Judy Mikovits PHD Book “PLAGUE OF CORRUPTION, frontlinedoctors.com, Dr. Rashid Buttar, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, and many more.
      CHINA is exercising un-Constitutional control over the US public health through: WHO, NIH, and the CDC!!
      Those that have already been vaxxed are transferring to those that have not been vaxxed through their breath, and bodily fluids.

      II Timothy 1: 7, 14
      For God has not given us a Spirit of timidity, but of power & love & Dicipline.
      Guard through the Holy Spirit who dwells in us, the treasure which has been entrusted to you.
      We have our Messiah to go forth before us into battle. If He be with us, who can stand against us!?! NO ONE!

      May Almighty God guide us in all we say & do and watch over us & hide us from those that would harm us.
      If we live for Him, when we shed this vessel of flesh, we will be with Him, a win – win for His flock. Amen.
      God bless those that are Whistle-blowers and are exposing the wicked.
      Maranatha ❤ 🐑 🩸 🩸🩸✝️ 🤍 🕊 🙌

  • I’m CERTAIN that if the death was due to NATURAL causes, we’ll never hear another word about it.


  • I had the Pfizer shot in March/April. I’m 68 and have Multiple Myeloma cancer. In late April I had a 2nd stem cell transplant to help with the cancer (there is no cure). After a stem cell transplant you do not retain ANY of the vaccines you’ve had in the past. None. It’s like you’re a new person. So my oncologist recommended getting the Chi-Vi shot once more.
    The government says that since I already got it, there’s no way that I can legally get it again.
    ARE THERE SUPPOSED TO BE PEOPLE WHO ARE IN CHARGE AND “KNOW” WHAT’S GOING ON – or is everyone as stupid as Jim Crow Joe Biden?

  • I say they come at me with that vaccine they better bring a body bag because I will not take it and someone will leave in that bag.

    • Do you mean to say, “How much does Pfizer pay a coroner to say the Cause of death was unrelated to COVID vaccine”?

      The are all too happy to say the causes of all deaths are COVID related. They are censoring the vaccine related deaths and illnesses, like they have censored the known, 100% proven cures for COVID.

  • I just hope all you anti vaccinators keep avoiding the shot as we definitely need to cull the population. Soon you will meet the new variants ( now killing 35 yr. old healthily non vaccinated citizens) and further reduce the voting base.
    Keep up your efforts as Qnon salutes you.

    • Well, Commander, congratulations for appointing yourself as know all -see all. I realize this guy’s credentials come nowhere near yours, but you may want to hear him out. He only invented mRNA vaccine. He’ll wipe that cocky look right off your face. I have numerous other REAL experts saying the same thing, if you’d care to be further proven a fool.


    • Commander Mike. I am squarely in your corner on this one. I am a Paramedic and have seen first hand people infected with Covid19 fighting to breathe or taking their last agonal breaths. It’s not pretty. It’s a horrible way to die. I was one of the first in line, as was my also a Paramedic sister in law, to get the vaccine. I am obviously still here to tell the tale. However, my sister in law contracted Covid from a patient before the vaccine could take full effect. She died alone in a hospital bed three weeks after testing positive.
      As to Karen Hudson Samuels, the Anchor Person, her husband Cliff divulged today that she died from a hemorrhagic stroke and not the vaccine.
      As to Albert Bourla, the CEO of Pfizer, he cancelled his trip to Israel as he had just received the second dose of the vaccine and was concerned that he could still be infected at that point in time.
      And finally, Dr. Robert Malone DID NOT invent the Covid19 vaccine. Not even close. In 1989, he was part of a team that worked on the process of Lipid Transfection, the method currently being used to allow mRNA to enter our cells. This messenger RNA then directs our cells to produce the part of the Covid virus (outer shell spike protein) that our immune system will recognize and attack. Dr. Malone’s work was not peer accepted or published at the time due to the poor and unacceptable science his team applied to their research. However, a similar method is being employed today as a way to deploy the current mRNA based vaccine in historically huge quantities. The method is not being used for other vaccines due to the cost of transporting and storing the vaccine in ultracold temperatures and extremely short shelf life.
      The unfortunate part of Anti Vaccinators is that they will not only kill themselves but also kill the innocent people they infect. This stance was not acceptable for the polio and smallpox vaccines and is certainly not acceptable for Covid19.
      Oh and by the way, Trump in 2024!!

      • Contrary to popular claims, it is the vaccinated, not the unvaccinated, who are spreading this virus. How many booster shots can you expect to need the rest of your life? Fauci snd his chums can get richer by the day.

  • The crooked pres. Needs to close border.but won’t. Tx.gov. has the right to. But hasn’t. Illegal s flooding border need to be the ginny pigs and get their corona devel shot. And leave American s alone.

  • A friend of mine died a few days ago in his car after working out at a gym. He did not have any Covid symptoms and had not had the vaccination. The conclusion I came to was that you should not work out at a gym. BTW, I have had two shots and, as this writing proves, I am not dead. However, I eventually expect to die from something. No matter the cause, it will probably be attributed to the Covid vaccine.

  • You guys know how to use spellcheck? My phone screws me up all the time, but if you are going to publish an article at least check it first! Jeesh!!
    Other than that I agree with you 100%. Well, maybe 90%. I’d bring a 9mm with hollow point rounds.

  • One of my very best friends died the afternoon of his annual physical in which his doctor pronounced him fit. Is the doctor to blame? Am I to draw the conclusion that annual physicals causes death? I think not! What about the 20,000,000 who also got the shot? It’s obvious in 6 years of college, this author never had a course in logic.

    • Torrens , you like playing VAX roulette? I DON’T. In Russian Roulette even if the cylinder is randomized each turn, we still expect one out of six turns to release a bullet. It might not; after all, there’s still randomness in the system. We might even escape fatality in 12 turns, or 18, or 120, or even thousands. It’s the nature of randomness that it can’t be predicted — these things can happen entirely by random chance. But the odds of a hundred turns without the gun firing are only about one in 83 million. The odds of a thousand turns with no bullet discharging are only one out of a million trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion; so small that even though it could happen by random chance, we shouldn’t expect to see such an event even if we keep trying for the entire very long lifetime of the universe itself.. Don’t forget to go get all the booster shots they tell you to get. LOL

      • you obviously dont know math #1, and two if 1 in 20 million dies they why wont you get the shot, the cylinders bullet already fired right you moron? I cannot wait to see people like you dying in hospital beds while the rest of us get your stuff. Thank you for giving al that nice stuff to probably some immigrant family who needs it. Ha ha ha ha ha
        Im praying for a masked mandate with forced vaccinations or jail time. because blowhards like you will back down EVERY SINGLE TIME.
        FYI the odds of a thousand turns with no bullet selected is the same as a 1 in 6 chance one thousand times. Since you dont understand statistical analysis, each spin is its own odds, you have a 1 in 6 chance per spin, that hose odds dont change over 100 or 100 million spins.

  • the normal side effects might have masked the real cause of death?
    Are you serious? How about considering that the shot being the cause of death?!
    She was healthy the day before- she got the shot- she was dead the next day.
    hmm. This is a real mystery… Call Monk or Columbo

  • My cousin (72) had some health issues and 2 days after she got her 2nd COVID shot became ill , became hospitalized and died 2 months later in August 2021……

  • Oh, it’s only anecdotal. That what the little weasel Fraudci and the faux-medical experts will say, ignoring the bodies that keep piling up because of the shot!

    • show me one body due to a covid vaccine or are you going to tell me they are secretly burning them in those magic fema camps?

  • I always do my own research and do what is right for me. Now my apartment is littered with broken appliances, phones that don’t work, and my dead cat.

  • tell you what, you bring your .45 ill bring my desert eagle and we will see who gets what shot okie doke. Anyone who hides being made up names of fictional characters deserves to not be taken seriously.

  • The vaccine is causing strokes, neurodegnerative disease, heart inflammation, has totally disabled children who took it, causing miscarriages and those vaccinated can transmit the virus. So, let’s see, there are tried and true, safe and effective treatments so why would anyone with half a brain take this vaccine. It is a tool for genocide. And what about those who have had covid and so are immune?
    Now Biden wants to ban travel across state lines without the vaccine. I guess the virus will now be a geographic control. And as for the virus jumping in the summer in hot climates — people are inside in the AC; jumping in the winter in cold climates – they are inside to get warm, then out in the summer whenit is nice. So with Fauci running around with his hair on fire – there is a logical expanation for it – wow, how to apply science.

  • I was banned on Facebook when I posted I will not take the shot as I do not trust it.No more FB for my family.

  • If your _____________ works, why does mine matter to you?

    A. mask
    B. vaccine
    C. immune system
    D. any of the above

  • This is not the first nor will it be the last report of death following the Coronavirus vaccine. I have had family & friends that developed bleeding disorders, blood clots & other side affects, many resulting in extensive hospitalization & surgical procedures almost immediately after receiving the vaccine. The physicians are not pronouncing the vaccine as being the possible cause of the after-affects of the vaccine, but it does appear to be plausible enough that we should be hearing a warning of possible side affects.

  • Give a moron an inch and he will TAKE a mile! We are faced with a government forecast by ALL the believers in Socialism. First, remove Religion: Second, CONTROL Education-Complete. Third, Overload the system leaving the public befuddled by the CONTROLLED media! Next is not Gun confiscation because there are Millions of guns and thank goodness Registration never took hold BUT Taxing Ammunition is the easy path and that’s what the SOCIALISTS will try next IF Nancy Pelosi cannot get HR-1, HR-2 up to today HR-4 which is designed to insure America is CONTROLLED by one party the Socialist Democrats of America.

  • “We suspect it may have just been a stroke but because of the normal side effects of the vaccine it may have masked that,”

    Death IS one of the normal side effects of the vaccine!!

  • The “normal side effects” of the fauxvid vaccine would mask the symptoms of a stroke??

    Sounds like another great reason to stay as far away from any of these UNTESTED and UN-CERTIFIED chemical soups as possible. They are STILL experimental and I don’t care whether the Communists in the Obidma Regime have “okayed” them for use.

    MANY, MANY THOUSANDS have died from the vaccine and they no longer report those numbers. WHY?????

  • I am with you I am not a Dr. either and I have been tested for covid and dont have it. It is not worth the chance of getting the shot and then die no matter what is being said. The idiots say it is worth it to save ones life yep your right till they are the one that gets it and then dies. If GOD wants me sooner than later then I am his to take but until then I have a very good ammunition system in my body and I dont need no vaccination to keep it that way then blame it on other complications instead of the covid vaccination. So do as you please and I will do the same and if ya dont like then I will send you a KMA Trophy for you to display