A news anchor was busted when he drove three hours to meet what he thought was a 15-year-old boy. He was met by a group of predator hunters instead and they turned him over to the police. He tried lying to them, begging them, and even tried to bribe them as he saw his cushy job going away. The group, which goes by 607 Predator Hunters, posted a video on YouTube showing how Wheeler acted when confronted.

Zach Wheeler, an anchor at NBC affiliate WETM-TV, is shown, entering a store expecting to meet a 15-year-old boy.  Instead, he was met by 607 Predator Hunters who delivered the bad news.

When he was confronted, he initially told them that he was there to have sex with the boy. Instead, he claimed he was there to warn the boy to stay off those apps. They didn’t buy it. Wheeler then tried a different approach, accusing them of picking on gays and lesbians, ignoring the fact that the boy he expected to meet was underage.

He then accused them of trying to ruin his life and getting him fired from his job. He must be a liberal. I say that because he was attempting to break the law and when got caught it was someone else’s fault. Wheeler asked them if they were trying to ruin people’s lives. Yes, but only if you are a pervert trying to nail a boy who is underage. Finally, he accused them of being cancel culture.

From Fox News

The group then confronts him with the chat logs of his conversation with the boy, which at times contain sexually explicit messages.

Wheeler then asks the group if they “need money” and also offers to help them get their organization on TV.

WETM posted a statement to their Facebook page Sunday acknowledging they were aware of the incident.

“WETM has been made aware of a video posted to YouTube regarding one of our employees,” the statement said. “The local group that posted the video claims that the employee engaged in inappropriate behavior. WETM management is looking into the questions raised by the video, and the employee will remain off the air until the situation is resolved. No charges have been filed in connection with the video.”


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