The majority of people in the working class imagine themselves retiring at a young age, free from the demands of employment, and able to pursue their interests. In reality, they likely don’t want to reach retirement age, they just want to retire.

The majority of us, in my opinion, would prefer to retire before we reach our 60s, but some people don’t even think about it. I can understand that if you’re truly happy and passionate about what you’re doing, but what about running for office in Congress?

Even though he is 75 years old, Representative Jerry Nadler is not the oldest member of the House of Representatives. Term restrictions and some kind of age restriction for serving in Congress are obviously needed. Why wouldn’t we restrict the terms of Senators and House members if we restrain the President himself? They have just as much power as the President, therefore it is cruel and unusual punishment for someone like Nancy Pelosi to hold our nation hostage for so many years.

But there is apparently a secret in Congress that has been kept hush-hush. Well, I guess you could call it a secret. I think it’s pretty obvious already.

Rep. Nadler has a habit of falling asleep during meetings. According to an aide who was present during a planning session with House Democratic committee chairs earlier this year via Zoom, Nadler dozed off during one point. He wasn’t awakened; the conversation just went on without him.

The staffer said, “It’s just a known thing.”

One House Democrat said, “I don’t think it’s like Dianne Feinstein,” referring to the 89-year-old Democratic senator from California, whose cognitive decline is well-known, according to the report. However, “You can just tell he’s not … as engaged with others.”

But these are the people who Democrats keep choosing to run this country. Shame on them.

Art Vandalay

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  • Tell Lindsey Graham; to mind his own business those people did nothing wrong how come you don’t see one Democrat arrested we the people from SC would love too see him gone ….. He is a back stabber……

  • This is the result of fear. Great fear. The enemy will be outed. And that’s what they’re afraid of. Maybe “Q” isnt so crazy. And we all should be aware of how corrupt the U.N. is. WHO is complicit in the “pandemic”. Just thoughts.

    • Just another consiracy thought.

      Why do all the Octo-Cents always have smooth skin. Seems like they can only do so much surgery. and Botox will eventually destroy them. Wonder what they are doing.

    • Nothing that is now hid will not be uncovered; we have that promise from Yhwh God. ALL the lies, secrets, deceits, etc, WILL be fully exposed to the light of day. Remember, omnipresent, & omnicient are characteristics of our Lord, along with omnipotent.

  • There should be term limits because these politicians are there because they really don’t want to work but enjoy the power, money, parties, etc. for a lifetime.

  • I agree their should be a age limit on all parts of government . also should be term limits as well . Some of these we see sleeping during a session and others don’t bother showing up . When it comes to government this is not a slumber party or a sleep over it is running the government they need to be sharp and aware of what is going on . the fact we have many that are over the age of 80 in office and most fall asleep during a hearing or what ever is a sign it is time to reshape the situation . Term limits as well as age limits .

  • Nadler, Pelosi, Feinstein, and how many others in congress should be retired because their brains are ceasing to work. These are the people responsible for the well being of our country. It is no wonder our country is in such dire shape!!

    • Do you really think the Dems would pile on these senile senators when the senators only do what they are ordered to do. They weren’t allowed to think for themselves when they could actually do it,

  • Only insane,and people that shet there pants can be a Democrat.The most out of touch are the leaders of this bunch of out casts.And The Republicans are just as bad,because they do nothing about it.The crazy people have taken over the nut house.They are having a great time destroying our country and NOTHING happens to them.Only God and a bunch of Marines will end this.

  • Partial, and part this is also the voters fault! They are the ones that keep re electing these worthless human beings. Oh, and it’s the demonRATS that block term limits!

  • Congress has many that are too old to be there any more. Diane Finestien is another one.
    When peole that are voting are young , working and have a family they don’t have a lot of time to pay attention to what is going on. This causes big problems because they vote for a name they know instead of knowing about what new people running for office believe.

  • everyone stop worrying and stop bellyaching! the evil Democrats are going down soon! President Trump will be back in office this year! don’t believe me? watch and get your popcorn out and get ready to celebrate!

  • Look how many of them dems in congress are either senile or “cognitively challenged. Some like the congressman from Texas (who did not want to send marines to Guam because it might capsize from their weight!). Along with Nanny Pelosi, Nadler, Senator Diann Whinestine there is Maxi Waters, and dozens of others. We don’t have an IQ test for elected officials, because the voters are supposed to provide that, but when too many of the voters have the IQ of a cumquat, we end up with Corey Bush and more. Maybe we need an IQ test for voters.

  • No mental acuity needed to be a Democrat.The Democrats are the party off Dementia patients,Senile octogenarians,alcholics,Muslim Terrorists and and angry old Black Racists



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