This report is damning and if there is any justice in Washington DC left, FBI Agent Tim Thibault should be behind bars within the next twelve months.

Back on October 22, 2020, Tony Bobulinski held a press conference. He is the  CEO of Sinohawk Holdings and was a business partner with Hunter Biden. During the presser, Bobulinsky talked about a meeting with Joe Biden at the Beverly Hilton on May 2, 2017. They were joined by Hunter Biden and Joe’s brother Jim Hunter.

Later, Bobulinski sent a text to Jim Biden, Joe Biden’s brother,  telling him it was great meeting him and asking him to thank Joe for meeting with him. This was just more proof that Joe Biden lied when he claimed he didn’t know anything about Hunter’s shady business deals. Bobulinski also confirmed that Joe Biden was The Big Guy.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

The witness, Tony Bobulinski, now has concerns that the former official, Timothy Thibault, helped bury information about his dealings with the Biden family that he gave the FBI, sources told the Washington Free Beacon. Thibault retired from the FBI last week amid allegations from whistleblowers that he shut down an investigation into an avenue of “derogatory” information about Hunter Biden in October 2020. Senate Republicans began scrutinizing Thibault earlier this year over anti-Trump rhetoric he posted on social media.

It had been unclear what role Thibault played in the Biden investigation, which began in 2018. But his oversight of Bobulinski means he oversaw one of the most significant witnesses to come forward with information about the Bidens’ business links to China. The FBI interviewed Bobulinski for five hours on Oct. 23, 2020, after Bobulinski publicly disputed Joe Biden’s claim to have never discussed business with his son. Bobulinski said he met with Hunter and Joe Biden in May 2017 to discuss a multimillion-dollar deal with CEFC China Energy, a Chinese energy conglomerate with ties to Chinese military intelligence. The California-based businessman also said Joe Biden is “the big guy” referenced in cryptic emails discussing equity payments from their business deals.

“In my hour-long meeting with Joe Biden we discussed Biden family business dealings with the Chinese, with which he was plainly familiar,” Bobulinski said at a press conference before his FBI interview. Text messages show Bobulinski and Hunter Biden arranging a meeting with Joe Biden at the Beverly Hills Hilton. Emails from Biden’s abandoned laptop show extensive discussions about CEFC China Energy.

The New York Post reported earlier this year that a grand jury witness was asked to identify “the big guy” referenced in the emails sent to Biden and Bobulinski. Bobulinski, however, has not been contacted by the U.S. attorney or called before the grand jury, sources told the Free Beacon. According to the sources, Bobulinski’s attorneys had multiple interactions with Thibault after Bobulinski’s FBI interview. They said Thibault told Bobulinski’s lawyers the FBI would reach out if additional information was needed, but that the bureau has not made contact with Bobulinski since then.

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    • I am confident this corrupt FBI agent will be given a PASS like ALL the conniving Demmunists who helped cover all this up so they could install an unelected senile criminal PUPPET in the White House. This sorry affair, and everything ELSE the conniving Demmunists have done should be a warning to all Americans of just how far these people are willing to go to get power and control over this country and its people so they can DESTROY IT.

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    • China Joe Biden, (the world’s latest Billionaire via XiXi Ping) and his communist party OWN the media, own all the important people in the FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, Department of Defense via “Thoroughly Modern Milly” the State Department and even the U.S. Marine Corps and the 82nd Airborne……….

  • And where is that investigation?????? OH! THEY CAN’T COMMENT ON , ON GOING INVESTIGATIONS! That will never see the light of day! Fact is there is no investigation at all! Time for a special master to see what the FBI is doing! And putting a lot of them in jail!

    • There won’t be any investigation. The conniving Demmunists are NOT going to investigate themselves, and they won’t let anybody ELSE do it, either. After that unhinged RANT by the PHONY senile sock puppet “president” Thursday night, it is clear they intend to take REPRESSIVE measures to SILENCE anybody who dares speak out against their brazen THEFT of an election and subsequent ILLEGAL seizure of government power. The sad thing is, their BRAIN-DEAD acolytes believe all the lies the conniving Demmunists and their media partners are telling to cover their tracks and will stand on the sidelines and CHEER as those of us who tried to tell the TRUTH about who and what these power-mad, America-hating Demmunists really are onto trains bound for those “re-education” camps.

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    • Slimy Christopher Wray, FBI “Director”, China Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and Mark Zuckerberg are all guilty of obstruction of JustUs and conspiring with a foreign power, (China via the One & One Half Billion Payola to Hunter and the “Big Guy”) of conspiring with a foreign power to over throw/ sabotage the Presidential Election of 2020. Cut and dried criminal conspiracy and also involves a charge of RICO against them and Hillary and her plants, bogus FBI executives, Shady McCabe, Stinky Rosenstein, Peter, (” I nailed her in the coffee room so my wife would not know”, Strzock) and Pschopathic liar Smelly Schiff, and Eric , ( I got a Communist Chinese Girlfriend, Swill well and others. All approved by the famous Conshitushonal Lawyer Professor Meritless Gnarland, all assisted by “Fats” Barr singing his song: “I found my thrill on Capitol Hill and joining the swill; The Moon was full when I slung the Bull, forgetting my job while becoming a slob”

  • Their ALL FKN corrupt criminals. Politician’s, unelected bure-o-rats, appointed agency heads. All rot from the head-biden, garland, wray, schumer, mc connel, pelosi. They all should be charged, tried, and if convicted- HANGED for TREASON. Their ill gotten gain’s should be stripped from them AND family members and all honors/awards and places named for them be removed. No burial in any national cemetery. That’s the only way to heal our damaged government

      • Our famous Irish President O’Bama a “Communist” ??…..HarHarHar, Of course he was/is. Obama went to Hollywood and became a producer and director of two famous shows, (The Howdy Doody Show starring China Joe Biden as Howdy and Liar Shiftless Schiff, as “Mr. Bluster” and the second show, ……a “Week end, (four years) with Bernie”, starring again the famous Professor of Linguistics, the World’s latest BILLIONAIRE, China Joe Biden……

    • The next 9-11Catastrophe to kill millions of innocent Americans by Terrorists will be compliments of China Joe Biden who let in all those terrorists from Afganistan and which terrorists will be meeting clandestinely with the thousands of terrorists who have walked across our open Southern “Borders”. Biden is a secret communist cell planted many years ago. China Joe Biden is responsible for the deaths of your loved ones from Fentanyl, the rape of your daughters by MS-13 Gang Members and the Deaths of innocent women who are killed by convicted murderers let out on “bail”. China Joe Biden never beat up anyone in back of the gym who wasn’t one half his size

  • Honestly Biden is a Treasonous Traitor along with Obama, and all Democrats are Treasonous Traitors. They should be deported along with all illegals. They all should convicted of treason and shot by firing squad immediately. They should be denied all Rights to the end for denying our rights to


    • yes, remember when we ‘respected’ the FBI, and DOJ thinking they were honorable and for the people? Maybe back when I was 6 or 7 and did not know any better! God help us all!

    • The FIB (sic) has never been an either wonderful nor honorable institution in my lifetime and I’m 76 years old. All they ever did since WWII was to take credit for the work of REAL Policeman and frame people with paid informants. – Take their budget and split it between the US Marshals and Border Patrol. Their is nothing that can be done to make them an honest organization again.

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  • This has been common knowledge for the better part of two years. Why all the loopla now? If anything was going to be done about this pure corruption, it would have been done all ready. They will continue with the gaslighting of the American public and the FBI will continue covering up of the Biden family’s dispicable corruption!

  • This is the biggest crime in over a century, and it’s insoluble! The FBI, the nation’s once premier investigative agency, is totally CROOKED! It’s no wonder the public is so frustrated they storm the Capital. What other recourse do they have, report the FBI’s felonies to the FBI? My GOD, they’re the perps!!! Can we expect the Agency to lock THEMSELVES up? What have we allowed this government to become?

    • On Inaugeration Day, when Pres Trump was Inaugerated, I waited inside of my family home/business on Connecticut Avenue with my My shotguns and Ar-15s ready for the ANTIFA and BLM who were burning all the businesses on Connecticut Avenue, BUT Alas, the word must have gotten out that I was ready for them to come bursting in with their pistolas and unfortunately I never got to have any fun……….. Semper Fi……….. maybe next time………..

  • And seriously, no one is surprised the FBI has been white washing the Biden’s, and every other democrat. That, as they makeup false charges against, Trump and the conservatives!

  • The Gestapo FBI and DOJ are Domestic Terrorists groups and need to be charged with Treason and dealt with according to the laws of this Country.
    How are these Criminals above the law. It appears that we the people will have to start dealing out Justice to these Traitors ourselves or there will be no Justice

  • Seriously, we are no longer a nation of equal justice, the double standards because of political party have ruined a nation!

  • Well past time to overthrow the corrupt U.S. Federal government and reinstall the government in strict compliance with the original intent of the Constitution.

  • Th e new congress should defund the FBI till they are totally investigated! And all lost evidence is exposed ! These people have become way to corrupt ! And America needs to clean out the rats nest! And yes a lot of the political FBI need to be in jail! Just to teach the others that they could also be jailed for not doing their job!

  • Is this man still around and alive? You know how people just have life ending events, with these people. I HOPE he was in protective custody!! We can’t let them destroy our beautiful country.

  • Every Saturday Morning, Regularly before the Sun Comes up, two little figures show up at the back door of the White House to pick up the Biden Dirty Laundry in an old 1939 Van, These two gremlins have been identified as Slimy Chris Wray, (known in Mafia Circles as ‘Da EEL’) and little Gnome Meritless Gnarland. Sunday Morning before the Bidens awaken the Laundy is returned all washed with all the stains removed, just like new……… The Two Gnomes spend most of Saturday at the new XiXi Ping Chinese Laundry managed by Boy Wonder, Mark Sucker burger, who is just graduating college after having his Student Loans wiped out.

  • We already KNOW the FBI colluded with social media and mainstream media to BURY the story about Hunter’s laptop and all the evidence it contained about Joe Biden being paid BRIBES to sell out this country, to help the senile sock puppet SLITHER his way into a White House in a job he is INCOMPETENT to hold. THAT is ESTABLISHED FACT. The question IS, when is something going to be done about all the TREASON, CORRUPTION and ELECTIONI THIEVERY that is being brazenly committed by the conniving Demmunists who are pulling the strings on the senile sock puppet?

  • As long as democrats are in control nothing will ever happen. And even if the republicans get control they will never push hard enough to get to the real justice. Republican always cave to the democrats when the republicans are in power. Washington DC is nothing more that a huge circus with all kinds of clown shows going on. Washington DC and our entire government have become 100% dysfunctional.

    So no one will ever be truly held accountable for their wrong doings. It just gets dragged out as long as possible and then swept under the rug like usual.

    • Where do you guys get the FIB(sic) was EVER a good law enforcement organization?

      The fact is they were created totally without police powers as an unarmed INVESTIGATIVE body. They were not given firearms and arrest powers until 1934. – And since WWII have done nothing but take credit for work done by REAL Police departments and frame people with paid rats. — I was a Cleveland Policeman and saw them do it time after time. No real copper will have anything to do with the FIB.

  • Are we to believe that only one rogue FBI agent was involved in burying evidence that pertained to a Presidential candidate, even when there was frequent public accusations that it was occurring? No managers in the FBI thought to check out the accusations? They must think we are really naïve.

  • All our enforcement agencies have a (do not touch) file. The names in these files are in fact (untouchable) These people can even order murders and get away with it. The Clintons have done this at least 29 times that we know of and are still being shielded from proseqution. The Bidens are lower down on the totem pole but are still untouchable. This is one of, if not, the main reason we have a second amendment. Our Founders were very wise to recognise this as being a future problem and gave us this solution.

  • I keep hearing about this STUFF. Nothing happens, which means either it is false, or our Justice system is a farce.

    The time is now, put up, investigate, charge and convict , or just shut up!
    Most know that our Justice system for the TOP (read wealthy, influential), is slanted to protect them. I expect that nothing will happen.

  • We all know he’s corrupt not to mention his health is not what any sitting president should have send him home to rest!

  • If all this is true and and can be proven not to be fake evidence, a BUNCH of people should make the can and the new congress’ first action should be to file impeachment charges against brandon – And if the Sennett refuses to convict they will have so much egg on their faces they will never live it down.

  • Folks this is not just Breaking Laws and Corruption It is Plain TREASON keeping Trump from being Elected and Stealing the Election from Trump and We the People who may have had 0ver 100,000,000 Votes which were switched from Trump to Joe Biden How do you think Joe who never Campaign to get more than Trump who had over 30,000 people at every place he went and was there 12 hours or more before he got there?What

    • You’re absolutely right! I never believed that Trump lost the election, and still consider him to be the POTUS to this day.

    • Our U.S. elections have turned out to be a joke. Either our voting public has to have an average IQ somewhere around our current president’s or (my guess) the crooked Electoral System has succeeded in putting Bernie Madoff to absolute SHAME. He only fleeced the public out of $64.8 billion. — our current system can put obviously demented manics into the world’s most powerful office,

  • The FBI is out of control and has been ever since Edgar J Hoover was in charge of cover-up! Why do “We the People” go on allowing this to continue? The needs to be a special “Master” investigation with power to delve into any and all records, and personnel who have any information leading to corrupt behavior of any public official. We have got to get the the bottom of this corruption that is a blight on our government. I also think that the CIA as well as the DOJ need to be held responsible for any and all wrong doings as well.

  • FBI is not an agency working for Americans.It was politicized and weaponized by Barack Hussein Obama in order to begin the Russia gate scam to get Hillary elected.It has been questionable a long time since Democrats and Communists got together in the 50’s to begin the destruction of America.2008 election was their day of jubilation,their hard work will now be finished and America destroyed.

  • Gee. The FBI doing something corrupt. Who’da thunk it?
    Consider DOJ/FBI handling of the Hillary email “matter. It was pure theater.
    They knew the Clinton/Lynch tarmac meeting would get out. Lynch would step aside and take the unprecedented action of rendering the whole DOJ useless, so Comey could let Hillary walk. In any normal legal scenario, the Deputy steps in when the top person is compromised. Hmm. Did Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein suddenly not exist? Lynch handing off to Comey was comparable to a city prosecutor saying the Chief od Police would decide a case. Comey rewrote the wording of the law, and Hillary walked. Dems and the MSM swallowed it whole. That was the goal.
    As Paul Harvey used to say,”now for the rest of the story.” Bill Clinton brought Lynch into his 1992 campaign to bury Hillary’s conflicts of interest. The process of establishing the questionable charter for Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan to facilitate White Water, required Hillary to go through the financial regulators appointed by her husband. (it’s in the congressional report on White Water.) And, Bill appointed Lynch as a federal prosecutor in 1999.
    Footnote: Bill’s mere presence on Lynch’s plane was the message: Be loyal – or be on the Ron Brown flight path.



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