Joe Biden has finally discovered why his popularity numbers are so low you can slide them under a pregnant cockroach. It is because you and I are mentally ill and cannot see that the embarrassing withdrawal from Afghanistan, a wrecked foreign policy, high gas prices, the loss of constitutionally protected civil rights, and high gas prices have made our economy so great. If our brains functioned like his, he’d be popular.

I do agree with him that mental illness is the reason that he is unpopular, but it’s not because the voters have it. He has it. In the latest poll, only 33% have a favorable opinion of Biden and if it wasn’t for Blacks it would be very much lower. Biden is underwater in 48 states, including, New York, California, Massachusetts, Illinois, California, and Oregon. The only two states in which Biden is favored are Vermont and Hawaii.

The Biden Administration is a dumpster fire.

  • Record high gas prices.
  • Baby formula shortage.
  • Tampon shortage.
  • Record high inflation rates.
  • Vaccine mandates.
  • 13 dead American service members in Kabul bombing.
  • Americans left behind in Afghanistan.
  • Record illegal immigration/open borders
  • Supply chain crisis

Biden said:

“As for the overall American mindset, Biden said, “People are really, really down.”” 

“Their need for mental health in America has skyrocketed because people have seen everything upset. Everything they’ve counted on upset. But most of it’s the consequence of what happened, what happened as a consequence of the the COVID crisis.” 

Joe Biden and his stooge Pierre are on a mission to convince Americans that all the pain they are feeling is the result of a robust economy. Who do they think they are fooling? The drug business is doing great even though their vaccines are strictly experimental and fully vaccinated and boosted Americans are coming down with COVID-19 on a regular basis. They then claim that their symptoms would be worse without the shots. But, would they? For most people, the symptoms are not that severe, especially in children.

The truth is that elected Democrats are worried about Biden’s poll numbers hurting them in November. One analyst believes that Republicans can pick up 70 seats in the midterm election. That would be a disaster for them. Voters in 2024 won’t blame them for not passing bills because Joe Biden will veto them.

Art Vandalay

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  • Funny (SMH funny) stuff here. If it weren’t such a sad situation, this would be comical. On another note, California gets voted as an “underwater” state twice.

  • FJB that POS is a lying worm that needs to be in a padded coffin 6’ under with the rest of the roaches and dims

  • Not accepting responsibility for your own actions is the sign of a spoiled adolescent, not a leader. This is Biden’s reflex developed from a lifelong of being a lying, corrupt, plagiarizing politician who as Bob Gates said “has gotten every foreign policy issue wrong in the last 40 years.”

  • Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe should speak for himself. Democrats should take note. If one voted for Corrupt Quid Pro, and now figure they made a mistake, they and the rest of America are considered mentally ill. There is only one person mentally ill here and it’s Corrupt Quid Pro Joe. Michael Savage nailed it years ago, when it came to the liberal commie Democrats. Liberalism is a mental disease. Corrupt Quid Pro is following Adolf Hitler’s Propaganda Minister. If one tells a lie long enough, the masses will start to believe it. Corrupt Quid Pro always lies, and Corrupt Quid Pro this ignorant (SOB), the people aren’t buying it, so sell it somewhere else.

  • Who are the stupid people that voted for Biden? Do the Dems still believe in him? I would hope that they see what he really is. How has he been able to stay in government as long as he has. Have the Dems in Delaware cheated on elections to keep this joke in our government for decades? He is not original in his thoughts. He plagiarized because he can’t come up with original ideas. I’ve never seen such a disaster in a president before now. He’s got to go.

  • Sorry, but I fail to believe that 33% have any favorable opinion of the old fart. At best, 3 to 5% have any faith in him at all, if you remove other democrats who benefit from his crimes from the polls… And THEY are only on his side BECAUSE they’ve made a profit from his crimes.

    • If the true Fact was know I bet that he only got the vote that was the Democrats leader that was in the grovement in Dc

    • He’s that high because of the amount of people on the government dole and they aren’t going to bite the hand that feeds them.

  • Biden has always been stupid and corrupt but now we can add Mentally Defective to the list. I believe that he belongs in an Institution for the Criminally Stupid, He is and was, never “FIT” to be President. He has always been a Political Hack and thanks to his “fine upstanding” son Hunter, we have found out just how corrupt he is both Ethically and Morally! Biden, his “administration” and the Democrat Party are the Enemy Within and must be removed!

    • Vinniea, I agree. There aren’t enough negative adjectives in the dictionary to describe the job this walking disaster has created. The other half of his disaster are the JV team he has selected to run these different departments. I could go on but look at Mayorkis his Homeland Security Director. This guy has done more damage to our country, than maybe the equivalent of Piglosi. I can’t believe these Marxist can’t be impeached?

  • LMAO! All Biden has to do is something very easy and won’t make him exert himself. That is to just look in a mirror to see what mental illness is!

  • Laugh all you want! But I am amazed how many brainwashed souls really swallowed that hog wash! Maybe that is what the Jab was all about. It made them all stupid. Or is it the drugs Democrats are flooding into the country? But the fact is they still believe what that moron says. How can that be? I really believe they have perfected brainwashing! These poor souls seem like they live in an alternate universe . They keep waiting for the free everything that the rich will pay for. That is the same lie the Democrats have been selling since 1949! And they still find suckers to swallow that lie! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING !

    • James you’re right and the GOP has yet to figure it out and use something that will benefit them. Then again when they do have the power they either fight against themselves or tick off the voters and are voted out the next election.

  • 1. Biden IS unpopular
    2. Americans (at least Democrats) ARE mentally ill.
    Slow Joe’s almost batting 1000.


  • Americans [that leaves-out the America-hater obiden]: Do not forget another intentional destruction-smoking-gun move…obiden killing the Principal Engine of our economy: killing our fossil fuel, natural gas, and nuclear power plants, all purposely to destroy our USA. On the 1st day of destruction: Jan 21, 2021: cancelling the Keystone XL Pipeline construction, cancelling drilling on Federal lands, offshore, and on ANWR, and red-taping drilling permits.
    Yeah, obiden enjoys riding in the fossil-fuel-powered Air Force One, huh? Currently, no airplane gets powered by motors with rechargeable batteries. Don’t expect that to be feasible in the future.
    With demoncrats working to destroy our Country and into communism, we can look forward to the Future Dark Age, with generally, little electrical power except that of the wealthy elitists who still have financial resources for access to the dwindling world supplies of fossil fuels and natural gas…while touting their “windmills and solar power”.

    • He always looks like a deer caught in the head lights! Surprised nobody believes a word he says!

  • I want then to pay with their money to fix their mess! If they were forced to pay to return all the illegals! They would never try this again . But if the corrupt courts let them slide they will be doing it again! And the robbing of America will be bigger than ever! They must be made to pay either by the government we pay for or the people themselves!

  • That’s the best laugh I’ve had in a while. Though, 33% approval for O’biden is disturbing. It shouldn’t be that high and may not really be.

  • I suspected it was me, now

    I suspected it was me. I admit I had bad feeling about the high gas prices taking food off my table. I admit I blamed Joe but then I just don’t understand economics. Even though inflation is ruining the economic health of our country and of every family in America, I now know, after hearing our President, that Joe meant it for good and we can only blame ourselves for perceiving it as evil.

  • Joe Biden looks like a trapped rat in this picture – a valid characterization. He is President only because his wife wanted to be First Lady.

  • Biden is unpopular because of two things, First, he is a Democrat, Second, he is not mentally strong enough to do his job.

    • To add to my comment. he is like the person that says I am fine it is everyone else that has a problem.

  • Mr. Biden, I was in the government for 37 years, and sir, after 8 presidents all of them put together couldn’t total up the disaster you have been for this country and the people of the US, Ukraine, Taiwan etc. Our enemies see weakness and respond, they always have. My garbage collection just went up to $217.00 every three months. MY food and gas are up .. I have never seen a more disastrous administration, social picks not competence.

  • …….Mr. Biden, I was in the government for 37 years, and sir, after 8 presidents all of them put together couldn’t total up the disaster you have been for this country and the people of the US, Ukraine, Taiwan etc. Our enemies see weakness and respond, they always have. My garbage collection just went up to $217.00 every three months. MY food and gas are up .. I have never seen a more disastrous administration, social picks not competence.

  • I will agree that he problem with popularity is caused by mentally ill Americans. If his followers weren’t mentally challenged, his popularity would be negative 33. How do you get a negative number??? Must be all those dead voters being polled.

  • Biden is correct that tens of millions of American’s suffer from mental illness. The proof is undeniable in that they voted for Biden and continue to support Democrats.

  • Well, mental illness, along with amorality supporting much of that problem, is connected, but, unfortunately, those who suffer it are the ones voting FOR Biden, not, as he states, the opposite!

  • What’s truly hilarious is the people he is calling mentally ill are the one’s that believe in the second amendment. Yet the mass shooter are almost always Democrats

  • The statement made by Geriatric Joe is true for a segment of the population, yes. The ones that are mentally ill are the woke Democrat’s. These are the one that fight to defund police and then higher Security groups to secure their homes. Those who now sleep with their guns can not afford Security, so let’s take away their guns. These are the ones that want to persecute people who visited the Capital and have some still in prison without a trial and without a conviction. Is that against the law? Not if you are a Democrat. Conservatives ask for the videos, but the Democrats won’t let us see the hundreds of hours of videos because the videos won’t support their lawlessness. Yes there are those who voted for the mental midget and won’t let Dominion voting machines be tried for voter fraud and treason that they know would defeat them in the courts of law. Yes, you nailed it your most highly Pontificated, “so, son of bitch, they fired him” kind of guy. Yes you nailed it, Sir. You nailed the part of society called woke Democrats that now want to kill Supreme Court justices because they will finally reverse the criminality known as Roe VS Wade. Yes, and who knows 50+ people who were their associates that committed suicide? One was our president and the other one wanted to be president. Where is Huma? Yes, Joe Biden, we are finding out what has gone for decades. I think you should run again, and we can watch the clowns do their tricks to get you elected, if not for the second time.

  • the most happy day in OUR country will be the day that Joe Biden’s OBITUARY is in the paper !!!! I can hardly wait for this ignorant demented old son of a female dog is put 6 feet under !! Anybody that actually believes ANYTHING that that criminal says is in SERIOUS need of a mental health evaluation !!!! F**K JOE BIDEN, HIS FAMILY, AND EVERYTHING THAT THAT RETARDED OLD FOOL STANDS FOR !!!! F**K YOU IF YOU VOTED FOR HIM !!!!

  • Well, Joe, I am not mentally ill, because I DID NOT vote for you. But there are people who evidently are since they DID vote for you. Not as many as you think, though! And, there must be some still out there for your ratings to be as high as they are.

  • There’s One BRAIN DEAD piece of Gutter Trash and it is in the White House by the Name of Little Joey O’Biden and his FAKE Administration Infested with Human Parasites. That’s Why BUFFOON Joey is So UNPOPULAR.

  • Brandon is definitely mentally ill, but with Kamala Harris and then Nancy D’Alesandro Pelosi next in line for the Presidency there is not much to be done for it. The Democrat donors and their minions who defrauded the USA in the 2020and 2021 elections have done the US (and the world) huge harm.

  • Nah, you’re unpopular because nobody likes grifting, lying, plagiarizing racist, half-century public, servant schmucks who steal elections to destroy their own country and do unspeakable things to their own children!

    That’s why you’re unpopular!

  • Joe is the PERVident of the United States. He’s a totally corrupt and compromised.
    He’s received over 31 million dollars from the Russians and Chinese. Do you think that ANYONE gives someone 31 million dollars without expecting SOMETHING IN RETURN???

  • First it was republicans were deplorable or white supremacy ruled them. Now king Biden decides the whole country in mental. Remember the commercial where the dad is yelling at his son about drugs and the son finally yells I learned by watching you. Well we’re all mental from watching king Biden dictate all his lame ass policies that are ruining America/ Americans!!!!!

  • Yah we’re crazy but at least we know what day it is who we’re married to and what our name is.And we don’t forget to put our feet down when we come to a stop on our bicycles.


  • If one voted for Lying Corrupt Quid Pro King Joe, then those are the people that are mentally ill. They belong to the Democrat Basket of Deplorables.

  • Says the POTUS who can’t for the life of him put a complete sentence together before turning to shake someone’s hand who isn’t there at all. Says the POTUS who can’t even remember where the hell he is or what state of mind he is in. Says the most INCOMPITENT USELESS MENTAL MIDGET OF A POTUS EVER IN AMERICAN HISTORY ! ALL FACTS !!!

  • Well, I will disagree about some of the voters; obviously there are about 30% of them who are solidly mentally deranged. Those are still supporting a metally decompensated impostor in our WH, for whom NO ONE voted! But the reality is that HE isn’t running anything; his handler is Susan Rice, & their bosses are not even Americans!

  • Look in the mirror Joe. You and your Communist Democrat followers are the only Mentally Ill Americans I see today.

  • I really believe this is Obama’s third term as President as he has refused to leave Washington D C and return to his home city of Chicago (where the murder rate is astronomically high). Obama wanted to do all these things (THAT JOE HAS DONE) when he was President but Republicans controlled one branch of Congress during 6 of his 8 years he was President. Obama goes to, or calls the White House and tells them what to do EVERY Day of the year I am betting, and “por ol Joe” has No Idea what is happenning! My opinion only, but it makes sense to me!

  • Biden has identified the issue driving the problem, but has not identified the perpetrator who is the cause. Aside from his own cognitive deficit, he needs help now seeing himself in the mirror

  • The truly sad part of the Democrats is they are STILL trying to blame Trump for everything that is wrong! How can the hatred of one man, (Trump) take all the good things he did for America and do all the destruction that Biden has done in the last 2 years! Our Country is in such a mess and it’s because Biden and Democrats wanted to do everything they could to take anything that Trump accomplished down! Yeah that’ll show him won’t it? Biden doesn’t work for Trump he works for the American people, yeah right! And I’m sick of hearing how Covid 19 has caused us all to go crazy and every problem we have is because of Covid!!

  • The only mental illness that can be labeled here is a President and an Administration from top to bottom who have created more havoc and destruction to America and its citizens that I have seen in my lifetime of 85 years..
    The American people are speaking loud and clear with the polls and can recognize outright deceit, incompetence beyond the pale, and the utter lack of decency or self respect to humanity, Judeo Christian values or Patriotism to a country with the most thought out Constitution and implementation ever created. We are not buying it.



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