President Joe Biden had difficulty speaking and correctly pronouncing words during a speech in Puerto Rico on Monday, turning and asking someone else on stage to “help me with the pronunciation.”

“And we’ve announced sic – a hundred and sixty-three million, uh [unintelligble] million dollars to begin construction on the canal to restore can -” Biden stammered before turning to his right to beg Puerto Rico governor Pedro Pierluisi for help.

“Help me with the pronunciation,” Biden demanded, to which Pierluisis replied, “Martin Pena, Martin Pena.”

“Martin Pena,” Biden recited. “The, that entire ecosystem. And we’re gonna clean up polluted waters and restore mitigation habits, m-m-mangrove habitat, mangrove habitats.”

Biden experienced several other strange moments during his Puerto Rico trip, such as when he appeared to stop and stare at the ground as if searching for some lost object following the speech.

While hosting a reception for Hispanic Heritage Month earlier this month, Biden told members of the audience that “maybe some of you” came to the United States illegally, then declared “y’all were here before we were” in a seemingly contradictory statement.

“Can you imagine? Maybe some of you were dreamers,” Biden said. “It’s like your – why don’t what, people expect to say when your mom’s taking you across the Rio Grande to say, ‘No mama, I’m stayin’ here, I’m not goin. I’m gonna make my choice.’ C’mon.”

Later in the speech, Biden switched and gears and told the audience that instead of immigrating illegally, they have been in the US longer than “we were.”

“Hispanic history is American history. It’s American history,” Biden said. “As a matter of fact, as they say, ‘Y’all were here before we were.’” He then laughed awkwardly and nodded.

Biden’s speech comes as his poll numbers among Hispanics have sunk to record levels, and increasing numbers of Hispanics have indicated that they plan to support Republican candidates in upcoming elections.

Gabriel Keane

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    • Simple because his wife HAD to be First Lady when in all reality she is not a lady. She belongs behind bars for elder abuse

  • DNC with MSM help will minimize his exposure and count on his gaffes to get lost in the 24 hour news cycle. Look for another retreat to the basement. Watch next for a visit to Delaware where he get’s ‘juiced’ for the next month or so.

  • You can’t fix STUPID!!!! Biden is as dumb as they come. He belongs in a nursing home, not the White House pretending to lead the country. This idiot will get us all killed between China and Russia let alone North Korea and Iran. Republicans must take control next month and get rid of ALL Demonrats like Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, Maxine and more. These people only care about how much of our tax money they can stick in their pockets. Biden alone will bankrupt the country with his spending.

  • I m a senior myself and I realize that I’m not quite as sharp as I used to be. For some things I used to do I realize a younger more fit individual would work out better. It is sad seeing the man fade away in front of everyone, but it also makes it easier for him to be controlled by shadow entities. His replacement would not be good.

  • china says a big thank you for the commie democrat pedophile racist woke cult party for faking all those ballots to put this demented finger rapist puppet into the white house
    the chinese communist are very proud of dementia jo and giggles the ho while she sides with north korea.

  • What a bloomin’ MORON!! And the twit he’s married to: doesn’t she know any other kind of fabric pattern other than fruits and flowers???? Oh God…they couldn’t be worse if they tried….let’s hope not. It can’t get any worse than it is now….!!

  • So who is to blame for Joe Biden as president? I will tell you ignorant fools. It is the news media and those that gave him all those extra votes. We all know that not that many people were stupid enough to vote for him. Yes we know most democrats would because they don’t like our country as they are proving everyday.

  • What an embarrassing POS to represent America.
    While Pedophile Biden continues to make America the biggest laughing stock of the world the Communist Democrats work behind the scenes to destroy more of America.
    And Rino Mitch McConnell is working with them.

  • What I do not understand, first, why does his wife allow them to put him on display only to be made fun of. How can she stand there, a couple of feet away and watch her husband be made a fool of himself? He doesn’t even know what they are doing to him. She is just as guilty as the Democratic party. I am not a Biden fan, but I can tell you I am human (unlike others who continue this behavior.) He is progressively getting worse, and it is cruel not to address the issue for his well being. Shame on his wife for allowing these people to treat him this way. But then, she might be in on it all. The only answer I can come up with is the Dems must have something in their plans, something that is worse than feeding him to the lions. Shameful.

  • Jill dresses like a house maid, and Joe doesn’t know which house he is supposed to be in. Isn’t anyone in Congress able to say IMPEACH?



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