President Joe Biden was visibly confused and needed verbal assistance leaving the stage following a Labor Day speech this week, asking his staff “Where am I going?”

“Thank you,” Biden said upon the conclusion of the speech, before turning to his staff and pointing offstage.

“Where am I going?” he asked. “I’m going out here?”

During Biden’s multiple speeches throughout the day, he railed against supporters of former President Donald Trump.

“One of the things that is clear to me is that this new group headed by a former president, a former defeated president, we found ourselves in a situation where we’re either gonna look forward or look backwards,” Biden said. “And it’s clear which way [Trump] wants to look. It’s clear which way the new MAGA Republicans are. They’re extreme.”

“Democracy is really at stake,” Biden insisted. “You can’t be a democracy when you support violence when you don’t like the outcome of an election. You can’t call yourself a democracy when you don’t, in fact, count the votes that people legitimately cast and count that as where you are. You can’t be a democracy or call yourself one if you continue to do what they’re doing.”

Biden took to social media on Sunday to declare MAGA “extremism” from those who still doubt the results of the 2020 election to be a “threat” to the “soul” of America.

The official @POTUS Twitter account wrote that “The MAGA agenda represents an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic,” and claimed that conservatives do not “respect our Constitution” or “recognize the will of the people.”

In two more tweets, the @POTUS Twitter account called “MAGA proposals” like protecting the southern border a “threat to the very soul of this country.”

The @POTUS account added, “America respects free and fair elections. We honor the will of the people. We do not deny it.”

Gabriel Keane

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  • He is using deflection and lies, cannot stand to listen to mister dementia!!! Go back to your basement and stay.. This country was in much better shape without your corruption!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • We have a domestic terrorist a Treasonous liar and theif, an unconstitutional illegitimate pedophile POTUS in the White house. And those who follow and vote Communist Democrats are the sheeple who don’t know which way is up and who can’t pour piss out of a boot without the directions on the heel.

  • Our country is so headed toward a deep depression and we have leaders who are pushing our children into believing lies
    Levine- the trans in the white house is a woman
    Kamala Harris tells the country she is African American.
    George Floyd is a hero
    Bill Gates is a scientist
    Greta Thurnberg is a climate expert
    AOC is a Genius
    And the protesters of 2021 who burned down major cities were mostly peaceful
    Elizabeth Warren is a Native American

  • Lier, Lier. And again, using words that describes DemocRats actions to divide the country against the Republicans. Hope and trust that We The People are seeing through the lies and vote the Biden Administration out.

  • The puppet master forgot to tell the puppet where to go and then maybe he wast told where to go and forgot. Know where this guy is really going, probably where it’s very hot.

  • The old feeble communist is sick in his mind! The will of the people surely not with him! The people want security and safety! Especially at our borders! He has to go!

  • The world is laughing at us for letting this crap go on they need to be lead in cuffs to gitmo starting with the head puppet Soros,down to Obama then on down the line tired of these major law breakers getting away with breaking our laws.

  • That pervert child molester is a disgrace to the United States of America and you can be sure other countries are laughing at us and I am sure China & Russia are waiting for us to crumble so they can take over. God help us!!!!!!!!!!

  • How dare we Republicans do what Democrats have done after almost every election where the Republican candidate won? Question the validity of the election! How dare we accuse the Democrats of doing what they regularly accuse the Republicans of doing? Stealing the election by fraud! We’re not supposed to cast any doubt on an election fraught with irregularities and suspicious circumstances, to say the least. Right now, I see the evidence against the 2020 election mounting and the Democrats are terrified the truth will come out that they stole it. If the Republicans take the House and Senate in November, you can bet your last dollar there will be an investigation and that is the last thing Dems ever want to happen.

  • This is the garbage that has to stop. He wasn’t confused, he was merely asking which direction he was to exit the stage. Total BS here.

  • Biden is the problem! That is why his crowd size is so small! The idiot can’t draw fly’s Even they have a standard! Every crowd(IF YOU CAN CALL IT THAT) looks like it was bussed in. Seen him give a speech to an empty dirt field. With only the press there! And the idiots claim he got 81 million votes??????? BS! Of course as we saw on twitter 20million of his fans are fake! But I am sure the Democrats had them vote! 20 million on twitter alone! How many fake on face book?

  • OH !!!!! King O’Biden’s brain is fried ???? BIG SHOCK !!!!!!!
    He isn’t there for his mental acuity; he is there as the easily controlled, “FRONT MAN” for the “REAL” puppeteers running the country !!!!!!!!!
    You STOLE the election for THIS ????????
    WAKE UP FOLKS !!!!!!!!!

  • If a person lies about his relationship with God, such as calling himself a practicing Catholic while publicly promoting abortion, what else would he not lie about? Biden is a practicing liberal who makes up his own truth to conform with the Democratic Party.

    • No way a communistic lean is compatible with God and Country……and impossible to for a commie to defend a defend a country lead by God’s Providence…..

  • If he doesn’t have a clue where he’s going then neither do we…..Running against The Donald is just TDS and ancient paranoia….Now way to run against the issues, the R’s have that sewed up, so what’s left is cheap gossip, lies and electioneering, the DIMs cannot run on the issue so changing the narrative to sideline the issues America wants to hear about is not how the hate America DIM’s will handle this upcoming election…..My bet if and when the R’s take the house and Senate, impeachment for treason and high crimes will solve O’Biden’s 2024 dilemma……The R’s will replace the directors of the FIB and the biased teat sucking DOJ AG……America 1st is a fact and MAGA is coming for you….

  • It is fairly obvious from the state of our economy and the hardships being felt by American citizens that moving forward the Biden way is detrimental to our Republic and the values by which it has stood since the country was established. I’m sure all rich and elitists are on his train because they are the only ones profiting by the policies of this administration. Since Regan the government has become increasingly Anti-American except when President Trump raised the country up after Clinton, Obama, and Bush with the help and support of Evil Soros tried to destroy everything good in America. Biden joins their ranks as a non-president who hates our Republic.

  • How did they expect brandon to get off stage by him self? – He gets lost getting back to the bathroom in his own house.

    It is hard to get mad at the senile old fool, though. It’s not him calling the shots of writing the speeches. I don’t think he has any idea what he is reading off the teleprompter. I look to the half honky and soreass and other NWO Marxists that we never heard of to see who is pulling the strings.

    PRESIDENT Trump 2024
    Take America back,,,,and KEEP it this time.

  • You’re going to Hell. Sadly, you’re taking us with you.
    Is DementiaJoe’s Secret Service code word really, “Depends”?

  • The dems have supported and encouraged violence against republicans from the day Donald Trump began his run for President.
    And now they are blaming the very people they attacked as the danger to America.
    If anyone has been paying attention, the dems have and are doing everything they screamed Donald Trump would as President.
    They said he would get US into WWIII, well he worked hard to prevent that, were the Biden puppet masters are working overtime to do just that, get America into another war, very possibly a global war. This goes on suffice to say they are th real and present danger to not only America, but our allies and the world.

  • Biden is an idiot and is being led around by his nose hairs. He should be living in an old age home with other people with diminished minds who need to be shown how to use a toilet, instead of sitting in the big chair collecting his 10% from Hunter’s illegal deals with China.

  • I don’t see the magna movement, robbing, looting, burning down buildings, shooting, killing people, and going after the police. This rhetoric is dangerous from a man who claims to be for all people of the United States. He is not. He is the enemy within.

  • Biden proves every day HE DIDN’T WIN ANYTHING! He can’t draw fly’s for a crow! Nobody goes to see him ! Even now that he is president! He gave a speech to an empty dirt field with just a camera crew! And the brainwashed Democrats think he won???? How stupid are they??? Colorado clerk caught Dominion changing the voter data on the machines! Watch (S)election code ! Or you can watch the entire week end of proof if you have the time! And Democrats want to prosecute her for telling the truth! Democrats are pushing for a civil war! And it just might be them we deport! As they certainly don’t deserve America! And we have enough illegals ! NOBODY WILL MISS THEM!

  • The only “threat” to Democracy, America and the American way of life is PedoBiden! This administration has set the American Way of Life back 20 years! Democrats don’t want Americans to live free and happy! They instead want to control every aspect of our daily lives! They want to line their pockets and bank accounts with our tax dollars! Do as we say, not as we do is their motto!

  • “The democrat agenda represents an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic,” and claimed that progressives do not “respect our Constitution” or “recognize the will of the people.” I made a minor alteration that is more closely to the truth. That almost quote is what Biden meant to say!!

  • Biden and his entire staff should be removed from their duties in Washington now. If he is allowed to be a mindless puppet and run this nation, there will not be a nation in another year.

  • His mouth should BURN when he speaks of counting ‘the votes people legitimately cast’ after the blatant FRAUD that got him into office.



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