Dan Bongino is a force to be reckoned with.  I remember first hearing him on The Alex Jones show years ago.  He was well spoken, confident and had the pedigree to back up everything he said.

Since then Dan has made quite a name for himself in the conservative movement.  His no nonsense, call it as he sees it approach to commenting on the news has resonated with tens of millions of Americans.  As a result he has one of the most listened to podcasts and what appears to be the most viral page on Facebook.

Bongino’s videos get millions of views and have been helping to shape the narrative for years.  It’s easy to see why patriots have fallen in love with Bongino after watching him tear Geraldo apart last night on Hannity.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

This was quite the segment on Hannity.

On Wednesday night Sean Hannity invited both Dan Bongino and Geraldo on to continue their discussion on the police shooting of Daunte Wright.

During the exchange Bongino left Geraldo speechless — A FIRST! After he slammed him for race-baiting following the accidental shooting by Officer kimberly Potter. Bongino laid him out SO HARD that Geraldo was temporarily stunned and speechless!

Then later in the exchange Dan Bongino accused Geraldo of stirring up racial angst and “wanting the country to burn.”

That’s when Geraldo LOST IT and screamed, “You son of a bitch! You punk! You’re just a punk!”

To which Dan Bongino responded, “You notice he won’t tell me that to my face.”

WOW! This was explosive!

I haven’t seen Geraldo get pummeled like that since …

I have to admit I don’t dislike Geraldo, and he has done some good work in the past.  It’s a hame that he has the mind virus that we call ‘neo-liberalism’

Eric Thompson

Conservative independent talk show host and syndicated political writer.

USMC Veteran fighting daily to preserve Faith - Family - Country values in the United States of America.

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  • If there’s a “punk” here, it isn’t Bongino. I’ve seen Geraldo make threats against other people on “The Five” in the past, and wondered why somebody who could very easily do it didn’t knock him off his chair. Geraldo is in love with himself only. He thinks his opinion is the only one to be considered – always. He’s supposed to be a lawyer. Why isn’t he “Lawyering”. When someone opposes what he says, he starts talking over them and raising the volume. I don’t doubt he has done some good at some point in his life. Bragging as if he is the be all-end all doesn’t do it for me. He talks a good game, but I think he’s basically full of shit, and a coward as well.

    • Because if he is a lawyer in lis angtkes many of them are dems and are narcissitic gor which there is no cure! Of that I am serious. SO guess that means there is no hope for them they have the “I” disease . Their opinion is thevonkt one that counts. Look at CDC, BIDEN, HARRIS, WHO They are sll infected with narcissism.
      Sorry but its true it is their way or no way. Not going to hapoen to many good and smart Americans.

    • What good has he done? He doesn’t talk a good game either. He’s nothing but a windbag full of shit. Fights with most people. He must have someone at fox by the nuts or he would have been laid out by Watters or Gutfeld.

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  • I remember when Geraldo had the Geraldo show, and had the white supremacist and the KKK on together and it turned into a brawl. Geraldo didnt fare well when he got in the middle of that. Im sure one on one Bogino would ugly him up a lot worse than a broken nose. But its easy for Geraldo to be tough when its not person to person.

    • Geraldo is the brother of Anthony Weiner the PERVERT. Both took pictures of themselves with their shirts off, and sent the to young girls. Geraldo is a liberal, communist that says he loves cops. In the Marine Corps we walked the walk. Bongino like he said walked the walk. Like Bongino said you NEVER put a weapon on the opposite side of your dominant hand. I am sure the COWARD Geraldo has never shot a pistol, let alone got into a gun fight. He is a liar, and a PERVERT windbag. After his shirtless PERVERT action I can’t believe he is allowed on Fox News. They have dropped in my opinion. SF

  • I m so sick of Geraldo and his bull crap, I change the channel when he’s on, he’s as bad as Juan Williams who never had a clue about any subject that was up for discussion, I would not or could not watch him either because I could vomit!

  • Black’s get shot or killed more then non blacks because they refuse to cooperate or follow police directive. They generally are more defiant . More hostile. More aggressive. More inclined to resist, fight or flee. More outraged and angry and always feel it’s because of their color, never their actions that caused police involvement.
    It has been ingrained in their upbringing that they have and continue to be treated unfairly because of color and never for bad behavior!

    • I agree mostly and would add: One can never relax around a VICTIM because a victim will always look for a reason to ‘Get Even” no matter how.

    • 100% RIGHT. Quit breaking the LAW you will not even encounter the police. My only crime is sometimes driving a little too fast and only by accident. I do not intentionally speed on the High Way or on city streets. But I have been pulled over. I am always nice because I am not breaking any law I would get arrested for just a ticket at worst. And most of the time we just talk I explain I am an Idiot and we go on.

    • I agree with your comment, but would like to add that cops kill more white guys than they do blacks because they know the backlash they will face if they kill a black suspect! It is the black on black violence that is out of control!!

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    • Yes he did! I like Bongino more every time I hear him. He says it like it is and does not back down. Only way to treat these idiot’s like Geraldo!

  • I have watched Jurado for years. He has always sensationalized. I watched him get his face slapped by wrestlers when he was full of shit and they called him on it
    He made his millions with sensational bullshit. And he doesn’t like to be called on it don’t let up on him

  • Sean…..while I know that you like the back and forth but for god’s sake, PLEASE shut down Geraldo’s mic when Dan is speaking.

  • With quietness and utmost respect, Bongino listened to Heraldo pontificate about his so-called journalistic qualifications. Then when Bongino, an experienced law enforcement officer, finally gets a chance to speak, what does Heraldo do? He starts shouting over him, not giving him a chance to answer. A typical liberal tactic! Heraldo is the one doing the name calling. Heraldo is the one who has no tolerance for anyone who disagrees with him. The guy is a loud mouth, empty headed bafoon!!!

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  • ? How much more criminal activity is occurring now than before when police were actually allowed to do their job?

    Who is out there committing the crimes???

    Geraldo is showing his true liberal colors…
    Never letting Bongino finish his comments without interrupting… typical Left Leaning Liberal tactic..

  • Geraldo has always been a blow hard who thinks he knows everything and is smarter than everyone. He is a racist. It doesn’t matter to Geraldo what the facts prove. One of the worst mistakes Fox News ever made was hiring Geraldo. After Geràldo called another Fox contributor a “Son of a bitch” on the air, hopefully Fox will reverse their mistake of hiring him and will finally fire him.

  • Jerry wants to see this country burn. Bongino is absolutely 💯
    Jerry should move back to his heritage land . He’s been a fruit bag since he got the crap knocked out of him on his own talk show. He’s not tough never was He’s a wash out to this country and what America stands for

  • One of the reasons so many of the young black guys get killed is because they don’t follow orders. If a cops yells stop and hands up they don’t do it. I’ve seen this too many times. There mothers aren’t teaching them to respect their elders. cops don’t want to have to shoot anyone. Yes occasionally one will become over the top, I don’t know why, but most of them try to do what is right.

  • The discussion must incorporate logical evidence and details to obtain truth. First, Bongino’s comments regarding the positioning of a weapon is real life fact. The mothers that Geraldo articulates and focuses his concern should ask the Dad get engaged and discipline their child and teach respect. Police do not get in their car’s nor shows up at their precinct with a scorebook about killing anyone!

  • Yes blacks are twice as likely to get shot because they are committing more crimes and getting caught, then do stupid things that put the police in dangerous situations. There is a simple way to not get shot QUIT COMMITTING CRIMES, PERIOD! I will never get SHOT by a cop because I DO NOT COMMIT CRIMES, PERIOD! And on the very few times I have been pulled over driving I do not have drugs in my car and I do not pull a gun on the COP! Wholly CRAP you commit a Crime and you get caught, just surrender you IDIOTS. and you will NOT get shot. If I were a Cop I damn well am not going to let some LOW Life Scumbag even look like he is going to take my life. So Blacks and Whites quit BREAKING the Law, that is very simple.

  • Well, I like to listen to different opinions… I listened carefully to Geraldo; he made his point. BUT, he lost my respect with how he yapped over the other guy. Further, once I heard the other guys point (Dan Bongino) his made more sense.

    So if I were making a decision on which made more sense I’d go with Dan Bongino and have come away knowing that Geraldo is a rude, blowhard that doesn’t know about police work.

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  • Unlike Bongino, I have to say I DO dislike Geraldo, and can say nothing good about anything he has done in the past. He is a mud-slinging self-promoter of himself and does nothing to calm race relations.

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  • I cannot stand that mousy Geraldo! For years now he gets his face on TV and sits there and tells us all how wonderful he is and he’s just another typical liberal! Dan was right on! Geraldo showed his true colors for a change when he swore at Dan – classless idiot! I remember seeing Geraldo over the years constantly praising himself and yet he has nothing to take credit for! He’s just another hypocritical, egotistical commie who pretends he’s a moderate – yeah, right!!!

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