President Trump Dismisses 1619 Project as ‘Revisionist History’

One of the most underreported stories in DC is how “WOKE”, the conservatives have become.

Of course, the mainstream media can’t acknowledge how effective the counter-attacking and investigating reporting has been in stopping them from controlling the narrative with runaway stories and political and cultural victories.

The Russia Hoax, Kavanaugh witch hunt, and digging up lies in Bob Woodward’s new upcoming new book, “Rage,” are examples of how there are once again 2 sides to every story.

The NY Times published the 1619 Project, which has been picked up by Oprah, trying to re-write American history and using their influence to get their material into schools across the US.

The author, New York Times reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones, has already been called out by respected historians for her lies and fabrications throughout the material. With this evidence of its real purpose of indoctrinating the youth, President Trump is taking action to limit its reach, and the left is unhinged.

President Donald Trump on Monday criticized the New York Times “1619 Project” as “revisionist history” that should be banned from schools.

The president was asked by a reporter why he rejected the Project’s claims and threatened to defund California schools if they implemented the curriculum.

“I want everybody to know everything they can about our history,” Trump said during a press conference at the White House. “I’m not a believer in cancel culture. The good and the bad. If you don’t study the bad, it could happen again.”

“The 1619 Project,” developed by the New York Times Magazine, argues that America’s true founding date wasn’t 1776 but 1619 — the year that slaves from Africa were first brought to the colonies.

“We grew up with a certain history, and now they’re trying to change our history, revisionist history,” Trump said after he was asked about the project.

New York Times reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones falsely claimed in her project that the Revolutionary War was fought to preserve slavery, a concept that was immediately challenged by historians but won a Pulitzer Prize anyway.

Via Campus Reform

New York Times’ 1619 Project author says Founding Fathers ‘did not believe in democracy,’ America is ‘not an exceptional nation’

Mount Holyoke College hosted in September its Common Read Keynote with Pulitzer-winning New York Times journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones to talk about The 1619 Project, which was chosen to be this year’s common read.

During the keynote, Vice President for Equity and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer Kijua Sanders-McMurtry interviewed Hannah-Jones.

“I don’t think we’re an exceptional nation. I think that’s ludicrous for any nation to make that claim, and we certainly cannot make that claim.”

“I think the 1619 Project should honestly be at every college, university, corporation, and school foundationally if these institutions are truly interested in being anti-racist,” Sanders-McMurtry said. “I think there is this idea out here right now that this is anti-American, and that this is seeking to reframe a narrative that doesn’t need to be reframed, and I think you’ve done a beautiful job saying that this does need to be reframed and here’s why.”

Nope, I agree with President and Scholars who are eviscerating The New York Times’ 1619 Project

Princeton historian Sean Wilentz, writing in The Atlantic. Wilentz makes mincemeat of The 1619 Project lead Nikole Hannah-Jones’ contention that protecting slavery was the main motive of the American Revolution, her statement that Abraham Lincoln “opposed black equality” and her avowal that blacks fought “alone” for equal rights after the Civil War.

“I don’t know of any colonist who said that they wanted independence in order to preserve their slaves,” he wrote in a separate letter to the Times’ editor-in-chief, as reported by the World Socialist website. “No colonist expressed alarm that the mother country was out to abolish slavery in 1776.”

The 1619 Project is fake revisionist history which must be kept out of all public schools, as should all propaganda.

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