Watch Speaker Pelosi’s Disturbing Mental Reset During Interview

I have a question for you. Why are some of the most powerful people in our government, well advanced in years, and are losing their mental faculties, not required to under annual cognitive and physical testing?

These elected officials, for the most part, and making significant decisions that affect all of our lives, yet have trouble finishing sentences or thoughts.

I have already written many articles about the democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden’s inability to perform the duties of the Presidency, but now let’s looks at Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who at 80, has been showing signs of her loss of mental acuity for years, yet is still the most powerful person in the US House Of Representatives.

Pelosi’s issues were on display on Sunday during her interview with George Stephanopoulos.

The look on Stephanopoulos’s face says it all.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s seemed to forget she was in an interview and as her brain reset, she thought she was starting a (new) interview, forgetting she was already in one.  Yes, this is confusing because it is not NORMAL.

During her Sunday morning interview, the Speaker didn’t rule out impeaching President Trump in order to block him from appointing a new Supreme Court Justice.

“But to be clear, you aren’t taking any arrows out of your quiver, you’re not ruling anything out,” Stephanopoulos said.

Then her brain malfunctions leaving her to think he is starting the interview again, Pelosi responds, “Good morning — Sunday morning.”

This is not an edited clip. It is pulled directly from the ABC News YouTube channel.

Like most things, this set off a firestorm on Twitter with millions of tweets asking, what happened, including Dave Rubin.

Did she have a stroke?

This is not the first time Pelosi has gone of the rails, here are just a few more examples of Nancy’d past episodes of her loss of awareness.

I am not a doctor so not sure the exact medical reasoning for this and her other mental lapses, but I am confident Nancy will retire after the democrats lose the house too on November 3rd.

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