This first began when Trump was in office and is gaining steam in Eastern Europe … we need to make this happen here and finally end Soros’s Nazi-collaborating attempts to fly America into the side of the mountain!

The Trump revolution is apparently global and it means business!

Many people around the globe would like to see alt-left Globalist George Soros spend the rest of his days rotting away in a cell awaiting the gallows!

Macedonia and Hungary know exactly what George Soros is about and how evil the man is.

They know that they need to fight against him to stop his evil agenda.

Here in America, Democrats and their liberal media hide the truth of Soros very well.

Now that Trump is here fighting for national sovereignty, we can hope that he’ll stand up like Hungary and Macedonia and get rid of George Soros once and for all!

Below is a clip of Soros talking about focusing on the US now because he doesn’t like the current leadership.

Soros knows that money is power and he has a lot of it. Europe has stood up and is leading the way to “Stop Operation Soros”, America needs to get the memo and ban Soros from overthrowing America also.

“We’ve witnessed the takeover of the entire civil sector and its abuse and instrumentalization to meet the goals of one political party. That is unacceptable and goes beyond the principles of civic organizing,” Srbov said at the press conference.

“The Open Society Foundation, operating under the Soros umbrella, used its funding and personnel to support violent processes in Macedonia. It has monopolized the civil society sector, pushing outside any organization which disagrees with the Soros ideology,” he stated.

Hmmm… does that sound familiar? Liberal Democrats? Anti-Trump protests? 

The “SOS” movement that Macedonia has launched is designed to expose George Soros and the disruptive, troublesome organizations he funds.

America should take a hint.

He’s wanted in Russia and being banned in other countries because he is no good!

Time to protect America too!

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  • In my opinion, George Soros is a very evil man. In my opinion, George Soros is a narcissist. If there were some way to deport him to a 4th world country to live out the rest of his demonic life, I would say US Customs and Immigration should find a way to do that. (I also have to wonder if George Soros is funding ANTIFA. The human devils of ANTIFA do not seem to have any means of employment, and they go out in the open in Portland, OR and spray innocent, law abiding people with mace, etc . The police do not show up to help these innocent people. Where is Mayor Ted Wheeler? )

    • Yes, you are quite right. He is evil, he is responsible for the deaths of many hundred of Hungarian Jews dirung 1944.
      He is a liar, demon and he is nota Real Jew.
      His mother Erszebeth Szuts converted to Christianity and taught him how to hate and damage the Jews.
      He himself said that his best time was when hitler invaded Hungary and the terror of Arrow crosses led by Ferenc Szalas started.
      Soros himself told in his interview in 1998 (18 December) that he loved the time when he could go with another Arrow Cross man to steal from the Jews by taking all their possessions, And if they hid something thye were killed.
      He even liked to watch torture and terrible murder of the Jews
      He should be doomed like the other nazi murderers.


  • Soo? Why is he not arrested for Sedition and Treason and deported after his citizenship is revoked?

    Soros was naturalized as an American citizen on December 18, 1961.

    • Yes, immediately and his fortune and the fortune of his children should be given to the Jews whose families were tortured and killed by him

  • Elections are about candidates and the law says any individual can support any candidate with donations up to $2,800 (a man and his wife can donate $5,600). I have often wondered why an asshole like Soros can drop $10,000,000 for a candidate and get away with it. All that has to be done to eliminate Soros’ undue influence is to hold him to the same limits as every other citizen (he would still have more influence than you or me because he can virtually afford to give $2,800 to every politician running). Even though this gives him much more clout than any of us, at least a few dozen of us can match his donation collectively and usurp a bit of his ability to buy a politician.

  • Actually Soros is a war criminal. He’s a Jew who turned on his own people in aiding the Nazis to collect their person effects, art, money, jewelry etc.
    I bet that’s where all his wealth came from.
    My question is why hasn’t Israel gone after him like they have others.
    Oh and let’s not forget his ties to the Clintons, he is Chelsea’s father in law!!
    I pray he is taken down!

  • This conversation is way over due…..and action should have been taken even before Obama become an illegitimate president. It was Soros money back then that got Obama elected. When will Americans stand up and stop this sort of thing..?