UPDATED: The end of this article includes Fox News’ update to the original report.

Just like boxers about to leave their dressing rooms towards to ring, the rangling for advantages for their fighters has both campaigns asking for last-minute concessions.

  1. On Tuesday morning the Biden Campaign requested TWO debate brakes tonight during the presidential debate.
  2. President Trump is asking for an additional ground-rule ahead of Tuesday night’s first presidential debate between himself and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. But the Biden campaign is rejecting it.

Over the last several weeks, the former vice president’s campaign has also requested two breaks — one every 30 minutes — to break up the 90-minute commercial-free program. But that request has been denied by their Trump counterparts.

A Trump campaign source told Fox News that “our guy doesn’t need breaks. He gives 90-minute speeches all the time.”

 The president’s re-election campaign wants the Biden campaign to allow a third party to inspect the ears of each debater for electronic devices or transmitters. The president has consented to this kind of inspection, but a source said the Biden campaign has declined the ear check.

The Trump campaign, in the hours ahead of the debate, claimed Biden’s campaign had agreed to such an inspection before reversing themselves. “Joe Biden’s handlers several days ago agreed to a pre-debate inspection for electronic earpieces but today abruptly reversed themselves and declined.

“On top of the refusal to take a drug test, it seems pretty obvious that the Biden team is looking for any safety net they can find in the hours leading up to the debate. With his 47 years as a failed Washington politician, how much help does Biden want”, said Trump campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh.

So Joe needs a break, and the Trump team want to make sure Joe is not using a James Bond type ear piece to substitute for not having a teleprompter.

Since both deal with Joe’s health & mental issues, the Trump team will not be letting these deficiencies go hidden tonight.

Huge test for the medications Biden is on, if they can keep Joe from fading, he might be able to make it through the 15th round, which would be a huge victory for his campaign.

If they don’t, Joe’s gaffes could be disastrous and will confirm everything most people know, that Joe Biden is not mentally or physically up to the job as Commander and Chief of the United States Of America.

UPDATED: ‘Fox News has updated their article on this report to include a denial from the Biden campaign.  Fox’s update reads ‘Kate Bedingfield, Biden’s deputy campaign manager, called the Trump campaign’s request “absurd” in a call with reporters. She also denied the claim that the campaign had asked for breaks.

“His staff seems concerned that he may not do well tonight and they’re already laying the groundwork for how they’re going to lie about why,” Bedingfield emphasized. “It is completely absurd. Of course, he’s not wearing an earpiece and we never asked for breaks.”‘

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