Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has a new nickname for Joe Biden, and the left is furious.

DeSantis appeared on the Ingraham Angle on Fox News and called out Biden’s September 1, 2022 speech.

“I thought it was one of the most disgusting speeches an American President has ever given,” DeSantis said. “He ran as being a unifier, and he’s basically saying to the vast majority of the country that disapproves of him that they’re effectively a threat to the public.”

“He dodders. He lashes out,” DeSantis said, after adding that Biden’s policies have destroyed the country.

“I think that he is doing this because he’s trying to energize his base to fend off a real butt whippin’ this November,” DeSantis told guest host Raymond Arroyo.

“It’s been said that the President of the United States is whoever is feeding the teleprompter,” DeSantis added. “They fed that teleprompter in Philadelphia last night. He angrily delivered that speech and lashed out at his fellow countrymen.”

DeSantis noted that Biden did attempt to walk back what he said when he was questioned by the press the next day but feels the people pulling the strings want to demonize half the country.

“But they’re tweeting from his account the same nasty stuff that he said last night. And so I think the people that are in control of the White House want to drive this message that people who dissent from his policies are somehow second-class citizens,” The Florida Governor said.

During the segment, DeSantis gave President Joe Biden – who has many nicknames – a new one.

“He is the American Nero. He is a FAILED leader,” DeSantis added.

That one really got to the left.

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  • Not only fiddling but he can’t even find his way back from the bathroom. – They have to send someone with him to lead him back.

    Let’s send him a Stradivarius copy. He isn’t even good at fiddling and needs all the help he can get.

    BTW I know people have been doing it since before PRESIDENT Trump first declared he was running for office but when does hate “speech” become a hate “crime” ? Looks like he has crossed the line with this one.

    No sweat if he is impeached and removed. Might even be better for us because kamshaft doesn’t read all that well. The T’Prompter boys will have a much harder time with her and maybe the commies will get slowed down a bit. .

    PRESIDENT Trump 2024
    Take America back and keep it this time.

  • Mr Biden is unquestionably the worst president in my lifetime (92 years)). It hasn’t been all that many years that he would have been removed from office. How times have changed, and not for the better!

  • where are the conservative politicians and media people? why do they just roll over and pay lip service to whats going on? why don’t they call out aggressively about the border, bidens china deals, where did he get the money to buy his multi-million house, why don’t they call NERO out about his relationship with robert bird, the grand wizard of the KKK. Why HAVN’T THET CALLED FOR A PEACEFUL MARCH ON D.C., AND AT THE BORDER.
    WAKE UP PEOPLE AND FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE. why are conservatives and republicans such timid mice?

    • Ed I think because a lot of them are in it together is why and the how of it.. I also think it is about control of us all, from the cradle to the grave!!! I think also that they see their chance at the grab of our Country, and now that the imbecile is in office or rather has been installed into office, now that is my opinion it is their last chance.. I find it very hard to believe that all the swarms of people at all these rally’s even still today with Trump, that everyone woke up in the morning and voted against him.. Not a chance in hell from where I sit and am still seeing…My opinion and I am sticking to it.

  • I agree with De Santis’s new name for Biden, “Nero”, but unlike Nero, i doubt that he can fiddle, instead he “Twiddles his Thumbs” or at least tries, while our beloved COUNTRY and We the Legal Citizenry SUFFER from his idiotic, insane Policies & agenda.

  • Biden is creating a American shorting of American people by not closing the borders.
    He is allowing heavy drugs that are causing people to overdose. How many have died so far on his watch and then Harris says the country is in good hands. She cannot go to the true part of the border where people are dying to get across because of free everything.

  • Biden has no clue what he is doing or saying . The guy is lead around like a puppet and has no clue. He has been a crook for many years and lies about everything. He lets others tell him what is best and he is destroying our country. The sad thing is the democratic party (KKK) is all about greed and satanic beliefs . Think about all the evil that has happened over the years and Biden has been right in the middle of it . If he and his family can gain from it so what .He does not care. Actually he has no clue . I would say NERO fits. He is one evil man and is paying the price . With Biden and Obama of course they don’t want any thing to happen with the terrorist it might hurt someone’s feeling (aka Obama )

    • All my life The DEMS have the label as sleazy and I watched them destroy Phila.
      Now they are totally liberal it’s even worse,liberalism is a mental disease & it has taken over the USA. COME ON CONSERVATIVE S FIGHT BACK!!😐🤔

      • Fight back? Joe Clark you say “fight back”? What are you doing Joe Clark to FIGHT BACK, besides sitting on your backside, running your big fat mouth! NOTHING! NOT A DA*N THING!

  • ‘American Nero’ is very appropriate for dopey Joe Biden. His speech was written by others and I doubt he even remembered (or even understood) what he said. he is nothing but an automaton!!

  • Nice! But Joe thinks he is doing a great job! His handlers are telling him WAY TO GO! YOU THE MAN! Or any other lie to just keep getting him to spew nonsense while they rob the country! I mean Pelosi just like Joe took her son to Taiwan to get him a deal! Just like joe did with hunter! And where is the FBI investigation???? Well they pretend to have even known what ever happened! But notice how after getting fired they all seem to get jobs teaching at some freak show collage to brainwash the not so bright! Joe really does he is doing something! But he has no clue what that could be!

  • “JOEBAMA” That’s the man Biden! It didn’t take me 5 mins after he spoke for running, that this man didn’t have what it took. It may be that this nation needed this man to SEE that what he is, is WRONG, and yet this nation of people who can’t think, deserve this man! Biden is just like Obama…..all wrong! One a foreigner, and the other a U.S. Citizen foreigner!



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