A fight broke out between people protesting vaccination mandates and antifa and antifa got a beating they won’t soon forget. During one of the clashes, a man was stabbed and sent to the hospital in critical condition.  But, there are plenty of bumps and bruises for the members of antifa. They were beaten like a drum. I would not be surprised if they revive their original rules and never attack unless you out man your opponents 10 to 1.

The fights broke out right in front of city hall in Los Angeles. Police say that antifa organized their counter-protest on Twitter where domestic leftist domestic terrorists are safe from censorship or suspensions. But, if a Christian group tried to organize a prayer meeting their efforts would not have a prayer. I have always thought that Twitter censorship of conservatives should be considered political contributions to the Democratic Party.

L.A.-Based videographer Sean Beckner-Carmitchel was covering the protest and captured a video of when several fights broke out while there were chants of “F*** Antifa!” being yelled.

One man was stabbed during the chaos and he was treated by the LA fire department, then whisked away to the hospital for treatment.

Capt. Stacy Spell, a Los Angeles Police Department spokesman, said:

“We are on scene to maintain order after a fight broke out between Antifa and people gathered for the permitted event.”

From The Blaze

Earlier in the week, a Twitter account associated with Antifa called on members to counter-protest the rally against vaccine mandates, according to Fox News.

“The same group of anti-vaxxers and fascists have been assaulting people at every location they protest from: Cedar Sinai to Harlowe to The Abbey,” the flyer from the SoCal Antifa Twitter account reads. “As a community we say NO MORE! No safe space for fascists!”

Last weekend, Antifa militants attacked a group of Christians who were participating in a prayer event at a park in Portland, Oregon.

President Trump did many wonderful things as president, but there is one thing that he did not do, that he really should have done. Declare antifa and BLM as domestic terrorists.

Doug Goldsmith

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  • These un-American antifa animals are finally reaping the wrath they have provoked. Streets in America are not safe with them, where they have enjoyed little push back while doing there anarchist behavior and bullying. May they continue to enjoy what they produced.

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  • We live in a society that has been raised to be cowardly. The antifa blm punks only attack those who dont or cant fight back. The Americans shown her would have been far more effective had there been no cops or phones. Go get em boys.

    • Amen, ‘bro! You reap what you sow! If you sow the wind, you will reap the whirlwind! More people need to stand up to these bullies! They claim to be against just exactly what they ARE themselves: FASCISTS! Walking around wearing all black attire, some even wearing black helments, faces covered. Gestapo tactics…against fellow U.S. citizens. People supposedly in authority have abdicated their responsibilities! This has to stop! Praise to the people who are standing up to these thugs! Thank you. God bless America!

  • Eradicate ANTIFA at every event they show up at until they’re all gone!
    Don’t tolerate anyone who uses violence…

  • And just WHO funds BLM, Antifa, Terrorists, Illegals?, Chinese?????
    Soros and the rest of the JEW World Order globalist DEMONS!

  • Antifa will not be quieted until George Soros and his comrades are dealt with. Disable, maim or kill Antifa thugs makes no difference as Soros will simply hire more.

    • Yes you have to cut off the Head of this SNAKE! But our government wants all of this to happen. The FEDS are behind this and supporting it with the money they steal from you every week you get paid. This has been planned since Trump got elected. They are behind schedule and now they are on warp speed to DESTROY your LIFE. And all the people in DC do not even give a SHIT. Because they are all so damn rich what ever happens will never effect them. They just print and Launder all the money they want. Hint, Hunter is now this renown CRACK HEAD Artist who will make BILLIONS from something he probably will never even Paint. CORRUPTION FROM TOP TO BOTTOM!!!! And every Dept of government in DC is all on board to DESTROY America and you if they can.

  • We are not going to let these pieces of trash control the crowd. You had better learn your days are over in our America. Go away you Antifa crap. I hope you get beaten down every time you show your ugly trash selves

  • ANTIFA and BLM are TERRORISTS ! They should be stopped with hot lead !
    Do not aim to wound … a head shot is best ! They all are expendable !

  • The Media has and is still covering for Antifa. They are calling the Anti Vaxxers the fascists. So now if you do not want the VAXX you are the bad person. We are less than a year before there will be killings over this. The Left wants that to happen so they think we will give in to the Poison Vaccine they are forcing on everyone they can. We are being controlled by a Federal Government who has no power by our Constitution to do anything they have done for the last 20 years. They just keep Taking and Taking and Taking they will never stop. Because they have half of the Brainwashed and Ignorant people in this country convinced they will die if they get this BULLSHIT Virus that the Democrat Party and China worked together to release on the world. And now it will never go away. Because they will not lose the power they now have over the World. And that is China’s goal and our Fucking Peace of Shit Federal Government is all in on the whole thing. This has been in the plan since Trump got elected. It was all in the plan Release this Biological weapon, the virus Fauci helped to create, on the world. Then scare everyone into thinking it is a death sentence if you get it. And they did that by killing off as many old people as they could by infecting them with covid positive people that New York intentionally moved into all the nursing homes. Then not letting anyone leave, so they were all coupled up together breathing all the same air that was now infected by lots of sick people. Then the 2 week lie, then the Mask lie, then telling all of us to stay inside. Instead of going on with life the FEDS have taken over your FREEDOM. IT is GONE and the only way to get it back is going to be very BLOODY. And I do not see us doing that. So I guess we will soon be having the military asking for papers just like NAZI GERMANY did to the JEWS. And you see how that turned out. They are already calling for the execution of anyone who is not VAXXED! What in the fuck is our Military doing. This is what they are supposed to be protecting Americans from. This is complete Tyranny, this federal government is doing nothing for America any more. The states need to get together and Abolish this Federal government. All they are doing now is filling up their bank accounts with our lives. They do not give a RATS ASS about anyone or thing in America. Life in America is about to get very violent. And I ask this all the time are you guys in this American Military ready to start KILLING Americans who do not comply with this Communist Nazi governments take over of yours and My FREEDOM?

    • Here! Here! Very well said! There are even photos of smiling Barack Obama and the Fauch in the Wuhan lab, pre-pandemic. What’s that tell you? That’s been swept under the rug as well. The highest paid wretch in the District of Corruption, the Fauch makes more than POTUS. So he has a lot to lose…and I hope he does…when he’s fired! When DJT is reelected, I hope he does just that! Make Senator Dr. Rand Paul, the chief doctor who really knows what he’s talking about and has been the ony one to take on the Fauch in public!

  • We The People need our LAW AND ORDER US President Donald J. Trump back in the White House were he belongs because he won the 2020 election in a LANDSLIDE ! Foreign interference in US Elections cannot be allowed . Also Count every LEGAL VOTE . If you are not a US Citizen you cannot vote in US Elections .

  • One thing that continues to amaze me is the number of people recording the event on their cell phones, yet doing absolutely nothing at all to stop these thugs! Really!!??? Come on, man!!!

  • This Democratic Party appears to have joined the Taliban, and is assisting with their terrorism.The democratic voters are just as responsible for murdering our heroes, and for purposely leaving our people behind to be reaped and tortured.
    Democrats have turned out to be treasonous traitors. I hope we’ll deserved Karma is waiting for all of them.