On Sunday evening, September 21, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) participated in a joint press conference with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY). AOC was calling on Democrats to buy time with procedural tools to stall filling the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat.  She said impeachment proceedings are by no means out of the question against President Donald Trump. Dumping Attorney General William Barr is in her sights as well.

When a reporter asked if buying time could include impeachment of President Trump or Attorney General Barr, Ocasio-Cortez said:

Well, you know, I think, um, I believe that certainly there has been an enormous amount of lawbreaking in the Trump administration. I believe that Attorney General Barr is unfit for office, and that he has pursued potentially law-breaking behavior.


“We must also commit to using every procedural tool available to us to ensure that we buy ourselves the time necessary. We must commit to allowing and considering and utilizing every single procedural tool available to us again to buy that time.”


[Editor’s note…video starts at the beginning of her remarks. There is other content prior.]

“Reproductive Rights”

Ms. AOC begins by talking about things that are “on the line.” Predictably, the first thing she mentions is the politically-correct term attached to abortion — “reproductive rights.” I will never stop saying what I believe abortion to be. I contend that it is nothing less than first-degree premeditated murder-for-hire. Of course, this has to be high on the list of the Dems’ concerns. They fear the repeal and dismissal of Roe v. Wade. A conservative constitutional court majority would ensure that.

“Health Care”

Then, she wastes no time moving ahead to another one of her pets: health care. Millions of Americans still deal with the nightmare called Obamacare. If she has her way (universal health care), it would most likely in the form of Medicare For All. There’s not enough time or space to talk about that here. Suffice to say, those who crunch the numbers better than I will show clearly that it is a quick trip to individual and national bankruptcy.

“Climate Change”

Just a few seconds later, she moves straight to another of her favorites. She promotes the idea that climate change is an imminent disaster. Following the pathway to her (supposed) brainchild – the Green New Deal – would also be disastrous. It’s horrifically expensive, and beyond practical to implement.

“Rights” (?)

Many of the things she stresses she couches in the language of “rights.” Among them are immigration rights. If you’ve been paying attention AT ALL you know what she means is more like an open-door policy. The hard-core Democrats are repeatedly on record for favoring the coddling of illegals. They rely heavily on the illegals’ votes to remain in office. (Wait…why are illegals voting anyway? Voting rights belong to CITIZENS!)


The way things work right now (thanks to layer upon layer of Democrat policies) there is really little incentive to pursue legal immigration. All they have to do is show up, and they get thousands of dollars per month from the Social Security piggy bank. And let’s not forget the other welfare benefits and free medical care. She makes direct reference to the Dreamers.  all by itself is unconstitutional.

“These are procedures and decisions that are largely up to House Democratic leadership. But I believe that also we must consider, again all of the tools available in our disposal and that all of these options should be entertained and on the table.”

What needs to be on the table is a large cleaver to cut these far-Left loonies out of the picture. We need it to manifest in the form of Red voters casting ballots for non-globalists. We need to install a fresh crop of patriotic America-loving nationalistic public servants. I don’t care if they’re nothing more than the dogcatcher, they need to be replaced. This country was established as one nation, UNDER GOD, and we need more than ever to return to those roots. I’m completely convinced that the only way for us to get close to that standard is to VoteDemOUT!

AOC wants the seat to be filled by the next president? So be it. We might as well get it out of the way now because the only sane choice for the next president is Donald J. Trump!

Doug Goldsmith

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