It’s good to know that the diversions Antifa and BLM riots create haven’t stopped other law enforcement efforts. The U.S. Marshal’s anti-gang operation recently netted quite the haul.


In a two-month-long Oklahoma operation, US Marshals say they have arrested hundreds and found five missing children. The sting effort is labeled Operation Triple Beam. State, local, and federal agencies joined forces in the operation. Targeting violent crime and gang activity in the Oklahoma City area, they successfully made 262 arrests. 141 of the 262 arrested are confirmed gang members. Six of those arrested were wanted for homicide. $17,000 in cash, 72 firearms, and more than nine kilos of narcotics were seized as well.


There were many agencies collaborating in Operation Triple Beam, including the Oklahoma City police and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. Others involved were the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office and the Shawnee and Yukon Police Departments. Also included were the Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office, Comanche County Detention, and the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics. the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms were part of the operation, as well as the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office, the United States Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Oklahoma, and Homeland Security Investigations.

Johnny Kuhlman, speaking for the U.S. Marshal’s office for the Western District of Oklahoma, said,

“Operation Triple Beam OKC was a targeted enforcement initiative by the Marshals and their partners to address violent crime in and around Oklahoma City. Our primary goal with operations like OTB is to make communities safer. When we arrest these violent fugitives, we are also removing guns and narcotics from our streets. We believe these efforts have an immediate, positive impact on the communities we serve.”

The arrests included the apprehension of Pablo Robledo, who the U.S. Marshals say is a known Sureños gang member. Robledo, who was being held on murder charges, allegedly broke out a window and used several bedsheets to scale the Oklahoma County Detention Center, along with a rape suspect, Jose Hernandez.

The release states that another suspect, Dkwon Littlejohn, is a known Rollin 60’s Crip gang member. He is a suspect in the burglarizing of a vehicle of a special agent who works for the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations. He is also a suspect regarding the theft of the agent’s issued duty rifle.


With all the negative press against the Thin Blue Line, it’s a marvel that so many dedicated law enforcement personnel can find the strength to continue. Democrats don’t seem to be capable of supporting anything that resembles law and order. They press for defunding the police…until they need help. It’s unbelievably hypocritical.

The riots are happening in Democrat-majority cities. They don’t stop the troublemakers. Arsonists are released without bail and go right back out to set more fires. Other criminals are set free, with electronic monitoring, and shoot up birthday parties where people die. Police officers are shot in the line of duty. Illegal immigrants continue to pour across our southern border in places where there isn’t enough security. Drug trafficking seems to receive little to no attention whatsoever. I think I could go on for hours talking about what they ignore. This only scratches the surface of the things the Left will tolerate.


Donald Trump, however, continues to support the police and other emergency service workers. His track record on that issue speaks for itself. For example, he was on the spot to support firefighters at the twin towers on 9/11. He supports our military members, despite what other news agencies report. Even if we don’t hear about it on the mainstream news outlets, I have no doubt he will deliver congratulations to the participants in this bust.

Doug Goldsmith

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