We The People AZ Alliance hosted an election security forum in Maricopa County on Saturday. During the event, the audience heard from state legislators and expert witnesses.

The event not only covered what happened in 2020 but also allowed people to express their concerns about voting in 2022.

The event was moderated by Lara Logan. The hearing also revealed a bombshell, as the person who deleted files from the Maricopa voting machines before the audit was named.

Logan dropped a bombshell of her own onstage as she revealed that the Biden administration was illegally handing out Social Security cards to illegal aliens at the border. Those SS cards can be used to secure employment and possibly driver’s licenses. Once they have them, registering to vote is entirely possible.

Election investigator Matt Vanbibber also shared his discoveries that he was able to glean from the videos that showed which employees deleted files from the 2020 election.

Federal law requires that those documents be saved for a period of 22 months. Vanbibber was able to determine who it was that deleted the files and those people should be arrested and tried immediately before the 2022 election to serve as a warning against any repeat of 2020.

The data was erased before the machines were turned over to Senate for the forensic audit.

On Saturday, it was revealed by Vanbibber that Maricopa County election Database Administrator Brian Ramirez was granted unauthorized entry to the server room on multiple occasions, and he deleted the files.

From The Gateway Pundit

Ramirez does not have the required credentials to access the server room. However, Vanbibber discovered that he falsely used the identities of individuals who were authorized access.

Vanbibber matched the server room entry logs to the video footage and found Brian Ramirez using others’ cards to access the room.

Vanbibber: So basically, you have Brian entering the server room, and remember I told you he does not have badge access. We The People actually collected server room logs from Maricopa. So I went through all this video footage and matched it with the logs. What you see is Brian has Passarelli’s card in the server room, and he also has Charles Cooley’s badge as well.

Logan: So, Brian is accessing the server room using the identities and cards of other people.

Maricopa County policies also require two people in the server room whenever someone is using the keyboard video monitor, however, Brian was alone on multiple occasions.

Vanbibber then played the video of Brian Ramirez accessing the server room after he was let in by Assistant Elections Director Kristi Passarelli, at the same time that the server logs were deleted.

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  • The Anti-American Communists that call themselves Democrats cheated and have stolen our elections.
    The Democrats are destroying The United States with their policies and actions.
    The Democrats are worse than the Mafia.

    • You are correct!! Even when they are caught with the evidence, however, seems that nothing is ever done to make they held accountable for their dishonesty and theft. That is in some way, worse than the crime itself.

          • I’m with you, KDS. Extreme measures are called for as wrist slaps prove nothing and will deter no one. But then again, I agree that even with evidence so blatantly exposed, nothing is done. We also have the doubters who don’t care that our elections have been stolen and maintain nothing like that can happen. That may be worse than the perpetrators actions.

    • Absolutely they are the worst satanic traitors to have ever touched American soil and should have already been rounded up, tried by a military tribunal and executed on the spot! Unless that happens this country is done and will soon have communist Chinese with the Nazi Demon-crats torturing the real Americans!

  • My Question? What are you going to do about it? I’m tired of accusations without accountability. Let’s “get er done”. Election time is almost here

  • And yes Brian Ramirez is walking around scot-free, as the democrats own law enforcement in Maricopa County, just as the democrats own the FBI!

  • He needs to be sent to prison for a very long time! And then maybe in a plea arrangement he will spill the beans as to whom put him up to it. Then we have the start of a domino effect of rats telling on their superiors and find out how high up the chain of command the scandal goes.

  • Looks like Kristi Passarelli needs an enema. She has to be holding something back. I wonder if there is anybody left in government with brass balls. Trump is the only one left that I know of with the BIG ones. TRUMP 2024 !!!!!!!!!!!

  • It would be best if Brian was sent to a Gulag in Russia to serve an appropriate sentence. This would discourage others who take these transgressions as lightly as he has. Or else just cut his dick off.

  • The only difference between the Communist Party and the Democrat Party is the name, otherwise they are one and the same. The Communists have been in Bed with the Democrats since at least the time of FDR or maybe even longer. FDR used to call Stalin, Uncle Joe. For all we know Fidel Castro could have been Uncle Fidel to commissar Mistress AOC. That’s some uncle for Democrat FDR. Stalin killed 30 million of his own people in the name of Communism. Stalin also made sure he seized all the people’s firearms. America should go back to hangings in public. Ramirez should be publicly hanged in the Arizona Cardinal’s Stadium. Ramirez needs to be brought up on state charges. Forget Federal charges, AG Garland is an AG in name only. Garland is more of a political hack for the liberal commie Democrats. As for Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe, giving SS cards to illegals is still not enough for McCarthy and Mitch to impeach Corrupt Quid Pro. They have said so publicly, Impeaching Corrupt Quid Pro is not on the agenda. Corrupt Quid Pro and the liberal commie Democrats would import all of Central America to the U.S. ASAP. They want to change the voting demographics of America forever. Give the illegals plenty of welfare and social programs, amnesty and voting rights, they will vote Democrat. There will be a one party rule for the foreseeable future. A one party rule=Communism. N.Korea., Cuba and Communist China have a one party rule, and if they say the sky is green, everyone says the sky is green. The American Taxpayer is subsidizing Democrat votes. The taxpayer is paying for the illegals to be in the U.S. One’s tax dollars are being given to NGOs like Catholic Charities to take care of the illegals. One should be careful when it comes to donating money to charity. One should never donate money to Catholic Charities or any other organization that is receiving money from the U.S. Govt. to take care of the illegals, that shouldn’t be here in the first place.

    • Add McCarthy and Mitch and numerous others to the primary list of those who should be tried and executed for sedition and high treason with the current maniac in the WH!

      • Need to add Lindsey Graham’s name to that list. He’s a sneaky snake in the grass Trump back stabber in the 1st degree.

    • May I remind you of the presidential sucession. If Biden goes, then there is Cameltoe. If she is gone, then there is Piglosi. With the inept Congressional leadership which is a joke, removals or impeachments would never stop. Elections are less than 100 days away. My suggestion, humbly, is for everyone to sign up and demand to be election judges or pole watchers or transporter of ballots from the ballot boxes to the countiing room. If asked to leave the counting rooms, don’t. And EVERYTHING is live and put on local television networks for public viewing. This includes in the counting rooms and the ballot boxes sattered about.

  • It matters not what we believe, what we read, or what is posted here, nothing will be done, these people do and get away with what they want. I do not know how voting will be made more secure, who do you believe? I do not like to have bad thoughts about people but that is all I have any more. Who do you believe, I don’t know.

    • The most evil and satanic have taken over and nobody has any guts to stand up for American heritage and values anymore; more willing to go hide in a hole or take a kickback! Only a miracle of unprecedented proportions can turn this all around; other than that people suck mostly!
      Yes only the good die young and they’ve all bit the dust already leaving behind cheap facsimiles of the real McCoy’s or genuine article that make this country something to be proud of; no more!

  • Every time a media person says there is no evidence of fraud in the 2020 election drag Brian in and lay him at their feet.

    • And why not lay a sack of manure on the desk of that media lying mouthpiece too; then say read it and weep traitor!

  • Many days late ands wha good does it do now Pelosi and her gang of election criminals ave proven that Election “DO” count and especially when one party holds the keys to the final count tally.

  • So if you have given this to the AG with him doing nothing he needs to be charged for aiding and abetting. If the entire thing is not stopped or corrupt judges are allowed to cover it up there is no point in voting at all in that state! At the very least the machines must be returned for a 100% refund! And those that tried to stop any investigation fired right on the spot and charged! The AG need to be drug in front of the Senate on live TV to explain his lack of doing nothing! Then fired!

  • The residents of Arizona have known since the election that Trump won Arizona. We the people are not stupid and we resent the do nothing republicans in Washington that do not support the people and investigate. Finally some good people in Arizona are stepping up.

  • The real problem with a two-tiered justice system is that eventually it leads to a vigilante response. Then the party who has benefitted from that system declares the oppressed class are engaging in domestic terrorism, as they have pre-established as of late. Everything that is purposefully being done leads to either disarming the public or civil war.

  • NOTHING is being done to stop the Satan commandeered Democrats. When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes necessary. We need immediate hundreds of thousands of citizen militia to take our country back! Where the hell are they?

  • You guys are as bad as Trump. You just make up alternative facts. And figure if you say them repeatedly people will believe you. You are pathetic and should go to jail along with Trump.

    • What else is new? Dems cheated and Trump should be the president! Look what we are stuck with- the dumbest administration in US history!
      Next election must be different and controlled – no more mail in baa as lots, strict cutoff of vote times, no use of crooked machines. Hand count the ballots and don’t allow any phony democrats in the poll counting houses. Biden is a scoundrel along with all Dems supporting the validity of this obviously seriously flawed election in all swing states.

  • What else is new? Dems cheated and Trump should be the president! Look what we are stuck with- the dumbest administration in US history!
    Next election must be different and controlled – no more mail in baa as lots, strict cutoff of vote times, no use of crooked machines. Hand count the ballots and don’t allow any phony democrats in the poll counting houses. Biden is a scoundrel along with all Dems supporting the validity of this obviously seriously flawed election in all swing states.

  • Arrest him, have a trial, when convicted a minimum of 20 years in Prison with no possible early release or pardon ! When he gets out no voting for ever !

  • If voter fraud in Arizona is being disclosed, why aren’t all of the other states investigating reports of voter fraud and their evidence of fraud being disclosed also. Everyone knows that for many decades the democrats have been cheating in elections and it was all “nothing to see here. Let’s move on.” And the cheating was condoned and used to determine who won??? It would be so easy to have fair and honest elections: Picture voter ID cards, paper ballots, representatives from BOTH political parties present during the entire voting process and time in jail for those caught cheating in elections. But that will never happen because the democrats and their controlled corporate press would scream “racism, racism, racism” and the big question is what does stopping voter cheating and fraud have to do with “racism?” The answer to that question is NOTHING!

  • So if so much voter fraud can be found in one county of one state, how much more is yet to be found in other counties in other states. Or are any of the other states or counties even investigating their records? Prior to the 2020 elections joe biden said that “the 2020 election would be the most fraudulent election ever held” because he was most likely aware of what was going to happen and just said what he knew to be a fact. So what if all of the records of the 2020 election were audited and enough fraud was found to overturn the election? Probably the usual way of dealing with cheating and fraud. And that is NOTHING! Read Dinesh d’ Souza’s book “2,000 Mules” to learn about evidence of massive voting fraud in the 2020 election.

  • Stella, tell this to Joe Biden and his family crime syndicate. These are the people who belong in jail.

  • All of the people involved in this need to be arrested NOW. They all need to spend a long time in jail and NEVER be allowed to vote or be involved in the voting process again.
    I just came up with an idea, to be involved in the voting process they have to have finger prints kept on file, that way if they try to change their name it could be checked.

  • The Rino’s and Democrats have a rule ” The law is for me not for thee” Even the local judges are paid for so will in most cases not even hear a case that is against Democrats. The DOJ and FBI are totally complicit in supporting the crooked Democrats and will try any new trick to get control again. We must stop this by everyone getting out and voting in November and if possible demand NO MACHINES just paper votes with ID.

  • Seems to me it would be up to the Phoenix DA to bring charges.
    Has anyone presented evidence to him/ her/ them?
    It seems even with proof nothing is done. No wonder this country is going to hell in a hand basket!

  • Democrats, the most criminal and violent people in America.Disgusting to have to read what these lawless slugs are doing



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