For the life of me I’ll never understand why the Democrats were so obsessed with getting President Trump’s tax returns. Nevertheless, they’re finally going to get what they’ve longed for all of these years.

This week, the Supreme Court denied a request by President Trump’s legal team asking that he be allowed to withhold his taxes from a congressional committee. This decision has now made it possible for House Democrats to obtain Trump’s taxes and opened the door for them to do so.

The request was delivered to Chief Justice John Roberts, and it was found to be absent of any dissenting opinions. Earlier in the month, Roberts prevented the Ways and Means Committee from receiving Trump’s tax returns while the Supreme Court deliberated over the request.

“The application for stay of the mandate presented to The Chief Justice and by him referred to the court is denied. The order heretofore entered by The Chief Justice is vacated,” the brief order reads.

Since 2019, when the Treasury Department refused to turn over Trump’s taxes on the grounds that there was no legitimate reason for the committee to receive them, the lawsuit has been working its way through the courts in an effort to reach a conclusion. According to NBC News, the chair of the Ways and Means Committee, Representative Richard Neal, said that the committee was interested in President Trump’s tax returns so that they could determine whether or not the tax code should be altered as it pertains to presidents.

The window of opportunity for the committee to acquire the tax information from the Treasury Department is rapidly closing, since it is highly doubtful that House Republicans, who will be assuming charge in January, will allow the investigation to continue after they take office. So, now we will just have to wait and see what happens next.

Doug Goldsmith

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  • Ok….Now let’s get to see joe Biden’s tax returns…..He is as croocked ( sp) as a SNAKE and should be looked at too…..Does J B even pay any Tax ???

  • Again this Court got it wrong. The Roberts court has allowed the democrats free hand at saying anything they want over the taxes of the president. So will the same request be added to Biden.

  • Democrat communist are confident they will remain in power, otherwise this could blow up in their faces. Let’s take a look at Bidens, Clinton’s and Obama tax returns -vs- their real bank accounts.
    The Supreme Court has become another bad joke, they do not support we the people.

    • Once a precident is set, watch out because now Biden and Hunter’s tax returns can be checked out and I am sure there is a lot in there to be frightened about by them.

      • I believe this is the reason the SCOTUS made this decision. Now the Republicans can make the same request of Biden and nothing can stop them.

  • Once a president is set, watch out because now Biden and Hunter’s tax returns can be checked out and I am sure there is a lot in there to be frightened about by them.

    • Democrats are the party of liars, cheats and traitors; nothing they do is above board and totally legit! Scam artists is their motto!

      Obama and Biden are two of the top few worst presidents of all time!

  • FJB and his son are as criminal as it gets! Joe never worked an honest day in is life and only learned how to use and steal from the public or make backdoor deals selling out the American Citizenry!
    Trump did build and amass a fortune working in the public business sector!

  • Trump has not been charged with a crime. Fishing for tax records without a criminal charge is illegal.

    The SCOTUS is complicit in treason.

  • This is a clear violation of the Constitution dealing with the 1rst and 14th amendments. The Supreme Court is helping the Democratic Communist party accomplish its goals. They should realize they are going beyond the Constitution. It is time for Republicans to remind the justices how much authority they have and not take it upon themselves to aid an political party.

  • Trump was unable to maintain control of midterm elections! Kari Lake, trump’s parrot, has to believe that all Arizonians are idiots if she thinks They will vote for she to become the next Arizona governor. If anything seemed evident, it is that trumpians faded and majority of republicans found a much better way to improve America. To a great extent the trumpian negativism will be less repugnant in 2024!

    • I think you’re wrong ,Jose. I think when the dust settles that Kari Lakes will be elected Governor. But it is hard to say. It is very hard to compete with liars, thieves and scoundrels that have no moral compass and even less integrity.

  • THIS Supreme Court is a total disgrace. With the exception of Clarence Thomas, I do not trust any of them not to stab the American people in the back. Election fraud absolutely belongs to them. Because none of them had the courage to take on and correct that outrage. I really believe we have a court of cowards. When the cases get tough, they fold like a paper suit or refuse to hear the case. I’m not sure if they are afraid of ANTIFA or a hit on personal social life, but they appear to be afraid of something. And, it interferes with them taking on the tough cases and challenges that face oRichardur country today and their willingness and ability to do the work the people elected them to do.

  • these democrooks are the scum of the world..they are the most hated people..the other countries have no respect for that crooked nutcase child molester biden..they even stated that if president trump was still the whitehouse there is no way Russia would have started this war…they did cause that crooked nutcase child molester biden is a weak waste of life..I wont even call him what president trump is..biden doesnot deserve to even be called one let alone has earned his place..he is a traitor and a crook..a waste of life who stole his way into the whitehouse…it blows my mind how much these democrooks will destroy the united states instead of leaving well enough alone with president trump..they gave him the worse treatment..president trump is for love peace and respect of all americans..even the other countries love and respect president trump..Saudi love president trump..that crooked nutcase child molester biden the Saudi have no respect for that nutcase…he has ruined every foreign relationship that president trump had great..then this moron gets in the whitehouse and disrespects every country leader except for his commnunist Chinese buddies..well his days are numbered that lowlife waste of life will be getting his…the writing is on the wall..they are going after him and his druggie son hunter.. bubba will have 2 playmates…lol..FJB…

    • Biden beeds to go. He harly kniws day of the week. He took 31 million from China. He is trIter. put him in the ele tric chair along with his bag man junkie son Hunter and brother. all are traitors. penalty for treason is death! ASAP.

  • Shortly we will see Biden’s tax returns. Will find out how that’s going to feel like. They started down this road.

  • Oh, GOOD! Now we have an established Supreme Court ruling that we are allowed to see the tax returns of public figures. I am sure that the Republicans in the house have a LONG list (Joe Biden, Kamel Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schroomer…) that they will request now that the Supreme Court has ruled on it.

    There are consequences for over-reach! Just ask Harry Reid – oh, wait…he is dead!

  • The Dimmocrap House ways and means committee wants Trumps tax returns so they can leak them to the public, trying yet again to destroy him. Well we, the people want to see every damn one of the Dimmocraps tax returns, also that career criminal Biden, and his crackhead pedo son. Every one of the Jan 6th Committee of Communists, will be apprehended on Jan 3, 2023, for malicious prosecution, perjury , and abuse of power. not to mention the tens of millions in fraud waste on this third attempt to persecute Trump.

  • The Pelosie “B”Witch hunt continues they cannot allow Mr Trump to crush their wet dream of total power over a Nations pocket books and check books.

  • it’s my opinion that the Demoncrats want “anything” they can get their hands on that will help them to fabricate a reason that Trump can’t run again. kinda like a corrupt cop looking for a reason to arrest someone. If someone digs deep enough, they can get the goods on anyone. Totally ridiculous!

  • “ For the life of me I’ll never understand why the Democrats were so obsessed with getting President Trump’s tax returns. ”

    It’s actually pretty obvious and simple. Corrupt, but obvious. They want to get their hands on anything they might use against Trump.

    The cause they’ve used is that they need this to review the process the IRS uses when auditing the tax returns of a President. But if that were true, they have gone after Biden and Obama’s tax returns. They didn’t. They also haven’t provided a reason why they need the returns to review the process.

    This isn’t conjecture either. This same House Committee has already leaked information on Trump’s tax returns that they got from testimony from the attorneys that prepared it. The latest was to make a big deal that Trump’s returns in some years in the 2008-2013 time period showed big losses—like that is a crime. Name me ONE person in real estate that DIDN’T show losses during the Great Recession.

    This is the mischief these Democrats are up to—and there will be much more after they get their hands on these returns. Don’t expect ANY of it to focus on the process the IRS uses to audit Presidents.

  • The head pos Roberts is making deals with our Constitution again. John Roberts should be kicked off of the court along with several other sellouts. Our Constitution is the foundation of this country. Without Judges willing to follow it we are pretty much doomed as a free society.

  • Why is our legal system being used for harrassment by a Political Party? How long do the Democrats get to harrass a past President of the USA? When our legal system tolerates a man having multiple suits filed against him, year after year, and never losing, it’s time to pull the plug. Our legal system should never be used for “witch hunts”, or worthless/frivalous claims. This has gone far beyond fair or just, and is nothing more than an attempt to trap a person to find a crime.

  • This, at least to me, is so far far leftist’s garbage, especially for John Roberts. All Presidential candidates must present their full tax returns when first seeking the highest seat in our government so why the Constant insane push for them now?!? Because he wasn’t one of their “Good ‘ol boy’s teammates” who will lie and cheat their way through? Having the supreme courts stamp of approval doesn’t change anything, it just makes these Democrat liars think they’ve gained an upper hand on an honest man.

    So let’s turn the tables and force all the hands in the cookie jar democrats to present the YEARS of corrupt money laundering, inside trader’s deals, make ‘em rich while in office schemes to show us all how honest and upstanding they have been over their lifetime offices they’ve held and are now holding.



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