In a speech that was recorded and released publicly by the White House, Sleepy Joe Biden can be seen living up to his moniker.

Biden seems to be having trouble speaking, and it looks like he’s missed his nap time. Poor Joe.

The video then shows a clear splice where he changed from Sleepy Joe to Bug-Eyed Biden. In fact, Biden didn’t even blink for a very long time.

I actually watched pretty closely, and he went an entire minute without blinking. When was the last time you went an entire minute without blinking? It could be that you’ve never done it, unless you were having a blinking content with someone and managed to make it over the one minute threshold. Either that, or when you had your eyes shut for more than a minute. Technically, you wouldn’t be blinking then either.

Do you know what the average blinking rate is? It’s about 15-20 times per minute. For someone like me, it’s probably a little more than that because I am staring at a computer all day which tends to make people blink a little bit more.

In my opinion, there is only one explanation for this. He’s on drugs. They doped up Sleepy Joe to try and manage to get him through his little speech. What is it that they are giving him to get him to function? I’m sure it can’t be good for him. I can’t imagine how often they’re having to give it to him either.

This all messes well with what Tucker Carlson reported recently when he said that Jill gives him pills before every public appearance.

Tucker Carlson: “How did he manage to get through the campaign? Well, it turned out, we learned later his staff, supervised by Dr. Jill, his wife, was giving him pills before every public appearance–checking the time and at a certain hour giving him a dose of something. Now it’s not a guess, we’re not making that up. We’ve spoken directly to someone who was there and saw it happen multiple times. Now, before taking the medications this person said, Biden was quote ‘Like a small child. You could not communicate with him, he changed completely because he was on drugs and he clearly still is on drugs.’ Someone’s pushing, we don’t know what those drugs are. We should know.”

I was talking to someone about this video this morning and he thinks that the second part was a deep fake and that it wasn’t drugs. Given today’s technology, I can believe this could be the case. His voice does sound off. And truth be told, he’s speaking more clearly than he normally does. Maybe Joe Biden isn’t even real after all.

Doug Goldsmith

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  • LMAO! Was brain dead joe at a different Jan 6 than the rest of the country? The cops were holding the doors open! The cops were beating an unconscious woman to death with a club! Another shot an unarmed woman! Joe is an absolute LIAR! And scared to death as his corrupt voting machines were exposed! AND HE DIDN’T WIN ANYTHING! HE WAS CAUGHT CHEATING! And should be shot for treason! Along with the rest of the cheating judges and commie Democrats

  • My husband passed last year from Parkinson’s/dementia. He hardly ever blinked his eyes. He fell a lot. He lost control of his bodily functions. He slurred his words. I can tell the world with confidence that Joe Biden has dementia and is a great risk to our country. BTW, my husband was a great, loving, honest marine. He was nothing like this POS running our beautiful country.

    • So sorry for your loss. My hubby was diagnosed 4 years ago with early onset Parkinson’s and seems to have a form of dementia. Thankful for his service to our country. Our President definitely has dementia or Alzheimer’s. It was obvious before he got in office. People should be ashamed for voting for him. Those who ran his campaign and his wife should be charged with elder abuse.

  • All Capitol Hill entrances have electromagnetic locking mechanisms similar to the design portrayed in the movie, “Diehard” and other movie features as well.

    The point is that whenever these locks are activated, there is no way possible to get past them….unless, someone, on the inside, deactivates the system!

    Delirium madness, as far as what the current clown resident in the Oval Office is plagued with.

    And as far as topic of hiding goes….
    President Trump had done as much as five campaign rally stops a day while “Sleepy Joe” hid in his basement during the entire campaign silly season!
    And Joe, you haven’t won anything! They installed your miserable backside into place just to give your former boss the opportunity to do the things he didn’t have the huevos to do when he was in power because he knew it would be curtains for his own legacy.

    BTW Joe, how is your wannabe FDR legacy coming along? Still think you’ll be on the ticket in 2024?
    Even your own political party is done using you after just a mere year and a half!

  • It doesn’t matter if Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe has dementia. Corrupt Quid Pro is a stand in for a shadow president. Corrupt Quid Pro doesn’t have the mental capacity to be a leader or make decisions on his own. The liberal commie Democrats and the shadow president have a big problem. Corrupt Quid Pro can’t effectively communicate the wishes of the shadow president.

  • I thought Hussein Obama would write a better script, even though he is not an American and indeed hates the USA and her people, as he clearly demonstrates in this, his 3rd Administration.

  • Either he is stoned out of his mind and has been since his wife gave him amphetamines on the campaign trail, or this is not Joe at all.
    A robot projection of a human being does not need to blink.
    Biden’s stand in looks a lot like him, except for the mask line at the neck.

  • Biden’s a clueless moron along with everyone that voted for this corrupt buffoon.

    We DO NOT HAVE A DEMOCRACY. No matter how many times you say it, it isn’t true.

    We HAVE a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC. We operate under the rule of law.

    A democracy operates under majority rule which ALWAYS becomes DESPOTIC. Which is what the LEFT and the DEMOCRAT Party wants.

    Revisit CIVICS 101…it’s basic information that this President and current Democrat and some GOP politicians have forgotten but is crucial to understanding how our form of government actually works, supposedly.

    The entire system is broken and corrupt.

    For the record, I left the Democrat and Republican parties years ago. They are ONLY out for themselves.

  • I could actually feel compassion for someone with dementia HOWEVER, I feel nothing but contempt for the leader of the Biden crime family who lives in OUR White House and thinks he is president. Biden has been a crook since he was in the Senate; look back online to his history and that of his brother James who wasn’t allowed in the country until good old Joe made it possible. The entire Biden clan is crooked and should be tried, sentenced and put in prison or hung for treason along with any of the other Communist/Democrats in the FBI, CIA, DOJ and any other federal department for the fraudulent vote of 2020. HANG THEM HIGH ON THE D.C. MALL!

  • Amazing that Braindead Biden can try to blame Trump for what his cheating did! He is really scraping the bottom of the Democrat barrel! He now has no way out! He and sweet Hunter will be investigated and prosecuted and not in DC! There is nothing they can do to stop it since the corrupt voting machines were once again exposed! And if the government does nothing the people will! I would stay as far from any Democrat that you possibly can!

  • I have never felt so concerned in my 74 years , with Joe Biden as commander in chief……….THe man is senile , can’t form a speech without a teleprompter and then can’t even read the cue cards….Can you imagine what IRAN, CHINA and RUSSIA are planning…………knowing BIden is out of his head

  • BIDEN looks like a rat caught in a trap! He must know that the voting machines were found to be fake! HE DIDN’T WIN ANYTHING! And 2000 mules was found absolutely accurate! He knows the walls are closing in so he tries to blame Trump! Soon the corrupt FBI will be purged. Or they will be in jail! Along with his DIJ and the rest of his criminal loon platoon! He is such a coward he will sell them all out ! Hillary, Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Nadler, Durbin, Obama, And he better pray the Ukraine president gets killed cause he will expose all Bidens corruption and the Hunter pay offs or he won’t be getting a dime from the US!

    • James , China Joe looks like he seen a GHOST or his Dead Brain just quit him. Look at his Pictures and U can see that there’s No movement in that Skull and No light in his Eyes.

  • China Joey has the COVID-19 VIRUS for Second Time. Joey tested + for the Second Time in 2 Weeks. And Dr.FRAUD FAUCI isn’t helping him and either is
    Dr. Jill FRAUD X-BIDEN.

  • I’m convinced and have believed from the very beginning that there are TWO Joe Bidens. The real one that can’t put a complete sentence together, and an impostor body-double who can speak in full sentences. I want to see a DNA test! And there are other differences in Obiden’s jaw line and cheek bones. You can compare two TV images taken at different times and see, side by side, that there are two men posing as Joe Biden. Too, I believe that the reason Biden went home every weekend for quite some time was that his double was learning to mimic the real Cho’s every quirk, every nuance, every slight expression, etc.

  • A HOAX is being played on American taxpayers who will ultimately pay for all of this chicanery of the Demomarxists who just had to be in power even at the loss of integrity at the ballot boxes and Dr Jill Biden, who just had to be First Lady. They have turned the White House into a Memory care-assisted care facility for the cognitive impaired. Obama and his old cohorts are getting their third term and the taxpayers are getting the shaft.

  • Every damn thing that BRAIN DEAD POS said were lies. The only person who died that day was one VETERAN standing unarmed. KILLED in COLD BLOOD by some PUSSY capital police TRASH. And now hundreds of innocent Americans who were protesting a CORRUPT and FIXED ELECTION are still sitting in Concentration Camp Prisons. SO FUCK YOU PELOSI you sorry ass B. You and all you other bastards in D.C deserve ZERO respect from any of us American Citizens. You are all TRAITORS and should be brought up on hundreds of CHARGES.



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